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Comment 10 Jan 2019
I don't expect this to go well. Gattis may introduce some new scheme's in their passing game, BUT Harbaugh for some reason just can't get out the way up there. It's really shocking that the guy who rode Kap and that style of offense to a NFC Championship has done so little to upgrade and modernize his game in AA..
Comment 10 Jan 2019
I agree folks should cut the Tate bashing. The kid has waited his turn the right way from what we've be told so far. Wants to play really bad and believes he can be great here. However, I've been saying for awhile that your point about him not throwing in those near zone situations spoke volumes. Day is a creative passing game play caller but for some reason he refused to let Tate throw down there when Haskins routinely threw short TD passes. Gotta believe Day has spoken to him and said that your 2 years in the program may not be enough to hold off these guys if competition is close so explore your options
Comment 08 Jan 2019
Not to knit pick but the update is they are enforcing what was already on the books. You were never to speak with current coaches college or pro without permission, the league just always punished NFL teams for not getting NFL coach permission, and they looked the other way with college coaches
Comment 07 Jan 2019
The young man has come a long way! I worried his first couple years that he couldn't catch a cold. But his hard work has truly paid off. Parris is a game changer and in today's NFL with his skill set he has a chance to be a superstar.
Comment 07 Jan 2019
I like the move. Schiano has to hold a great deal of the accountability for this season's D. A fresh start is warranted and can't be any worse I believe...I hope I ain't wrong about that!
Comment 04 Jan 2019

I hope he goes #1 (likely Nick though). But i completely agree.  He has the understands where everyone is on the field mentality that elite franchise qbs must have. Great video

Comment 13 Dec 2018
I am really conflicted about this. In part because coaches today can make soooo much money to run these programs, which clearly says (right or wrong) that a lot of value is placed on these sport teams. So for me, I know the players should get paid. I think the fairly new total enrollment aid approach is good, but once you get the employee label the money for players may get out of hand. However, at the end of the day I can't have too much sympathy for the NCAA because without question they did this to themselves.