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Comment 17 Sep 2019

I feel the same.  Been asked plenty by casual coworker fans why I'm so giddy about this team after only a few games, losing our legendary quarterback and Urban Meyer.

Tough to personify.  But you know it when you feel it.  This team passes every eye test and there's an incredible energy I've only had the privilege of feeling with a few teams since the turn of the century. 

Comment 21 Aug 2019

Let me make this very clear, first and foremost:  I have much more faith in Hafley leading the defense this year, than I did with Schiano/Bill Davis. I think he'll ultimately be an elite coach for us.

But what do we hear so often about the linebackers from last year? That things were too complicated, and they had too much processing and assignments rather than relying on their bread 'n butter roots and instincts?  I think the coverage changes will be a positive.  But I'm also a bit wary that this may be a transition year while the system sets its feet, and our guys may need awhile to adjust.

I'm usually the guy throwing his remote at the wall.  But even I'll try to stay patient this year.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

My initial reaction to the Tate Martell news was met was a chuckle, and followed with the enjoyment of the social media fire and reaction.

However looking back on it now, I kind of wish he was getting the opportunity to play after all.  Like most Buckeye fans on here, I don't care for the dude.... so watching him crap his pants on the national stage would bring me great joy.  I think that Gator defense would have smothered him.

As a secondary effect, him getting the hell beat out of him on the gridiron may help humble him as a man, as well.  Too bad for both sides, here.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

"do not expect a J.T. Barrett-esque rushing workload by the Georgia transfer"

I agree.  I don't think we'll see anything similar.  However he's an insane athlete who reportedly runs a speedy 4.3, and he's bound to find some open field and go on a couple long tears down the field.  

TLDR; I still believe 450 rushing yards is too low. I'd bet closer to almost 700 yards, myself

Comment 31 Jul 2019

>There's a strong group of Buckeye fans who vocally loathe the quarterback run

I was certainly one of those fans lumped in that category from the 2015-2017 seasons.  I think there's a massive difference in having a quarterback run option, and it being your greatest crutch.

We play to win the big games. Not to beat Rutgers. Simple and crutched offensive styles won't beat the Clemsons of the world. We need the ability to spread the ball, gun it, and beat them with multiple layers of talent. If used correctly, I think the quarterback run will be an awesome benefit and I can't wait to see it used properly. 

Comment 28 Jun 2019

I throw Urban under the bus far more than I should for a hall of fame coach, but I recall there being a culture enforced that required wide receivers must establish themselves on special teams and be dominant run blockers to garner snaps and increased playing time.  I think Victor and CJ Saunders both suffered from that mentality with their physical traits and playstyle.

We'll see if that changes this year under a new regime however. Hopefully I'm just blowing smoke and their only inhibiting factor was their own play itself, and not only the earned success that a coaching staff allows.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Good stats in this article, seeing the differences in Dwayne & JT's tendencies.
But I can't help but want to see some stat breakdowns from one of the constants from 2017 to 2018: Dobbins & Weber.  I realize this article in no way blames Haskins for last years inefficiencies, but I recall PLENTY PLENTY of stuffed runs and no gains inside the 20.  The passing game will obviously get bottlenecked with less space for our rifler to gun it.