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Comment 08 May 2019

This take right here on Jon Snow is one of my biggest gripes, and it's due to how the show portrays Jon Snow. He is not a dope in the books at all. Yes, he does have honor, but he also makes good decisions, whether tactical or strategic. In the show, it's all about luck and failing/falling upward. In the books, it's about moving upward without because he's the right person, due to his ability and integrity (not his desire to). The show makes many choices of it's own, whether before or after they ran out of book material (some are of no major issue; many for no real reason, or just to simplify the story).

My take, either there is no 'Iron Throne', or someone along the line of Tyrion, Edmure, Gendry, or even Sam rule in a new capacity. If Jon survives, he returns north; either to Winterfell or north of the wall.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

Look, I don't follow or stalk college kids on twitter (or any other social media), but use it for news updates (to include my Buckeyes). As for any opposition to Martell gaining immediate eligibility, I've seen bare minimum. However, there is smack talk (right or wrong, I don't care), due to his high profile declarations of him going to be the starter, and why Fields would come and expect to play right away; and  then, when the transfer of Fields is announced, Martell immediately begins his transfer process. No competition, trying to win it, just leaves. I'm sure there's more to it, such as being told either...A) Tate isn't a fit for the offense Day wants; B) he's already behind Baldwin, or C) shut your mouth and focus on actual football, because you aren't going to win the starting job through tweeting or 'bold' interview remarks.

I don't know the what/why/who of this process. But, here we are; and Tate is no longer a Buckeye, and I know longer care.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

Let's be real here and not use J.T. as an example. No one was going to beat out J.T. his senior year, period. As for Haskins, it became a competition between Dwayne and Joey. I don't know it Tate can beat out Fields (if he transfers in), but Fields should absolutely have to compete to win the job. While it's a common theme around the site lately that Fields is our savior, and Tate hasn't displayed anything since he's been here that says he should be the starter. Well, what has Fields shown at Georgia that says he should be the starter here? Both have shown in H.S. that they were worth being recruited at a high level. Since then, the story is yet to be written.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Years ago when usa today first appeared, in the 'TV' like dispensers, we referred to it as 'McNewspaper' it was the fast food of news, and just about as good for you.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I'll say it....'No', I don't believe there is a single qualified female coach for Ohio State football...period.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Screw that. Conference Champions are in, no matter the record. They will be seeded accordingly. Take every bit of subjectivity possible out of it. If there are eight teams, that would leave 3 potential at-large teams. Even then, there should be a clear set of objective requirements to limit subjectivity. Everyone complained about the BCS, with a common theme we needed a more human touch. Well, the humans shills at espn and the selection committee haven't been the greatest improvement.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Whether it would go to 6 or eight teams, the P5 conference champions should be automatic. I don't care if they are undefeated or lost 4-5 games (if so, that team would be a 6 or 8 seed). Less subjectivity should be involved across the board. Win your conference, and you're in. If 8 teams, then highest ranked G5 'Champion' gets in, leaving 2 at-large teams (with the most objective and clearly stated / understood criteria articulated). I'm tired of the contradictory double talk of the selection committee / chairman, as well as the espn ad firm deciding who gets in.

Comment 05 Jul 2018

My hometown. I don't get there much, but when I do, there's always a tray (or two) of Wally's Pizza, and boxes from Kennedy's Bakery (THE best bakery, period). Summertime in the aforementioned lakes were a blast. A true small town.

Comment 15 Mar 2018

Blue Jacket was white. He was captured as a youth and adopted into the tribe as one of their own. But yes, I always thought the team may have been named for him...

Comment 14 Feb 2018

I'm not sure of the intent of the article. The explanation stated 'late first, early second'. Just about where he has been discussed, best case. I would say this title/post could be listed as over-rated click bait.