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Comment 18 Oct 2019

I don't think Wiscy is nearly as one dimensional as you think they are. You're using past experience and applying it to the present. Jack Coan is not elite but he has definitely shown the ability to make throws when the offense needs him to in a way Wiscy has not been able to in the last 5 years. Multiple times on long fourth downs or 3rd downs he's made great throws to his receivers. And he's got a few good receivers to boot. Wiscy will be tougher than I think some here want to give them credit for. 

Comment 18 Oct 2019

Yes let's blame another team for why we didn't win the BIG that year rather than owning up to the fact that we lost to a backup QB at HOME. 

Had OSU beat MSU at home that year this TTUN loss doesn't mean a damn thing to anyone. But because we couldn't cover our own shit we didn't get in not because TTUN lost in hilarious fashion.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

I was going to mention this if you didn't. For all the shit that Harbaugh deservedly gets James Franklin has been far and away worse as a coach at PSU. He's really had 1 good year in which he backdoored his way into a BIG title. 

Being 1-4 against TTUN when the talent level is comparable is not good and it's even worse being 1-4 against MSU with a clear talent and facilities advantage. The lone win he has over MSU was the year they went 3-7. MSU hasn't been good since 2015 yet Franklin can't get them over that hump. He's a long long way from elite.

On top of that last weekend was his first win over a ranked team on the road. It took 6 seasons for that to happen and that is a joke. Even Harbs was able to knock this out by year 4.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Sparty was already softened up from Indiana and ASU the weeks before. Sparty gave up 31 points and 22 completed passes in a row to Indiana. They were already on downward trajectory before they got here. If we're being honest them being ranked 25th was a courtesy rank to OSU so we could defeat a "ranked" opponent.

Not that we didn't efficiently embarass them it's just i wouldn't take too much stock into pushing them around or Wiscy pushing them around that defense was already overrated by the time we saw  them.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

But but but ESPN hates OSU and ranks our commits lower just because it's us. And and and they only favor Souther SEC schools. And and and ESPN rankings suck they have no clue what they're doing. They just rate it on who is committed where.....

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Personally i felt like Wisconsin had an emotional let down after they got amped up for TTUN. Considering that was a little dish of revenge for them for the way TTUN beat up on them the year before. That kind of stuff happens in college football. 6 games in they've had one medial day on the field. I think i'd look more at what they've done to everyone else and disregard that NW game just based on an emotional let down. They've gotten up for the games they needed to. 

Also OSU has had more than a few of those types of games in the past where they let a team that had no business being on the same field as them blow them out. We still consider those teams "elite" despite losing by 4 td's to teams that scraped their way into bowl eligibility. 

Add Jack Coan to that offense as well. While he's not spectacular or elite by any means he's certainly been a marked improvement over Hornibrook. He's shown he can fit balls into his WR when needed and can keep the chains moving when the run game gets slowed down a bit. I saw it against TTUN and MSU. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

I guess i could be wrong on my take about this not being a rivalry. But in my defense i've literally never heard this talked about or hyped up by the media as a rivalry and at the very least i would think as much as i consider myself a college football junkie i would've known that. Still i don't see it being much of a rivalry nor do I think Minnesota is for real going to give them a run for their money considering their end of season grinder of a schedule. 

I'm sure it would make a better story as two undefeated teams but then again i don't see that even being remotely a game between ourselves and Minny. The CFP would probably not give us as much credit as we feel we deserve for that win either. And i'll agree on the not thinking PSU is for real but i very much believe Wiscy is. I can't imagine what you've looked at should give you any doubt about their validity. OSU doesn't have any tougher of a schedule at this point and Wiscy has disposed of teams in much the same fashion. Blowouts with impressive defense. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Ya i'm just going to go ahead and say it. You really need to lay off the crack or whatever you're on. Wiscy is clearly a very good team. Minnesota hasn't played anyone and is very likely to lose at least 2 of those 3 games against Iowa PSU and Wiscy. They don't have the talent to overcome all of that at the very end of the season. 

Secondly a lot of you need refreshers of what a rivalry game is. Just because you play a team every year does NOT make it a rivalry. Just because you play a couple close games over a 3/4/5 year period does NOT all of a sudden make it a rivalry. So many of you are willing to stamp teams as rivals when they're not. PSU is not our rival, MSU is not our rival. ND is not our rival. TTUN is our rival. Minny and Wiscy are NOT rivals. SMH

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Actually my life is pretty damn good and worth a lot. I like my life i'm just that confident you're that type of person who complains like this EVERY single weekend when something doesn't go your way. Like a petulant little brat. 

Was it a bad call? yes. Was it the worst call i've ever seen? No not even in my top 1,000 and that's how bad you're judgement is. I'd be willing to bet it wasn't even the worst call of the day around the league. Some other fan from another team probably said the same thing.

I seen a far worse call in the PSU Iowa game saturday night where the TE caught a pass and crossed the goal line as his knee was coming down. It was ruled a TD on the field and even though video evidence clearly showed him crossing the goal line as his knee touches they reveresed the call. PSU wound up with like 3 holding penalties after that and they had to settle for a field goal. That call was far and away worse than the Landry block in the back call. 

Comment 14 Oct 2019

I have a suspicious feeling that you say this every time a call doesn't go the way of your team.

I'd be willing to bet my life on it. In reference to "worst call you've ever seen" I'd bet it happens once a week if not more.

Comment 14 Oct 2019

TTUN not having it's collective shit together all season is the exact reason they are as bad or worse than they look. Sure there's talent on the team and if they could put it together they could be dangerous. But the types of issues they have with fumbling and offense sputtering and defense not adjusting is going to get them creamed against PSU and ND in the next two weeks.

You can get away with allowing 25 points to Illinois when you've built a 28 pt cushion. But against a good team like PSU you're likely to be 14-10 and once you start fumbling and allowing long drives they'll be down 35-14 with no way to catch back up.

Just wait for the collective shit show the next two weeks.

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Dobbins veering to his left after starting to run to the right is also how Fields catches up as well. Dobbins run basically gave Fields and angle and a shorter field to work with getting to the goal line. Not saying Fields isn't quick but Dobbins path allowed Fields to catch up in this instance.

Comment 05 Oct 2019

Idk where some of you are getting that UC will be ranked this coming week. They garnered 0 votes last week so they weren't on the borderline of being ranked this week. Yes it's an impressive win over a ranked Groupof5 opponent but it's exactly that a Groupof5 opponent not a ranked P5. They're best win beside that was a 10 point win over an abysmal UCLA team? c'mon i get the hometown love but let's be realistic UC isn't getting ranked this weekend. Maybe by end of year if they run the table. Also someone who mentioned Top10 defense you must be crazy. Look at who they have played..Nobody. It's a good defense but not anywhere near Top10

Comment 05 Oct 2019

Well you still don't. They haven't even received any votes for the Top25 so i doubt they're close enough to squeak in the rankings. Also getting absolutely blasted by OSU does not in any way help their case as a Top25 opponent. 

Comment 04 Oct 2019

It's not impossible. You're insinuating that the writers would get emotional about a team that hasn't played anyone yet. And to that point has only beat 1 Power5 program decisively and it wasn't a good team either. Had they beaten ASU it would've taken overtime. At best they'd be where they started 15-18.

Just for context PSU started 18th in preseason has gone 4-0 while murdering Maryland at Maryland and has moved up a total 6 spots to 12. MSU started behind them they weren't going to surge in the rankings without beating a ranked team decisively the way Wiscy did to TTUN. 

Comment 03 Oct 2019

A top 10 matchup? What drugs are you on? 

They're tied 25th in the nation for a reason and a win over Arizona State ain't vaulting them that high. Based on the play we've seen from them at best they'd be ranked 15th no higher.

Idk who is calling this a possible trap game but i largely expect this OSU offense to expose their defense in the way Indiana did but to a greater extent. MSU offense is anemic they can hardly move the ball or score on anyone and i don't see that changing against this defense. This is going to be 2017 all over again. 52-3 i'm calling it now

Comment 02 Oct 2019

Did we just completely forget about TCU last year? Seems some of your numbers are a bit off here seeing that game was won 40-28...

MSU is going to get absolutely rolled and MSU should just hope Lewerke doesn't get injured again with that excuse of an O line versus this crazy D line. 


Comment 01 Oct 2019

Two things real quick and i'm not defending them. 

1) Before this season they've consistently had a good defense so that statement is a little weird. 

2) I don't think they have the players to make it work. At least not this year and honestly not even next year. The landscape in which Urban brought in his spread scheme and the one Michigan is supposedly trying to implement are totally different. And you can credit that to Urban. He changed the BIG in a good way. When he came in the BIG10 was the laughingstock of the country it was awful so they were able to struggle the first few games and find themselves and then even technically win the BIG10 and go undefeated. For two reasons because OSU still had far more talent than anyone and all the the other teams sucked. MSU was in the beginning of it's run and Wiscy nor Iowa were a real threat. They will lose like 5-6 games this year because there are too many good teams playing them while they try to make the transition.

Also nothing TTUN will lose badly to Iowa. It's basically Wisconsin Lite. They do everything the way Wisconsin does they just don't have some of the talent and an amazing RB the way Wisconsin does. TTUN got pushed around like a little kid fighting his big brother 10 days ago and it's going to happen this time to. Only this time it'll be in front of their insufferable fan base. 

Comment 30 Sep 2019

I think he's just talking about a resurgence of the season since they've looked so damn abysmal this year. He called it before the season started that it takes like 5-6 games to get the offense to start working going from a pro offense to a "spread" type. Either way 9 wins here is the type of stuff that would cause a hell storm.