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Comment 05 Jan 2018

You may still like him. I didn't care for his time in the previous show either.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

I listen on and off. I believe Golic and Wingo are still trying to find their mojo. They may get there. However, the first hour with Golic's son is close to unbearable. I'd try to advance my son too, if given the chance, but he tries to come off like an informed, experienced SME, and it totally falls flat in my opinion. 

Comment 03 Jan 2018

I will not bash JT, but to say he was 'throwing great' is an exaggeration at best. The best he threw all season was against Nebraska and the second half versus Penn State; and I mean making throws in tight windows and coverage, and throwing receivers open. Outside of that, it was short throws, or only trying 'wide open' receivers. I've always been more confident in JT converting 3rd downs with a QB run from an empty backfield than passing.

Comment 03 Jan 2018

I understand the weather with regards to the last few games of the regular season. However, that doesn't hold water when speaking of the B1G CG at Lucas Oil Stadium, or the Cotton Bowl in Jerry World. I have always supported JT, but at the same time recognize his limitations. When passing downfield, whenever he (or Braxton, for that matter) unleashed it, I never felt confident. I don't know that we need a pro style quarterback, but a dual threat who can also pass with accuracy would be a blessing. The offense can still be RPO run centric; but couple that with a QB who can, and will, hit his downfield passes, then the opposing defenses will be less able to stack the box and will need play honest. 

Comment 01 Jan 2018

Depending on criteria (time frame, Nat'l Championships, Heisman winners, wins, Conf. Champs, etc.. I'll go since 2010. 

1. Bama

2. tOSU

3. Clemson

4. Auburn

5. FSU

6. Oklahoma

7. Stanford

8. Wisconsin

9. Michigan State

10. Oregon

Comment 23 Dec 2017

If you were not a punk when you were 17 you would never have a chance to be a punk.

Oh, there are plenty of middle aged punks running around. 

Comment 21 Dec 2017

How many 5 stars won 'us' the playoff games against Alabama and Oregon? Elliott...4 star; Bosa...4 star, D. Smith...4/3 star; Lee...3 star; Jones...3/4 star... I don't dismiss the impact a 5 star can make, but if I recall Curtis Grant was a 5 star, and his impact was minimal until senior season, and that impact was felt most as a mentor to McMillan. 

The disappointment happens when you're a big boy and are swinging for the big recruits. OSU didn't have this so much prior to Meyer. Also, the fact we were 'in' it with so many who ultimately decided elsewhere makes many here to feel like yesterday was a bust. If looked at individually, these 'flips' or decisions were always possible. Cox- mainly geography came into play; Jones- playing time; Carman- absolute flake / narcissist; Woodbey- not a clue about him... We'll be alright; and there's still a few slots.

Comment 20 Dec 2017

It's true these are 17-18 year olds. That doesn't give them a blank check to be a douche. There are those around them providing some level of advice, clarity, etc. But considering the level of worship and stroking they've been given for so long, no wonder so many feel they are the center of everything. It makes it so much easier to appreciate those who carry themselves like Taron Vincent, Brian Snead, Jaelin Gill, et al. 

Comment 20 Dec 2017

My jets are fine. Also, I don't do the 'wish him well' or 'I'll follow his career no matter where he goes' with regard to recruits. I follow Buckeyes. If recruits go elsewhere, they don't matter to me from that point forward. As for the sudden change, while many of these recruit analysts just guess, it is obvious they all had the 'inside' vibe he was going to Ohio State. Now, if the Buckeyes coaching staff knew otherwise, then they aren't surprised. If they also had this feeling, then yes, he is a first class TROLL.

PS- To his credit, at least he was never actually verbally committed, like some others.

Comment 20 Dec 2017

If this isn't a troll of Clemson, then it is an absolute premeditated troll of tOSU. And IF so, while I don't 'wish' ill will, I have no good wishes or luck or anything else to forward to what I would term the poster child for recruit arrogance.

Comment 19 Dec 2017

Not to put any credence into this point, but I had this thoughts on this too. The Buckeyes have Haskins, Burrow and Martell in the house; Bama has Hurts and the kid from Hawaii behind him. Now, it looks like he's interested in Florida (I know, Mullen), who just lost their main QB target, and limited talent on roster. Jones has talent, but I'm not sold on him.

Comment 15 Dec 2017

I don't have any wishes for any non-Buckeye, neither good nor bad. If you're not here, well....bye.