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Mota Lava, Vanuatu (South Pacific) (via Coshocton, OH )

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Born and bred into a tOSU crazed family. Married, father of three girls, and following the Bucks is my outlet.


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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: (former) Eddie George, (current) Demario McCall, GOAT

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Comment 09 Jan 2019
Day's staffing choices tell me that he is willing to be a boss first and friend second. This ability to keep his personal feelings in check and be ruthless for the good of the team is exactly what is needed to make the kind of tough calls/adjustments to create a savagely unstoppable juggernaut of a team. I've been daydreaming about the OSU team who doesn't give me heartburn against lesser opponents and handicap itself with loyalty to underperforming coaches and players. Day's first impression has me hopeful that we'll see this team live up to it's full potential. It's a new Day.