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Comment 05 Apr 2020

I was watching The Invaders on ME TV before stuff hit the fan, but it's really become my Saturday night fun for now. Also still have the season finale of Project Blue Book squirreled away on the DVR, although that's obviously not a classic.

Friday night I watched a little known sci-fi film from 1965 called The Satan Bug. Yes it's about bio-terrorism. Free on YouTube but not bad. Hadn't seen it since I was a kid.

My kid is thinking about whether to watch The Andromeda Strain (the original from 1971) with me. Would have been way to scary not so long ago. Another fond memory from childhood but this one I have on DVD. 

I guess anyone reading this might be seeing a disturbing pattern lol.

Comment 23 Mar 2020

I love your courage and spirit but things aren't that bad. I think we are close to turning the corner. Could be wrong but we'll know soon.

Comment 23 Mar 2020

I'd have to watch it again but as I recall Kenny wasn't featured as much as other artists in Ken Burns' documentary Country Music. It seemed that he was not seen as particularly influential despite his massive popularity. Or maybe his popularity was so massive that he wasn't really seen as a country music artist by many.

Comment 23 Mar 2020

I remember liking this song when I was very young but old enough to understand the story. You don't hear songs like that these days. 

Comment 21 Mar 2020

Maybe some of you guys remember the edition that was just for married men?

Same centerfold every month.

Also, I once had a neighbor who had appeared in the magazine (the real one). And that's all I have to say about that.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Gaffney was a five star prospect in high school, at least for a time, if I'm not mistaken. Is it possible that some kids take their foot off the gas once they've committed or signed? Not saying that's what happened in this case, but it happens--and not just with basketball players.

Comment 16 Mar 2020

I think the best steak I ever had in a restaurant might have been at a Shula's in Miami. I only ever went there once and I have no idea if they are that good consistently. Maybe I just got lucky. But I have been blessed with many outstanding steak dinners and somehow that one actually exceeded expectations and was very impressive. Did you know that Don Shula is a native of Ohio?

Honorable mention, when I was growing up there was a local place that served steaks sizzling in butter, and I went there with my folks one time. This was well before Ruth's Chris was doing that nationally. Now that is not my favorite way to cook a steak but it does make for a nice change of pace and was a real treat the first time.

Comment 10 Mar 2020

USC will temporarily move all classes on line effective March 11-13 to test their readiness if it becomes necessary to do so for a longer period of time. Still no cases reported on campus and I think a small number of cases in L.A. County considering the large and fairly dense population. Knock on wood.