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Comment 9 hours ago

I was never a huge fan of Kobe personally. I loved his aggressiveness and his swagger but was not particularily a Kobe fan. Didn't dislike him he just wasn't my favorite player to root for. Never rooted against him but always enjoyed and appreciated what he brought to the game. This is the first time in my life a Celebrity Death has emotionally affected me in any way and the first time i shed a tear. Imagining him going down holding his little girl and being helpless. Then the other 2 young girls with their parents in that moment truly broke me at the thought of it all. I hurt for all of their families in a way i didn't know i could for a complete stranger. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I'm not sure how you can look at that schedule of theirs next season and claim that. Them winning 11 games this year while being outplayed in 8 of them is an anomaly in itself. Then you take away the only passing game threat KJ and lose your two best Dlineman on an otherwise porous defense. Blah all i can see is 8 wins max.


then 2 weeks later they get this 6 games gauntlet. 


Vs. Iowa


@ Indiana

@ Nebraska


That's going to be a brutal 6 game stretch they'll be lucky to make it to Indiana alive after TTUN, Iowa, and OSU. Three physical games in a row. Yuck.

Comment 24 Jan 2020

Yea i've been preaching that exact thing for awhile now. PSU 2019 season was MSU 2015 season. I'm betting PSU ceiling next season is 8 wins. All of their tough games are on the road besides us but personally i'm not worried about an inept offense with a new play caller who can't seem to even describe what his offense might look like. Guy sounds like a box of rocks.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

They haven't beat TTUN at The Big House since 2009 and Franklin has been blown out the last two trips. Expect it to be the same as Franklin can't compete with them their and PSU 100% has a letdown year after they had a "perfect storm" to 11 wins. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

That actually might be addition by subtraction for them. Ricky Rhane offenses were abysmal. Had they not gotten to play teams like Idaho, Memphis, and Maryland their numbers wouldve been atrocious. They wouldn't have even avg 30 points on the season or 400 yards of offense. 3 times last year their offense failed to put up 300 damn yards! 8 times they were outgained in yardage, first down, and TOP by the opposing team yet managed to win the game(one of those 8 games was RUTGERS). They had a 7 game stretch where they failed to score 30 points 6 times (4 in a row) (one of those games was RUTGERS) and to top that off their wr were awful. So bad that they only threat KJ left and they couldn't develop the #1 WR recruit in the country so he hit the transfer portal. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

PSU will be lucky to win 8 games next year. Their perfect storm was 2019 winning 11 games yet being outgained in yardage, first downs, and TOP in 8 of those games. Now the only offensive threat in the passing game has left them and the defense downgraded with Gross Matos and Windsor both departing the D line. 

Fucking Delusional.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

This is MSU 2020 not MSU 2015. They should not be looked at as a tough game anymore. They haven't been remotely close in the last few years. The exact same staff is there still and they're replacing half their starters from last year. This is an example of the already poor getting poorer.

I'm not sure why people are high on Oregon either. They are replacing a QB who was a 3-4 year starter and some offensive weapons. They're a solid team on defense but nothing spectacular yet. 

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Was also thinking something similiar myself. Is this a hire based on nostalgia of his past experience here? I know he's a great recruiter and developer of DB talent but i don't really like the CO-DC roles of two old men. I thought the young DC and older experienced DC was a great choice. Now we might have a power struggle between the two which could screw up our identity. Would definitely like to see some young hungry guys on the staff rather than old men from an old bowl of candidates.

Comment 22 Jan 2020

I acknowledged it's a wide gap which is obvious when we're top 2-3 in overall talent in the country. Just not as crazy as his original comment was.

SI just released a total team talent yesterday and the BIG had 3 teams in the top 10 in overall talent. OSU-2nd PSU-5th and TTUN 7th. SEC had 3 as well.

Texas and LSU were like 20th on that list and USC was nowhere to be found now that really is crazy.

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Yes we've had some 3 stars turn into studs over the years but they've been surrounded by 4-5 star type players to make this team elite and compete for Natty's.

If we were a team of 3 stars only 1 or 2 of those would be a stud and the rest would be meh. Or in other words we'd be Wisconsin...

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Found this fascinating so i took a look and the talent gap is widening but not quite as much as you wrote here. Not your fault though, 247 broke up their early enrollees and signees but didn't do that for us

OSU TOP100 9 TOP300 15

TTUN TOP100 1 TOP300 10

PSU not far behind

PSU TOP100 2 TOP300 9

Comment 21 Jan 2020

I didn't say he didn't pressure the bar manager to not file charges. But upon learning of this type of behavior serious punishment should have soon followed to show that that type of behavior is not tolerated. Instead he chose bible studies as a "punishment" and the behavior never changed. Talk about insanity. Urban turned  a blind eye and enabled this behavior and not just with Hernandez. If you could help him win all of a sudden he had questionable morals which is why i've long had an issue with him. GREAT COACH BUT A SNAKE OF A PERSON. 

I didn't say Urban didn't care either obviously he did with bringing him for bible studies but that aint enough and everyone of you knows it deep down. That's not enough in this case. We've only heard the scratch of things that happened that were swept under the rug down there. Yes there were bad elements back home but his attitude and behavior actually changed down in Gainesville when he wasn't punished for his actions. Both from police and the Moral High Ground Urban Meyer. 

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Urban having him in his house for Bible studies is punishment for bad things Hernandez was doing? REALLY??? I'm not doubting that Urban had him over for bible studies but i'm not sure how much that shit helps when you're letting the kid get away with it and he doesn't see that as a harsh punishment. Hernandez clearly learned quickly that as a football player down there he wasn't going to get in any real trouble and that only grew worse and worse as time went on. It was shown pretty quickly in the documentary that Hernandez bad behavior started and grew under Urban and the Florida Gator program. That falls on Urban as the head coach.  He should've been showing that there are consequences for your actions and i'm sorry but Bible Studies ain't cutting it. 

And are you seriously insinuating the HC of a major football program doesn't know when his players are getting in potential legal trouble?!?!?! HOLY SHIT.. We all know damn well Urban knew about the stuff that was going on and chose to look the other way. Why is it that most of this fan base is willing to look the other way for this guys shady past yet condemn guys like Dabo or Saban or Franklin when they are accused or caught doing so? 

Anyone here who defends Urban and says he was handling Hernandez bad behavior (fights at bars, smoking weed and other drugs, suspect in a potential fatal shooting, etc..) with Bible Studies is a hypocrite and i'll prove it. If this were Dabo and he was using his aww shucks moral religious high ground act you'd all be up in arms appropriately. But because it's Urban who did it you're willing to give him a pass. He did the same shit here guys only got in trouble when the media found out. How many stories have we heard of Zeke specifically being a pain in the ass drinking and starting fights and never being punished for it? that's just one of MANY.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

While obviously it shows the corruption of the small college town and the police it also shows the blatant disregard Urban has for players doing bad things if it's going to help him win. Between that incident and the first incident when he was an underage freshman drunk at a bar that blew out a managers ear drum and the coach never reprimands or punishes him once? Just goes to show the kind of person Urban really is when shit gets covered up. Urban only takes the high ground or public punishment when he can't hide it. 

Comment 20 Jan 2020

I'm pointing it out because so many of our fanbase and most likely guys like yourself claim that was going to be 100% a TD and win if Olave doesn't break off his route when MORE LIKELY THAN NOT it was going to be broken up. That's not the end of the game it's just being realistic. THey still had two more downs but it was not highly likely to be a TD as so many people arrogantly claim. I'm tired of it and obviously It's a HARD HITTING TRUTH BOMB if it's got your panties up in a bunch because you know i'm right. 

Comment 17 Jan 2020

Being petty is the vast majority of this fan base claiming it's 100% a game winning TD if he doesn't break off that route. As if to say there is NO way Olave doesn't catch that ball. I'm pointing out that at best it was a possible 50/50 catch but MOST likely it goes incomplete. Not a game ender but likely not a TD. 

Comment 17 Jan 2020

That's all i'm saying is it's not a guaranteed TD. Could he have won it as he is a good contested pass catcher? Yes, but it's very unlikely as that safety was in the perfect spot it might have been a great play call on a cover 2 defense but the safety was where he needed to be and at best i truly feel it was either INCOMPLETE or possibly a DPI which in college is only 15 yards. It wasn't 4th down so yes we have another down to play I've just gotten tired of all the fans calling it as an ABSOLUTE TD if he doesn't cut off his route. I've rewatched it several times and the safety was in perfect position to make a play on the ball. 

Comment 17 Jan 2020

PSU will not be a good team next year. 8 wins tops. The team way over achieved this year and the schedule is rough for them. Get the tougher matchups on the road outside of our game with them.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

Please stop with this Penn State love. Go look at their numbers from this past season. They were NOT a good team. They way over achieved. This is the look of a 8 win team as a ceiling. Their offense was putrid last year. 8 of 13 games their offense was outgained in yardage, first down, and TOP. The defense was meh outside of the D line and Micah and the D line is half gone and the secondary was garbage. The only offensive threat in the pass game is gone. 


Comment 16 Jan 2020

Time for a TRUTH BOMB. Fields pass to Olave on that last play was unlikely to be a TD as everyone here claims to be a fact. The safety intercepted the ball which means he was most likely going to make a play on the ball and it would've been incomplete. I'm tired of hearing this 100% claim that it would've been a TD and the game won because it did not look likely even had Olave not broken off his route. It was a good pass and probably the right read but the safety was clearly in position to make a play on the ball. Otherwise the ball goes incomplete rather than INT to seal the game.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

I'm not really familiar with whoever that is. Nor am i certain he'd need a second account? but i'm sure if you go back and read both our stuff you'd notice pretty quickly i'm against the grain on a lot of stuff and we are not the same person despite the very common saying of "mark it down"

I'm not blindly under estimating them. I literally went and looked at their season and found some big issues with their team and actual play on the field that i don't  think is likely to be repeated. I specifically laid that out with evidence all you have to do is look at it too i just didn't feel like typing out every game. 

No they don't play up to us that's malarkey. In 2016 TTUN blasted them 49-10 just weeks before we played them and then we struggled against them because we over looked them and it cost us. In 2018 we barely beat them by 1 point and they were not a good team. Our talent is far and away better than theirs. PSU is just below TTUN in overall team talent and TTUN has repeatedly come in year in and year out with higher draft classes yet we blow them off the field because we focus so intently on them. That is not how we treat PSU. 

Remember i said this before all the junk came out about our pal Franklin.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Because we play down to them. The year they lost Barkley we barely won and they ended up 8-4 in the regular season and they weren't contenders for the BIG East. We just play like shit against them.

Mark it down PSU will be an 8 win team next year.