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Comment 18 Jun 2019

I think they would say last year fit that description...Q4 collapse at home against Haskins, then another against MSU, bet they didn't think they were going to lose that one. And then the bowl loss to Kentucky.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

You guys are right.  It was a great speech, but it wasn't an elite speech. 

Comment 13 Jun 2019

They're done being great.

Seriously, I thought Coach Franklin made a great speech after they lost to the Buckeyes last year, and he's been recruiting well since going there, so I can't explain why they are having some troubles. Unless, have they been recruiting so well that guys are deciding to go elsewhere for playing time?

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Are there any limits to the power of government that you think are ok? I gotta ask, given your position on garbage thrown out of car windows.

BTW I've never smoked, really really hate cigarettes, and have a bad sensitivity to cigarette smoke and cigarette smoke residue after having lived the first eighteen years of my life with a heavy smoker. And I hate seeing anyone throwing any kind of trash out of a car window.

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Afghanistan is where the 9/11 attacks were planned.

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Buckeyes got their licks in against Brady when he played against them. And that was so long ago, not only in years but Super Bowls. I wouldn't say I root for him, but nothing wrong with respecting him, and if he happens to be playing a team I really don't like then yeah I like watching him beat them.

Comment 07 Jun 2019

By now you probably have your answer, but if not you can check your online account and find out for certain.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

Well it's summer.  Vacation season. I got my Global Entry during the winter and the approval only took a couple weeks. Hang in there. 

Comment 02 Jun 2019

We have to outlive our animals or they'll have to manage without us. Bless you for taking care of those dogs.

Comment 02 Jun 2019

OK, here's my favorite post in the discussion there:

I think valuing integrity over winning is one of the reasons a lot of people are Michigan fans in the first place.

That's all. 

Comment 26 May 2019

Never knew that was his real name, always wondered. These days people would probably assume that Starr wasn't really his last name. Thanks.

Comment 26 May 2019

Sorry to hear about this tragedy. I know some of us like to poke a little fun at Auburn fans but they've had a tough spring, for sure.

Comment 26 May 2019

Bart Starr was the first football player I ever heard of by name. When I was very young, two of my cousins were like older brothers for me, and they were fans of The Pack. Before anyone even heard of a "Super Bowl". RIP.

Comment 23 May 2019

My dad watched them every chance he could get. And just like when he watched the Lions, it was more than once I heard him use the "snatched defeat from the jaws of victory" lament.

Comment 13 May 2019

I listen to WMKV in Cincinnati on line almost daily and frequently enjoy her singing there.

Strangely, she was a friend of a friend, who is very much in my thoughts this evening.

RIP, and thank you for all the memories.

Comment 12 May 2019

A friend of mine observed at the time that "Archie does it when the Bengals block the other team", or something to that effect. Simply pointing out that after leaving tOSU he wasn't going to be running behind an O-line that dominant in the NFL. 

Comment 08 May 2019

Still waking up when I saw this and momentarily thought it went into a seventh overtime before being decided. 

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Dysfunctional organization can't get it right because there are too many rules trying to govern too many situations, and not much common sense.

OK it's probably much worse than that but I'm being kind. Sort of.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Star Trek offers a vision of a society ("Star Fleet") in which there is no money but there is, nonetheless, rank.

Think about how well that would work in the company you work for, or the one you own. Or the one you do the most business with.

Either some people are worth more than others, or they're not.