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Comment 20 Jul 2018

I'm not seeing where Oklahoma's schedule was substantially more challenging than USC's, and have never understood why the Sooners were allowed to back into a supposed championship game. Also, I think USC's Rose Bowl win should count for a lot here considering who they defeated there and who that team defeated in the last game of the season.

Can't say for sure that USC would have won against Nick's Tigers but they should have had their shot.

Comment 15 Jul 2018

Any foul ball you can walk away with from a real game is a good catch.

Forgot to mention, my wife snagged one bare-handed as well. Ok, a Dodger Stadium usher handed it to her. Reds were in town so we got some good seats.

Comment 15 Jul 2018

Those schools always have talented bigs stacked up like cordwood. No reason Coach Holtmann can't recruit in their backyards. They have certainly done the same in Ohio.

Comment 12 Jul 2018
I have read many articles on the subject and your comment is the very first mention of Jim Jordan having witnessed so much as one single assault. Please share where you have read or heard that.
Comment 10 Jul 2018

About 15 years ago I paid a guy $100 to go up on my roof and install a "four bay" antenna, and it's still working very well. That guy was like Spider Man. In SoCal you just point the thing at Mount Wilson and you get a ton of channels. Not sure how much that would cost these days. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. No idea.

Still getting BTN on Frontier FiOS too.

Comment 29 Jun 2018
Yes I have watched "The City on the Edge of Forever" many times and it always captivates me.
Comment 26 Jun 2018

I'm a bit surprised no one mentioned that Anderson played two games against the legendary Steel Curtain defense every single year during their heyday (although I think he did miss one or two due to injury). And believe me, they took their shots at him. I think it was in the '74 game at Riverfront where Steeler FS Glen Edwards clotheslined Anderson as he was running out of bounds. A nasty play for sure, but Anderson went right back to the huddle and finished with 20 completions in 22 attempts.

Comment 21 Jun 2018

I really enjoyed games that were covered by McDonough and Spielman, because McDonough was ok and Spielman I thought was easily a notch or two above the rest. Nowadays I'll go with Gus and Klatt.

I note that thus far there are zero mentions, either positive or negative, of Gary Danielson.

Comment 08 Jun 2018
I find this to be sad and somewhat uniquely disheartening news. If this man was not enjoying being alive, then something was wrong. As others have already noted, perhaps in different words or perhaps the same. Unbelievable.
Comment 05 Jun 2018 is a similar tool that I have used for a long time.