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Comment 05 Dec 2019
Not good PR as a DC either. I'd have to imagine if this was true, it would come to light. Just look at what happened to us for a positional coach (although more digging led to more findings).
Comment 22 Nov 2019
We have way to many "Debbie Downers" around here who think a recruit won't choose a school based on comments from random fans on random sites. /s
Comment 16 Nov 2019
PSU wins or loses, it doesn't hurt us if we win out. I want them to lose, well, because Franklin. However, I also want a top 10 matchup.
Comment 16 Nov 2019
Cool thing is this is a fan he doesn't have to listen to you, nor anybody else when giving his thoughts or opinions. Pump the brakes bro, you're always wanting to attack people or call them out. Not everybody will have the same throught process or opinion as you, and guess what? That's okay.
Comment 09 Nov 2019
I want PSU so we can have a top 4, but then again I want them to lose, well because, PSU. Also, if Minny keeps it close and barely loses, they may be a team who moves up in the ranks after a loss.
Comment 08 Nov 2019
Yea, tracking that. I know he's looking at "lesser" schools such as Utah, SDSU, Purdue that seem more committable than he other school...LSU. Anyway...I don't know. Was just thinking about it.