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Comment 21 May 2020

OU/Texas are bitter rivals but have only been conference rivals since the Big XII was formed.  For most of the 20th century, Texas was in the Southwest Conference and Oklahoma was in the Big 7/Big 8. 

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Add Benny Owens to the Oklahoma list.  Yeah, I know he was way before WWII; 1905-1926.  But the playing the field is named after him.  Record 122-54-16.  OU is the only college team with four coaches who have won 100 plus games.  

Comment 26 Mar 2020

The Big XII commissioner, Bob Bowlsby, had a teleconference today.  Information and links to two articles published tonight online for Friday morning papers.

Regarding football, if the virus is winding down early enough to allow adequate practice, the season may be played but with no fans in the stadium.  The second article was in regards to distributions to Big XII members due to the cancellation of the conference basketball tournament and March Madness.

Another article with the focus on financial impact to the conference.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Have watched Sermon for 3 seasons. Actually 2 and a partial due to his injury.  The comments of NapaBuckeye are accurate.  This past season, when he returned from injury late in the season, Brooks and Stevenson had emerged as the hot backs. For most of the season, they were the only backs as TJ Pledger was injured as well.  His sophomore season, Rodney Anderson emerged as the first running back.  Sermon played through the game off and on in relief but in the fourth quarter of especially close games, Lincoln put in Trey.  He had the power and ability to break tackles and carry the team down the field with running play after running play.    He was a bruiser in those situations.  He blocks well; seems that would be something that might take time to learn with a new team's schemes.  I don't know; I am a lifetime spectator; never played or coached.  He catches passes out of the backfield very well although Joe Mixon was better at that; at least more spectacular at it. But Sermon can catch passes in heavy traffic.  Just has the knack to go up for contested balls and win the battle.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

You are correct. Hurts has not thrown more than 30 passes in a game, at least down the stretch.  If OU is grinding the ball down the field, eating up clock, the other team's offense is on the sideline.  How this may pan out Saturday is the reason the games are played.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

I don't know the backups at Ohio State, Clemson or LSU but bet they are more than capable.  The playoff teams are in the picture for a reason.  They are very, very good TEAMS.  OU has 4-star Tanner Mordecai and 5-star Spencer Rattler.  Both are fine football players and can lead the Sooners.

Comment 25 Dec 2019

Have you watched an OU game in November?  Or just highlight clips?  Have you seen the 2019 OU defense?  The coordinator of the past is gone.  His staff is gone except for two coaches.  Ranked 24th in total defense versus 124th or something last year and the year before that.  I wish it were top 5 but I guess, according to you, 24th is godawful, pisspoor.  Believe it or not, the awful OU defense is what saved the season for OU.  The offense needs to take care of the ball. Fumbles and picks, with both coming in fast and furious by Hurts, is what hurt OU against K-State in a road loss and Iowa State in a one point home win.  Turning the ball over at your own 20, your own 2, your own 17 and more makes it difficult for even a Chase Young led defense.  In the latter point of the season, against the best teams in the Big XII, OU used a time-consuming, grind it out offense to keep the other team off the field.  The well-rested defense then generally got a 3 and out;  I think OU ranks in the top 10, nationally, in 3 and outs.  Yeah, the OU defense sucks.....btw, how many points did that sucky OU defense of the past give up in Columbus at the flag plant game?

Playing against Joe Burrow and his receivers will be difficult challenge, no doubt. 

Comment 25 Dec 2019

A previous Mike Stoops defense ranked in the 120's in total defense and held the Buckeyes to 16 points;  about 23 below season average.  This season's defense ranks 24th in total defense.  Yes, yes, I know......OU hasn't played anybody.  Actually, the 2019 OU defense is what propelled OU to the conference championship and saved the season for the Sooners.  In that Baylor comeback game, the OU offense you so much seem to adore, gave the ball to Baylor in the red zone twice and at the OU 40 a third time for 17 points.  Same thing happened in the K-State loss and the Iowa State one point OU win.  But yeah, until the D is as good as the O, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Comment 25 Dec 2019

Not so fast, Earthoid.  The OU defense that ranked in the 120's when they held the Buckeyes to only 16 points in Columbus when Ohio State averaged about 39 for the season ranks 24th in Total Defense in 2019.  Do you just watch the home team?

Comment 09 Dec 2019

The OU defense sucks horrendously.  LOL.  Surprise, surprise.  The crappy OU defense held the Buckeyes well below their season scoring average at the flag plant game and that OU defense was truly a crappy defense.

The OU defense is weak at the safeties due to inconsistency. Corners are solid; D Line is solid; Linebackers are solid.  But go ahead and think whatever ESPN feeds you to support their SEC narrative.  Nationally total defense OU at 26 without last game 13 numbers.  LSU, seemingly to most, has a great SEC defense with SEC speed.  Somehow ranks 6 spots below OU.

I acknowledge that defense wins championships and Ohio State ranks at the top of the chart as of Game 12.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

OU is not a 50+ point scoring machine as the Sooners were under Baker and Kyler.  OU can score quickly but the overall plan is to grind it out with a 12 play, 80 yard drive.  Three yards and a cloud of dust with the occasional strike to Lamb, Willis, Morris, Basquine, or a running back with impressive yards after catch.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Repeating the ESPN narrative that the OU defense is weak and has issues just because that was the case from 2015 through 2018 is wrong.  The Oklahoma Defense is winning games for the Sooners.  They were stung with short fields to defend due to turnovers by Hurts several times.  They rank 22nd or 24th nationally in Total Defense.  LSU is in the 30's.  The defensive line is small and quick; the opposite of the LSU line. Grinch came in and put them on a diet in January.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

Yeah, thanks for Grinch.  Anyone take note of the short field Baylor had to negotiate to score those first half TDs?  Or just that Grinch is the D Coordinator?