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Comment 15 Apr 2018

"They're paying for it, you eat it!"

Comment 15 Apr 2018

Did you say “adult refreshments” and “foodie”? Take your lady to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory!

Comment 14 Apr 2018

Speaking of Jaylen Harris, he too looks like he will be ready for prime time soon if not already.

Comment 07 Apr 2018

No idea, because I don’t know how good he was the year before.

Whatever the staff was able to do last year, they may well be able to do much more before the start of next season. Not meaning to take away any credit from them or any of the players.

Comment 06 Apr 2018

Two of the most inconsistent supermen I’ve ever seen on the same team. This might not be all that much of a talent drain. Izzo still has a ton of good players.

Comment 01 Apr 2018

It seems to me that last year the new coaching staff my not have had much of an opportunity to spend time on individual player development. They might have more time to work with the players this time. It would be nice to see some real improvement, especially by the younger players, between now and the start of next season.

Comment 18 Mar 2018
Well, after all, they didn't play him. Yeah they have had some fairly good PGs in recent years but I still think Coach Beilein might have underestimated Andrew Dakich.
Comment 04 Mar 2018
Has Kaleb been dinged up lately?
Comment 03 Mar 2018
Trevor Thompson couldn't get away from the train wreck fast enough. I wonder if he would have stayed had he known Holtmann would be taking over. Oh well.
Comment 03 Mar 2018

Zero defensive rebounds was possibly a big factor...

Comment 03 Mar 2018

Andre has definitely shown improvement. Too bad he missed all or most of the off season last year, he probably would have had a much better season. Took a lot of flack here for a while.

Kaleb had five points and three rebounds last night going up against second stringers. Hope he finds his mojo again.

Not blaming Holtmann, he has worked magic coming in as late as he did with the roster in shambles at the time. 

Comment 25 Feb 2018

Caught a few minutes of their game today but could not stomach all the fawning over TTEL for any more than that. Regarding Bridges, "there's nothing there" (I wonder how they know this) and "isn't it great the speed with which they cleared him".