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Comment 10 May 2018

I was expecting atleast one DB to look for greener pastures. And i thought he might be one of them. Best of luck to you Wayne! I hope everything works our for you!

Comment 25 Apr 2018

My senior year of high school (2010) I tore my ACL in my left knee (also tore the ACL in my right knee heading into my freshman year in high school in 2006) in the first game of baseball season. Finished that game and wanted to finish the season but the coach wouldn’t allow me. He allowed me to dress and start our senior game though. It’s a tough injury to play with. You lose a lot of agility and it makes it difficult to put serious pressure on your knee. I wish that on nobody.

Comment 23 Apr 2018

I know an H-Back doesn’t play out wide or anything lol. I meant I would like to see McCall turn into more of a slot WR than an H-Back.

I guess what I ultimately mean is I like to see the transformation by these players. Get some reps at RB, then turn into an H-Back where you do a good amount of both, and then focus more on the slot (KJ Hill type WR). Curtis Samuel didn’t do that and I think that’s why he’s struggling so far in the NFL (apart from injuries).

Comment 23 Apr 2018

I’m wondering the same. I’m thinking we will see him at H-Back in the future. I’m wondering if he plays RB this season, or they redshirt him. I’d probably rather redshirt Snead/Teague than Gill. Get Gill some PT this year for when all of our senior WR’s leave and he can slide in to replace McCall, and McCall play more in the slot.