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Comment 19 Jan 2018

Watch out for crazy coach Tim Miles and his Cornhuskers on Monday night, they just bushwhacked TTUN tonight by a score of 72-52 tonight in Lincoln. Nebraska was in control pretty much the entire game and held Mo Wagner to just two (2) points. Michigan Coach Beilein pulled his starters with five minutes left as the Big Red fans were going nuts.

Good thing this game will be in Cbus, Buckeyes will be coming off the road after possibly another tough game against Minnesota at Madison Square Garden.

Comment 13 Jan 2018

He made watching college football so much fun, it almost didn't matter who was playing. If he was calling the game, just hearing his voice made you feel good because it was football season.

So long Keith.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

I noticed Kaleb Wesson didn't play much in the second half, hope he's not injured, but his brother had some quality minutes. Kam is playing a little more consistently, and I think maybe Micah Potter is finding the range. There is still a lot of unexploited potential on this team and the role players are all showing improvement, more or less. We'll have to see how far they go, but it's fun to watch this team develop.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Can’t stand Bama but I like their new QB, kid throws a nice ball and has all the necessary guts and smarts.

Kinda feel bad for Jalen Hurts, think we’ve seen the last of him at Bama, but he’ll land on his feet. Dude is a winner and a class act.  Who knows maybe he’ll end up in the B1G.

As always with apologies for being repetitive, I didn’t read the whole thing.

Comment 02 Jan 2018
Did anyone watch Saban talking to reporters after the game? It would have been funny if he'd said he knew Clemson was in trouble when he watched them warm up. With apologies to whoever might have already said this in another thread.
Comment 31 Dec 2017

It’s not being ready to play Oklahoma, and getting beat soundly at home, that really cost the Buckeyes. So they didn’t have anything left in the tank after beating Penn State. It would have been overlooked if it was the only loss. Iowa isn’t all that good but they’re not all that bad.

Comment 23 Dec 2017

My dad was a TTUN fan and would do a little grousing when the Buckeyes won the Game, but he never ever talked smack when it was the other way around.

I’ve said this a few times so with apologies for being a broken record.

Comment 23 Dec 2017

As usual I'm very late to join the discussion so I'm probably saying what has already been said. But here goes...I'm not bothered much by the last minute flips or the decision to transfer by Mr. Grimes or whomever else may choose to do so. I think this is to be expected for a team that is recruiting nationally on a high level. That's because guys want to play, and I don't expect to see more than a few blue-chippers on the bench, if any. At least, not ones that have been here a year or two.

For that matter there are a number of guys who came to Columbus as three-star recruits, did the work in the weight room and in practice, got what playing time they could and then started somewhere else for a year or two or three.

The one place I can think of that has been the exception is Alabama, and I'm thinking that situation could be changing as well, we shall see.