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Comment 10 Mar 2020

Is there anything you're hearing that suggests WRs will be utilized more in the run game/as extensions to the run game considering injuries to Teague and Crowley?   

Comment 05 Mar 2020

This guy cracks me up . . . if you haven't watched the podcast covering the 2018 game, it's definitely worth the time.  This guy is so fed up with the coaching staff up north.  Although he has at times talked about a talent gap, he recently seems to be saying  the athletic talent is there (combine invitees and results over the past fewy years) and hinting to the inept player development and game planning/management.  

Agree with Browns88 on his Buckeye recruiting pitch.

Comment 29 Feb 2020

I think both of those QBs have the potential to be great, but I'd trade back and go with the upside of Herbert.  6'6'', howitzer for an arm and a great athlete.  I think he'd had much better numbers (specifically completion percentage) if he was surrounded by the talent @ Bama and LSU. 

Comment 27 Jan 2020

I think one fear OHSAA has is that the small schools will lose other spring sports.  A lot of D4 baseball teams struggle with numbers year in and year out.  If spring football is added, it'll make it that much more difficult.  A school has to field so many teams per season (fall, winter, spring) in order to be eligible for tournament play.  It'd be cool to have spring ball, but there would have to be a lot of thought in how to implement it. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

I want our DC to be smarter than the other team's OC.  Hafley seemed like a real smart dude.  I know Coombs is a great position coach, but hopefully we see how great he (along with Mattison) is when it comes to checking an innovative offensive mind.  

Comment 23 Jan 2020

I agree.  There will always be a play or two in a game that beats the defense for a variety of reasons.  If our guys execute and win their one-on-one assignments/battles we're good.