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Comment 22 Mar 2020

Something strange is going on with the basketball program:

1) total collapse mid-season

2) suspensions for no clear reason

3) transfers

4) coaching staff say they want to get more Ohio recruits but it really hasn’t happened yet

The need to do some self-evaluation to figure out the problem(s). 

Comment 05 Jun 2019

The Bagmen culture is well known in the South. Can’t help but to wonder what it is at OSU. Since OSU is always under the microscope, you would think they would avoid it as much as possible (But you never know). 

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Depending on the time of day, UCLA driving to their own stadium in Pasadena would take longer than MSU going to Ann Arbor.  Right now, it is 45 min from UCLA to the Rose Bowl and 1 hr from MSU to Ann Arbor.  You would have to think at some point in the future that UCLA will want to move its home games to the new Rams stadium.