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Comment 09 May 2017

I know those areas well. I've generally always lived on the W/SW side of Fayetteville. I've been down here 30 plus years. 

Comment 08 May 2017

We are in the same area. I retired out of Ft Bragg, and live in the Rockfish area. I've been here since 1986.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

With regard to your second to last bullet, I agree I don't believe Martell believed he would start this year. I don't think backing up next year would cause him to transfer; beyond that is a crap shoot.

As for your last bullet, if Burrow starts 18 & 19 (which I assume means he is back up in 17), then I don't think Haskins is waiting around to start in 20 (would make him a redshirt senior). If Burrow is the man, I think Haskins transfers, and Martell settles into back up role (waiting on arrival of Jones for further complications)

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I don't know how this QB battles will play out. I happen to like Burrow more, but that means squat to the coaching staff. However, assuming that Burrow does 'win' the back up job, I don't know that Haskins is prone to wait for his 'chance' in a year or two. Logistically, and from a management point of view., it may make more sense for Burrow to be #2, as you keep him and Martelll, and more likely to keep Jones signed/committed (Burrow has less time remaining, allowing those two to see starting time sooner), while possibly/probably losing Haskins. If Haskins becomes #2, and the probability of being the starter for the next couple of years, you may lose Burrow (graduate transfer), as well as either Martell  or Jones, who may see there possibility of being the 'man' slide further away...Just my thoughts....(I have only had one cup of coffee, so this is subject to change)

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I"ve got this good feeling about Martell. He just wins. As for back up next year, it's a good position to be in. I believe that Burrow will win out. If that is the case, the possibility of a transfer (Haskins) may raise its head.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

While I disagree on the Martell take, in that not only is he a much better QB than Torrance Gibson (reference a remark from another post, not yours), but there is an 'it' factor he exudes, whether it be desire, determination. refuse to lose; he has it. I think your last sentence is what is more likely to be an option; who will depart between Burrow or Haskins, depending on who wins the job- though I am referring to who becomes the backup this coming year. When that is announced, a transfer from one of those two could follow.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I think there is quite a bit of worry wrt maturity, attitude, etc. for nothing. Tate has shown nothing but class throughout this process, and this class. His example on the field is of a total winner with utmost determination to succeed. He immediately took the mantel of a recruiting class leader upon committing. The one area I've seen him like this is with a&m. Obviously some residual stench still lingers. I don't knock him; I have some areas in my life I still hold some active animosity also. He'll be let's stop with all the Dr Phil diagnosis.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Assumption: Using the above numbers (91- Austin Mack was listed twice; and Haubeil not counting toward 2017), with the addition of 5 more recruits, for a total of 22 in Class of 17. That would make 96; meaning 11 'reductions'. I will not put any names of who they are, but will list position groups / numbers they could come from. [I took the numbers as they stood above, knowing that some players may still declare and would then be part of the reduction]

1. If final 5 recruits are 2 x DB, 1 x OL, 1 x WR, 1x DT; then - QBs: 1; WRs: 2; OL: 3; DE: 1; DT: 2; DBs: 2 

2. If final 5 recruits are 2 x DB, 1 x OL, 1 x WR, 1x RB; then - QBs: 1; WRs: 3; OL: 3; DE: 1; DT: 1; DBs: 2

3. If final 5 recruits are 2 x DB, 1 x OL, 1 x RB, 1x DL; then - QBs: 1; WRs: 3; OL: 3; DE: 1; DT: 1; DBs: 2

Depending if 22 is the actual 'limit', further 'attrition' could come from OL (1), WR (1), TE (1), DB (1). Not a pleasant topic, and while I didn't put names here, it still felt a bit unpleasant. I tried to apply what we did in the military, when budgets get cut, and each unit / section was given a percentage  they would have to reduce their budget by. Anyway, just my take.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I can see how that may seem logical. However, though his physical measurables aren't what most would want out of a QB, Martell should not be overlooked. He is a winner. He has always won. He has an attitude that cannot be coached. Look past him if you will, but in my opinion, he'll have a big say on who's starting behind center in the very near future.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I'm not a big advocate calling for someone's job, but my perspective on this (which is most relevant only to me) is this:  OC- there should be only one, and if the unofficial reports are true that Wilson is it, then that is that (no honorary titles to ease someone's ego); OL- keep Stud; he is a better recruiter (which Warinner is not). The OL play was not great, or even very good this year; that not only reflects on Stud, but moreso on Warinner, as there are many upper class lineman who have not seen the field, and probably won't- which goes back to Warinner's ability to identify talent. If EW is put into some 'quality control' position fine, but let's not muddy the water just to appease an ego.  As for QBs, hopefully there is an open competition (a real one), and whoever emerges, I'm behind them (not in the Clemson sense). WR coach....hmmm

Comment 02 Nov 2016

Absolute horse crap! Maybe they're trying for an overall ratings decline like the NFL...

Comment 09 Oct 2016

I am currently out of town, working in/around New Castle, PA. My home is over in Hoke County. My wife and kids are riding it out, currently no power since early yesterday evening (but have water, and our stove is gas). Unknown number of roads under water or washed out. This on top of the heavy rainfall from just over a week ago. But, everyone is safe. Hang in there.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

If that were the case, it would have read 'Ryan Lochte doing Solo'...

Comment 25 Aug 2016

I think this whole statue thing is way out of hand. I don't get the point, especially while individuals  (coaches / players) are still active, or too recently retired. Of those mentioned above, Woody fits, as does Chic Harley. As for Tress or Urban...way too soon to start sculpting.