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Comment 15 Dec 2019

I wish someone could break down the QB comparisons between Justin and Trevor. IMO, Trevor is still a better player as his decision making is much better with more experience. Fields needs to get rid of the ball with quick read of defense. I have not watched many Lawrence games other than the Bama game and UNC, I think he is so far better than Fields, just my opinion. Someone probably can analyze better with more film studies.

For Clemson fans, i'm not surprised. They don't know what BlueBlood really is. However, I do give them the edge for the past 5 years of relevance. Dabo is also a cocky guy that I don't like but his work at Clemson is amazing. We need to prepare much harder this time. I don't see a shutout (better not be), but I won't feel sad if we lose this time as well. The Clemson team this year is really under the radar and they are good... For the next couple years they won't go away as their scary good 2020 recruiting class. I hope we beat them and continue the momentum to win the national title. go Bucks!

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I was there in the stadium and what I saw was a terrible JT play. He was very bad at throwing and often not decisive which Fields also have the same problem. Hopefully we can prepare more this time and find the weakness and attack. After all if we had Burrow in that game we could have won. Our defense was outstanding that year. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I actually think us been no 2 is a great thing. In the history of CFP no no 1 nor no 3 have ever won the trophy not to mention all blowouts happened to be the no 3 team in the country. Let’s get this tradition going lol. Love the challenge but if we ever want to win the champion we need to get the whiny Dano a slap on his face! 

Comment 30 Nov 2019

It looks like Fields really does not know the RPO... His read option ability is really poor... THe second and goal he could’ve walked in untouched instead he gave the ball to Dobbins for a loss of couple yards.... damn 

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Completely agree with your assessment. We need to move Annette inside and get Hilliard in the game. Start to call some blitz to get Patterson uncomfortable in passing. This’ going to be a long day I feel like. 

Comment 30 Nov 2019

We cannot let Borland and Werner cover. Needs to send Hilliard and Browning. No blitz on the defense, wtf. I read somewhere that Patterson is super poor against the blitz. Where is that game plan?

Comment 23 Nov 2019

We have gone back to the Tressel ball.... why not scoring more to kill the game? Run defense is penn st strength! It’s also slippery so it’s easy to lose the ball damn it! 

Comment 28 Oct 2018

Watching both teams performing later in the season you would know this years team is plain garbage not deserving the playoff spot. We had elite LBs back then and now what do we have? I still don’t understand the meaning of starting Borland and Werner who completely got lost in passing games. Who’s to blame? 

Comment 22 Oct 2018

Very true. It amazes me how some of our fans think one group improving due to an interim coach. Not to discredit Hartline he’s a great coach with passion but I have seen our receivers got wide open JT era but JT couldn’t find them. You pointed out the obvious facts here. I also don’t think trading for Ash would fix any thing as Ash’s defense is bent but no break philosophy which I rather hire someone aggressive like Pruitt. I want an Alabama like defense not like any average defense we have seen in years. Lack of pressure and constantly out of positions in LBs hurt us tremendously in defense. 

Comment 21 Oct 2018

And how long did they stay other than Jones? Why can’t people realize the problem of UM? He’s too nice of a guy who gives too many benefits to friends. It’s a business. You perform or go.