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Comment 26 Feb 2020
As for sticking out in the crowd, I can relate! Hey, I've turned the top chief of my village into a Buckeye fan, which means he is indeed noble and sensible. Maybe I can get him to pronounce an edict to ban handshakes until further notice.
Comment 26 Feb 2020
Thanks for your reply. I have vivid memories of the paranoia in Beijing in 2003. I read recently that 76% of HKers distrust/disapprove of how WHO is handling this crisis, so I thought that I might ask your option. How do you grade WHO? Are they letting social harmony and politics color their tone and timing on this?
Comment 26 Feb 2020
These are solid recommendations, and I will add these to the extent I can. The handshaking one is hard. I live and work in a remote village setting with a strong culture of respect between men and handshakes are an expected formality. Because of my work I interact daily with chiefs. If I decline a handshake, that would be impolite. Also many of the women greet me and my wife with the kiss on either check. I wash hands religiously, but handwashing is not well practiced here, and being a communal society, everyone drinks from the same cup. It's terrible practice for a place with virtually no medical infrastructure. Already, influenza is deadly here. I can't imagine how devastating coronavirus would be. Sadly, I think I am describing just about every developing nation in the world. The poor and vulnerable will feel it the worst.
Comment 25 Feb 2020
I feel your dilemma. I live abroad with my family, but we have plans to return to the US for several months. Our itinerary has us transiting in 4 different countries and spending 2 weeks in France. My daughters can't wait, but as a dad I think about what could go wrong. Here is my two cents. Unless you plan on keeping your daughter isolated at home, she is probably not at any additional risk going on her trip than she would be following her normal routine. I read an expert saying that airplane travel doesn't pose a worrisome increased risk of exposure, any more than going to school or the grocery store. My kids will wear an n95 kid mask (mostly to keep them from touching their face/picking their nose) and wash their hands often. We will wipe down the surfaces around our seats and sometimes use hand sanitizer. We've begun taking extra doses of vitamin c powder in our water to boost our immune system. I also bought extra travel insurance. If one of us is running a fever in the days before we go, we will call and postpone our trip.
Comment 25 Feb 2020

TShell, it is because rough projections show that COVID-19 has the potential to be significantly more serious and deadly than influenza. It is two or three times more catchy, and where influenza claims about 1 in 10,000 lives, COVID-19 is projected to claim about 2 in 100 lives. Also, about 15% of people who catch COVID-19 need to be hospitalized. When COVID-19 infections become widespread, hospitals, pharmacies and other medical services become over taxed. So we are adding an additional strain to our medical services infrastructure on top of the strain already felt by the flu season. The sensible thing to do is to help people at higher risk to prepare (like my father-in-law with respiratory issues) to get his medications in advance and be ready for a time of social isolation. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020

Thanks for the reply. No, I'm not certain that it was deleted by a MOD, but I assumed that could be the only explanation, since the post was new and active. There were a one or two off color comments from other posters, which were being appropriately down-voted into gray. But most of the active posters (see Buck298) were posting responsibly. I was in the middle of typing real-time replies and--poof--it the whole forum thread was gone. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020

Yes. It was an active thread with ongoing comments. It read:

Coronavirus Crystal Ball

We’ve all heard that the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is highly contagious. As of today, WHO is now saying that countries should be preparing for a worldwide pandemic. Experts are saying that the statistics (like the now reported 50+ confirmed US cases) we are seeing are merely “iceberg stats” and “corona is coming.” That one guy from Harvard is forecasting 40-70% of the world’s population will likely become infected. That’s ominous language. And it is not just noteworthy on a family level (e.g., perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to get a few months worth of prescription meds in advance?), it also has the potential to impact our beloved Buckeyes.  

As we are seeing now in Italy, where reported cases are spiking, governments adapting to hamper the spread of the outbreak are inclined to swiftly lock down hotspot areas and scrap big crowd events, like the Venice Carnival and major league soccer matches, like Milan’s La Scala. 

When we fast-forward to April, will the Buckeyes have to cancel its spring game? Will Harbaugh hold his press releases in a khaki HAZMAT suit? Will Eleven Warriors start selling scarlet face masks in its dry goods store? We would need a crystal ball to know.  But if we have our finger to the pulse of the news beat, it sure seems like we should whisper a few prayers to St. Woody that football season and coronavirus season do not mix.  

Comment 25 Feb 2020

The whole forum post was deleted without explanation. 

As I replied there before it disappeared: I was living and working in Beijing during the SARS outbreak in 2003, and so I am sympathetic to your situation. The school I was teaching at closed, many of my colleagues were quarantined, and I was handed a ticket home. I remember it being a very uncertain time. I'm sure it is currently an uncertain time for you and your family. I'll be praying for you all. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020

The common flu has been around for decades. The novel coronavirus has been around for a few months. This is like saying Trent Dilfer is a far better QB than Joe Burrow. Instead, we have to compare actual common flu mortality rates against projected COVID-19 rates. If current reported projections are even close to accurate, COVID-19 has the potential to be far and away more serious and deadly than the common flu. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020

I'm living abroad but will be traveling in April with my family back to the US with connections in the UAE and France. I bought extra travel insurance. I recommend you only travel if you need to, but look into travel insurance if you do, and read the fine print. Some providers, like Allianz (which is the biggest) have limitations related to epidemics. I think, looking forward, that the chance of certain airlines canceling flights is high. I saw today that Delta is not charging cancellation fees to travelers whose flights to Italy were cancelled. This is a good sign, and hopefully a precedent. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020

The coronavirus has been confirmed in 37 countries on 4 continents. True, 98% of the 80,000 confirmed cases are in China, but the point that WHO is now making is that it is not contained. Too many mild cases have gone undetected (estimated 46 out of 100 infected travelers who are screened are not flagged at exit or entry points, and few places have sufficiently working testing kits), and roughly every infected person is transmitting to 2 or 3 others. That is double to triple the transmitability rate of the common flu. Also, by comparison, the common flu kills about 1 in 10,000 people infected, while the coronavirus kills about 2 in 100 people infected. I wouldn't call that incredibly low. 

I wish I could afford to be optimistic, but I currently live in a developing country with precious little medical infrastructure. People here are already at high risk of respiratory issues because they regular cook over open fires. Test kits won't ever make its way to where I am, but It's places like this that a global outbreak like the coronavirus can take the biggest toll. perhaps not economically but in human life.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I love my Buckeyes. I'm very impressed with Coach Day. We played very tough as a team all season, and the boys earned a lot of respect and have a lot to be proud about. I'm sure going to miss #2 and #2 in Scarlet next year! Thanks for a great season, Buckeyes. I couldn't exaggerate how much fun it is to be a fan of the best team in the nation. Go Bucks!

Comment 27 Dec 2019

The oracle orangutan has spoken. Day>Dabo. Buckeyes with a dramatic come from behind win, 31 to 30! 

Comment 23 Dec 2019
Any coach who allows his players to dress like court jesters on a business trip is not respecting the threat faced by the opposing team. Did Clemson walk off that plane with the eye of the tiger? That single picture bares their soul. Buckeyes will make them pay. Dawand Jones and co. came to battle, kick some ass and break some teeth. It's in their eye. I hope every Buckeye tapes that picture to his mirror from now until kickoff.