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Comment 27 Jun 2016

Seems pretty reasonable, to anyone outside Ohio that never saw a bucks team develop over the course of one season like 2014, except for LSU and Tennessee(overrated). Can't wait to see the rematch of Bucks and Sooners in January. Trying to be realistic about the young O line and secondary early in the season. 

Comment 01 Aug 2014

"Im gonna say I'm pulling for Rod Smith. EZE impressed last year and I'm hoping he's the next great RB for tOSU...but here's hoping Rod can pull it together and make a great run this year as well. "

Why wouldn't u pull for this guy?  He, physically is a faster version on Eddie George!  I've always wanted to see what he could do as a feature back. I envisioned him brutalizing linebackers and running away from db's. But if you can't get straight to get on the field...

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Too much talent everywhere else. If he goes down they will struggle against 2-3 teams. Not saying they will lose but struggle. Again- QB gets too much praise ...and too much criticism. Barrett will be just fine. And might take the bucks to new heights when it's all said and done. I can see cardale transferring after this year

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Why in the world wouldn't Miller try to target his two biggest targets more?  A passer as bad as he is needs all the help he can get. That pass up the seam where the TE stops to catch the ball and then run was an all too familiar scenario last year. I truly hope miller have learned more about being a better passer this year or it will be more of the same. Good defenses will eat him up. And Sundays will not be an option. Unlike the TEs  on the squad. I'd say even at this point all three end up playing Sundays.