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Comment 20 Dec 2011

I've let this marinate all day. After digesting the multitude of stories written by the country's finest writers indeed, I've come to the following conclusion on the matter:

"Blah blah old people pretending to be very angry and ermmmm hmmm PUNISHMENT SANCTIONS PENALTIES MHMMD KNND IMPLICATIONS NATIONAL PERCEPTION bfsjhbsjd"

So yeah, that's about what you'll find if you check out any of the media leaders. Cool.

My biggest concern was this year's recruiting class flip flopping. The early indication (knock on wood) is that it doesn't seem that will be the case. Bowl games can be fun, and not playing in one next year will be lame, but we're all quite aware that all but one of them are pretty much meaningless. We can survive a year without one. And next year's recruiting efforts won't even be affected by this.

Comment 20 Dec 2011

I can say, quite confidently, the company I work for now hired me solely because of the resume I put together while I was at Ohio State. Believe me, the Ohio State degree carries a lot of weight.

Comment 20 Dec 2011

Yeah, not doubting you in any way, just wanted to see it with my own eyes. The new recruits flip flopping was my biggest concern with this news.

Comment 19 Dec 2011

Not to perpetuate the "Hey! They did it, too!" logic, but is anyone else at least somewhat alarmed by the fact that no one has mentioned the Miami scandal in what feels like an eternity? Probably the biggest scandal (excluding Penn State, though that's a different kind of story than this) in college football history and it's been pretty much ignored by everyone, except for the initial shock.

Comment 03 Dec 2011

Unrelated, but is anyone else watching this Houston/Southern Miss game? Houston's getting hammered. I hope it jeopardizes their BCS chances, quite honestly. This is basically the first team with a pulse they've played all season and they're failing miserably.

Comment 30 Nov 2011

I graduated a couple years ago and I haven't been to Value City Arena since, did they add student seats courtside? I'm 99% sure students didn't have seating there while I was attending Ohio State. If so, I think that changes the dynamic completely. I've never seen the arena look like that.

Comment 22 Nov 2011

Just to echo the first couple of posts, between you guys and the O-Zone, there's a lot of reliable Ohio State coverage on the net. Keep it up.

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Oh, please. This NCAA "investigation" is launched with the sole purpose of making the NCAA look good. They don't want to be perceived as standing by while this unfolds. The FBI is involved now, and the NCAA, which has no subpoena power, is suddenly going to pop in and act as if it has the power to do anything? What are they going to do? After everyone that had anything to do with this is purged from the university, they're going to roll on by and hit them with probation for a few years? Please. This is small potatoes compared to the aspects of this that are actually important and relevant to the future of Penn State.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

Sir, I owe you a pint. This gentleman has the right idea. As I said before, this isn't a tool for making Ohio State look good in some foolish way. It's a serious life issue, one that should be respected.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

"Please, Please have the student section chant "Child Molesters...."

Yeah, great. I'll be glad to see Ohio State fans handling this with class on national television. That's precisely what we don't need.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

This isn't addressed to the commenters on this web site, as I know the vast majority of you are much smarter than the people I'm referencing in this post, so don't take offense in any way. But I've already seen some dumb comments (not on this blog) from some Ohio State fans here and there, such as "I would take my kids to the Ohio State/Penn State game this year, buttttt.... y'know."

This is serious sh*t. This issue with Penn State is disturbing, far beyond any ultimately meaingless NCAA infraction garbage. It is not a tool to be used for making Ohio State look better by comparison. Doing that is unbelievably short-sighted in relation to the big picture, and it's an insult to those that have been deeply affected by this. Ohio State fans are better than that, and I'm sure most of them would gang up on and outlaw any such behavior. So, if you're going to the Ohio State/Penn State game next week, keep an eye out for any foolish signs made by idiotic fans, and do what you can to get rid of them. As I said, it's unlike most Ohio State fans to even do such things, but you know a few of them will. If you find it, do your part to get rid of it. I'm sure the school will be mindful of it as well, but just keep your eyes open and be sensitive to what's going on in general, because it's much, much bigger than school perception.

Comment 17 Oct 2011

I missed the game because I was at a wedding, just watched the replay. My verdict: John Simon should clone himself repeatedly and play every position.

Comment 10 Oct 2011

Unless it's a game broadcast, I'm officially never watching an ESPN program again. They're a living, breathing, tyrannical conflict of interest masquerading as a journalistic entity. It's disturbing that some people believe what they do is real journalism.

Comment 04 Oct 2011

“I don’t know if the prospect of not losing is a tool you want to use.”

I like that response, I'll say that much.

Comment 03 Oct 2011

My head hurts.

Here's what I do know. After a couple years of calling games for Ohio State's student radio station and graduating last year, I'm coming back to the shoe in November to see the Buckeyes play Indiana. I have no idea what to expect. The team might be limping in after experiencing consecutive losses for the first time in a long time. The fans might be fuming, apathetic, or not even in attendance. It's your love for a team that enables you to criticize performances, play calls, coaching decisions, and awful press conferences and PR management. That's all fair game. But when I'm standing in Ohio Stadium, a very, VERY special place to me (and I'm sure many of you), I will cheer every inch of my Scarlet and Gray bleeding heart out if it gets the Buckeyes an inch closer to victory. I'll get pissed if a referee makes an absurd call, or a player doesn't conduct himself with class, but as far as on the field performance is concerned, I'm appreciative of every second I spend inside Ohio Stadium, whether I'm witnessing a victory or a defeat. And I'm appreciative of each player. I'm not booing anyone on that field, and if that makes me a blind Buckeye fan, so be it. I would much rather be lumped into that category than be part of the crowd that possesses a "Holier than Thou" mentality about players they don't care about or will even remember.

Ohio State is my largest vestige of pride, for many reasons that do not even involve football. That should be treated with respect, and it should be personified with behavior displayed while in the Horseshoe.

Comment 02 Aug 2011

"Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne had a lackluster showing during a scrimmage Monday, Aug. 1, and many of the fans in attendance let him know it. Henne was booed a couple of times following poor throws. Fans chanted "We Want (Kyle) Orton," referring to the Denver Broncos quarterback the Dolphins tried to trade for.

Read more:"


Comment 27 Jul 2011

Unrelated, but DeVier Posey's brother Julian was signed by the Jets. Sweet. Good luck to the fella.

Comment 16 May 2011

Also, I encountered Jerry Emig a handful of times, and he's as classy a fellow as I've come across. Helpful, professional and organized.

Comment 16 May 2011

I posted those comments, and yes, there was some talk during my time there that Tressel and Poe frequently butted heads, and that his heavy regulation of player availability was bothering the media and those they worked with. As for Bauserman being the reason for his anger, I have no idea, and quite honestly it would be very silly if that were the case. That reasoning seems very implausible to me. But as far as Tressel perhaps at least having a say in her demotion, I can't say I would be that surprised if it were true. But the this gentleman's reasoning for that seems weak.

Comment 03 May 2011

"Herbstreit could also use his conspicuous position to speak out about Oversigning, but instead he breathlessly fawns over SEC roster depth as if it miraculously happens on account of geography"

This is probably my favorite part.