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Comment 3 hours ago

If Florida beats Alabama then we will be screwed

This is what guys on the radio were saying this morning should be the biggest worry for Ohio State fans as things stand now. 

Comment 4 hours ago

They moved a tight end to right tackle in 2012, and I don't remember seeing that done any other time ever.

Seemed like some guys were "wished to the cornfield" that maybe would have been able to hang around before, for example Jamaal Berry.

Comment 4 hours ago

The 2000 team started out 5-0 and just when it looked like Cooper had recaptured the magic they lost at home to Minnesota. Then Drew Brees beat them and then they lost at home to TTUN and then came the South Carolina loss. And Steve Bellisari was still considered the best QB on the roster when Tressel took over the next year.

Comment 4 hours ago

Harbaugh lost to Cooper's Sun Devils in the Rose Bowl in his last college football game as a player, which certainly had a lot to do with Cooper becoming HC at Ohio State. Many or most here already know that but perhaps not everyone.

Comment 7 hours ago

I did a search and no instances as yet for the word "million", which surprises me, but for what this guy is getting paid you have to assume the expectation is indeed winning, always has been and always will be. 

Comment 12 hours ago

As much as I respect the Northwestern football program, beating them in the CCG is perhaps not a good enough resume builder now that they have lost to MSU, and may land the Buckeyes in the Cotton Bowl as it did three years ago. But I guess it's still not clear that Ohio State can qualify for the CCG. It's almost like a fork in the road where one cannot choose which path to take but can't know which is best anyway.

For that matter, Northwestern QB Peyton Ramsey has played well against the Buckeyes in the past (while playing for Indiana) and he will relish one more shot at beating them if things go that way. No sure things, especially this year.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

Michigan ended up winning by ten but only after the end of one OT. But let's keep in mind, no crowd noise for Oakland to deal with, and the weasels have a ton of new guys this year. With I would imagine perhaps less practice time together than in a normal season. The Golden Grizzlies should nevertheless feel good about their effort today.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

I think it's fair to wait a little longer on Sotos, because it hasn't been that long since he joined the team. We're stronger with him than without him. He'll be ok.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

I actually read the article and found it to be entirely predictable. The "health officer" is of course "gravely concerned" about the increase in cases, and they give the numbers, but no mention of how many were involved in contact sports, or any other data that might shed light on how and why the spread has increased.

The Niners have to figure out what to do about two scheduled home games and however many practices. I can't imagine Eddie deBartolo putting up with this crap. There were reasons why that team dominated for a decade.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

 I liked the effort Eugene Brown gave on D and the glass.

Those are good but perhaps the coaches are playing him because they think he can hit some jumpers and if he can do all three then we will see a lot more of him. 

Comment 29 Nov 2020

A reasonable assessment, but I prefer to say "nip it in the bud", in deference to our old friend Deputy Barney Fife.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

Then the question would be, is this or isn't it one of those times where two times a small number is still a small number? I've never heard of a college football player dying from the flu.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

I'm going to go ahead and suggest that if Harbaugh is fired it should be because of his job performance and not because certain wealthy people want him gone.

There must be some sort of technical problem because I can't post a reply in the discussion thread about that even though none of the other comments appeared to be particularly controversial. In my opinion.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

Hats off to the River Hawks, they are a good team and appeared to be a little more ready today than were the Buckeyes.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

I don't expect him to be the second coming of Elvin Hayes, but I liked the attempt he made on the turnaround jumper a few minutes ago when he drew the foul. He should keep working on that.