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Comment 14 hours ago

The only real difference in most colleges is what they offer (majors). The quality of the education is almost the same across the board.

This is accurate. The specific school doesn't matter that much until you get to grad school. "Quality of education" at a basic (undergrad) level is almost entirely a function of student quality, i.e., the ability and motivation to absorb what's taught.

Comment 14 Feb 2020

It's bad enough that people inexplicably start posts with "So...," but now that has to be prefaced with "OK," too? It's like people are embarrassed to say what's on their mind, so they mumble and clear their throat before getting to the point.

Comment 30 Jan 2020

A degree from an elite academic institution sets one up to print money for life.

Myth. Alan Krueger (Princeton) and Stacy Dale (Mathematica Policy Research) looked at the relevant data and found that it doesn't particularly matter where you get your undergraduate degree.

They "linked the college application choices drawn from a survey of graduates with their earnings results from the Social Security Administration over the next two to three decades. What they found was that two students with similar backgrounds, grades and test scores who applied to the same mix of selective and nonselective schools earned about the same later on, even if the first attended a selective school and the second didn’t. The choice of schools applied to was indicative of ambition which, they argue, is a more powerful driver of success than the school they attend. 'The return to college selectivity [is] indistinguishable from zero,' they wrote in 2011."

Comment 27 Jan 2020

The whole “southern girls are hotter” thing smells of unscientific nonsense to me. Like there’s no beauty gene that gets passed along to a person just because they were born in a particular geographic area.

It's not genetics, it's culture. Compared to the North, Southern culture encourages women more to dress and behave in a feminine way, which is to say in a way more calculated to appeal to men. Regional differences like this are smaller than they used to be, but they're still there.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Chase Young may be the best DE ever to play at Ohio State, so virtually everyone wanted him to return. In fairness to Gobucks, though, Young seemed to go a bit quiet in the last 3 games compared to his stellar output over the rest of the season.

          SOLO_T   ASST_T   SACK   FUMB   QB_HURRY
CLE         1             1            0          0            1
MIC         0             0            0          0            2
WIS         4             2            0          0            2
PSU        5             4             3          1           0

Comment 30 Dec 2019

I was a lifelong Redskins fan until Snyder crushed my remaining interest in the NFL. For a while, I hoped they would fail so badly that he'd give up and sell the team. Now I just don't care anymore.

Urban should stay in college football. Recruiting may be his greatest strength, and he'd throw that advantage away in the pros. If he gets the itch to coach again, I'd love to see him resurrect another college program. It would be funny as hell if he replaced Herman at Texas, and then immediately took them to the playoffs.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

I trust Hart's a great TE because Ohio State has been chasing him for a while, but I still love to see recruits get the stars. To quote a legendary coach:

"[C]laiming a No. 1 spot in the rankings has been clearly established as the goal since Meyer arrived on campus intent on dominating the recruiting trail. 'Well, I mean, I hear people say it’s not important,' Meyer said way back on signing day in 2014 after Ohio State finished third nationally. 'I disagree. As long as you’re keeping score we’re going to try to win.'"

Comment 24 Dec 2019

I don't mean to quarrel with your taste. Different people like different announcing styles. Personally, I can't stand the way Gus Johnson calls games. His enthusiasm often sounds phony to me, partly because he seems to get excited about virtually everything that happens. Brent Musburger in his last decade announcing struck me the same way, but I know a lot of people adored him, too.

To be fair, the clip you posted of Gus reacting to the blocked punt sounded absolutely real. His voice almost cracked with emotion.

Comment 22 Dec 2019

Tired of the disrespect from these bastards like Dabo Swinney!

It's disgusting how these people hide their disrespect by feigning respect for Ohio State. It's even more disrespectful than open disrespect (which would infuriate me, too). Basically, everything they say sickens me regardless of the language they choose or their intent. Orange coach bad.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Gee to me is the most polished of the bunch (which may also mean his ceiling is lower)...

I understand the argument, but don't completely buy it. The WR who has been the most professional about perfecting his craft as a high school player has the lowest ceiling at the next level? It's possible that he has less untapped potential than the others, but my bet is that he turns out to be the best of them.