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Comment 01 Apr 2019

How about David Bell, is he going to play another year at Jacksonville?  Not sure how good he is but he did hit the weight room during his time at tOSU IIRC. 

Comment 10 Mar 2019

Well as has been pointed out by several others, we saw plenty of things that are basically inexplicable, but we also saw that when these guys are clicking with each other they can bring it. But they haven't been clicking much lately, and that is inexplicable. I just think they get pushed around and that makes it hard to make things click. Next year will be better especially if Kaleb can get himself together.

Comment 07 Mar 2019

From time to time I still enjoy Bryan Ferry's "Boys and Girls" more than 30 years after its release and I never realized that David Gilmour played on it. I would say Gilmour skillfully provided tasty guitar licks while altering his style just enough so that it didn't sound too much like Pink Floyd. Something I suspect is not that easy for most guitarists.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

Somebody with a big arm like Bauserman had but even more wildly inaccurate. 

Comment 23 Feb 2019

Found myself in this situation along with a friend, who had been driving until she rear-ended another car so hard that it destroyed her radiator. We managed to get to the shoulder and exchange information with the other driver, but we were not going to be driving away. Now this was back in the day so neither of us had a cell phone. And it was getting dark.

I poked around in her trunk and found a road flare, and after lighting it I placed it on the ground behind the car so that other drivers would see it. After a few minutes a Highway Patrol officer came along on a motorcycle and radioed in for a tow truck. He said we had to get back in the car until help came, because that was safer. Before riding away he put out the flare by crushing it under the heel of his boot. 

My protest of this was met with, "Bah, it just slows down the traffic". And then he was gone.