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Comment 28 Feb 2020
I use a fire stick but it's not jailbroken. You literally just download an app, the website provides you with log in info, easy as that. My current site isnt taking new subscribers but just search IPTV, there are a ton, some for even cheaper. I've had mine since August without any issues.
Comment 27 Feb 2020
You guys need to look into some other streaming sites that aren't mainstream names but there are a ton. I pay $25/month, get evey channel you could ever dream of. All movie channels, all nfl, mlb, nba, NHL's, and you can search and watch any movie you want. Its awesome.
Comment 26 Feb 2020
Hey folks. I just wanted to share the link for the go fund me page set up for my cousin. If your able to help out great but dont feel obligated. Please share. Thanks!
Comment 22 Feb 2020
Thank you everyone for the kind words. I've e-mailed a few folks at OSU but havent gotten a response back. However, we did get a video message from Ryan Shazier! I dont know how he got contacted but I am very appreciative for it. My cousin had his whole little league baseball team visit him yesterday and he was very excited about that. His condition is still the same so we are just continuing with prayers. Still hoping to get some of the players in there to see him in person but Shazier was awesome! Thanks again everyone and I will keep you posted. There will be a go fund me page as well for medical expenses and changes that will need to be made to their home. My cousin's school district has began doing fundraisers for the family. We love you Buckeye nation!
Comment 09 Feb 2020
Well you can say all our guys are more highly touted recruits. We cant keep making excuses for these guys. Wisconsin is a tough place to play but we should be in this game, not getting destroyed
Comment 09 Feb 2020
News flash, it's not just a coincidence that all teams shoot better against OSU then their averages. We give up wide open 3s and our offense isnt worth a flying fuck. So fun getting embarrassed.