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Comment 21 Dec 2018
Want him to fight for the job but no need to subtweet Fields on Twitter. Makes me think he is scared of Fields and trying to start drama hoping it makes Fields says thanks but no thanks.
Comment 21 Dec 2018
And Tate just liked a response to his tweet asking if it is about Fields. Not a good look for Martell. Pretty childish honestly. If you think you are/should be the man then keep quiet and win the job.
Comment 01 Jul 2018

Based on Birm's latest article I don't think it is the slam dunk most think it is.

Comment 15 Dec 2017
Same thing I said in the Emory Jones thread... Good riddance to Mr. Woodbey if he wants to go elsewhere. Just like Jones, his recruitment has been filled with constant news about possible flips. Time for the Buckeyes to wish him well and find a kid who really wants to be the next great DB in line.
Comment 15 Dec 2017
Down vote me if you want but I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!! Kid loves the drama. I want my QB to be a leader, which Emory clearly is not. If I'm Urban I just call him and tell him thanks but no thanks. Good luck in the Outback Bowl.