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Comment 04 Dec 2019

Well then the question still applies to Oklahoma vs Baylor. It's not as if we're in rarified air at the moment. It's quite common for this to happen considering it's conference championship week. That is unless you're in the ACC and nobody else is ranked all year besides Clemson.

But thanks for the clarifaction. i didn't know that about how the committee considers the teams current rank.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

We've dropped games to teams we would normally beat due to this strategy of focusing on them all year long. *cough MSU 2015 *cough Iowa 2017 *cough Purdue 2018.. Let's not throw stones at a glass house man. The strategy has worked out fine for us in the rivalry but i'd be the first to point out it's probably cost us a few games over the years we should have otherwise sleep walked through. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Well Wiscy wasn't a top 10 team that last game seeing they just dropped a game to an UNRANKED ILLINOIS.

If you're asking that same question then you need to ask the same one about Oklahoma and Baylor. At least Baylor was unbeaten when Oklahoma last played them. We can't say the same about Wiscy.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

OSU was ridiculously talented but also ridiculously flawed to not just lose to Iowa. But to lose to Iowa by 4 effing TD's. That's the thing not just the loss itself and in the end that was the difference maker. you don't make the playoffs based on talent alone you have to win the games and having 2 losses 1 to the best team you played a blowout to one of the worse teams you played is not worthy. So i get tired of hearing some of you whine about that year. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Over for sure. TTUN will get the JV version of Alabama and still get trucked. TTUN will have draft eligible players sit out the game and still not get drafted. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

As long as Saban is running the show in Tuscaloosa they will always be a Top5 recruiting program. That won't change because of one bad year.

A lot of their issues stemmed from early draftees last year and then injuries piled up. I'd be willing to bet the house that these young defensive players come back next year after a year of experience and go back to their normal defensive prowess. This year for them was a lot about injuries rather than lack of talent. 

Besides last year we lost because of our really poor defense with a lot of youth and look at the turnaround this year.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

I'd say they "hitting their stride" wasn't wrong considering they put up both the most points and the most yards on offense against our defense all season. no other team had eclipsed 285 yards of offense and i believe they hit 400. The problem is our whole team is just that much better that even their best wasn't close to being good enough.

PSU might've had a closer score but TTUN probably gave us the best game we just didn't play sloppy. Had we not been sloppy the week before it prob would've been 56-0. 

Comment 02 Dec 2019

Harbaugh was brought in for 3 things and paid way too well for it before it was achieved. 

1) Turn the program around and be competitive in the conference. I'd say he checked this box by all real measures as at least they're a 9 to 10 win program vs sub .500

2) Conference Championships. We know how that's gone. Fail. Year 5 and not even a sniff at the game let alone a championship.

3) National Championships. Fail

Harbaugh has been a failure at 2 of 3 goals for his pay scale so he is justifiably viewed as a failure by anyone outside of AA. He's at least .500 or better against all of the BIG powers outside of us. But i do not understand how anyone could defend him against an 0-5 record vs us. TTUN fans must enjoy mediocrity and insanity.

Comment 27 Nov 2019

Semi-delusional to think they should be top10 for sure even though this would help us out even more having back to back top 10 wins and possibly 3 top10 wins in a row.

But i don't think it's that absurd for them to think that they should be ranked ahead of those two now despite head to head. Consider this for starters

Wiscy is 4-2 their last 6 games. 1 ranked win, 1 ranked loss, and 1 massively bad ranked loss. Those losses were also back to back. TTUN has not had that.

PSU is 4-2 their last 6 games. 2 ranked losses and 1 ranked win.PSU was a paper tiger. Their defense was a fraud and so was the offense. 4 times this season their defense gave up more yards than their offense gained in wins. 

TTUN is 5-1 last 6 games including a top10 win and a close loss to a top10 team on the road. You get rewarded for a "what have you done for me lately" result and that favors them. Fraudulent or not it does favor them. Just a nuanced opinion.

Either way FUCK TTUN

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Transitive property does NOT work in football. I think it's fair to point out it's different when you get to play said team at home vs on the road. Also Wiscy had just lost to Illinois the week before. TTUN beat Illinois the week before that. So is Illinois better than Wiscy just because they got the better of them on that particular day?

TTUN will be the first decent team we will have to face on the road. I think that's the only room for skepticism for their fans to say they have a chance. 

Comment 25 Nov 2019

It's a solid -1 for me. If i see Chug on the field with OSU not having a 4 td lead in the 4th i think we're in trouble. You'd see TTUN load the box with 8 guys and dare Chug to try and throw it with little run game. We go as far as a healthy Fields can take us. No more no less.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

And now the two of you sound like TTUN fans saying "we stopped running the offense so OSU doesn't see our cool extra trick plays."

At this point in the season the offense is what it is and all the plays have likely been used with minor wrinkles here and there. The notion that any coach or program has another 1/4 to open up against a specific opponent without having at least run it in a live game situation is ludicrously funny. How many years and years have to go by without actually seeing that happen before you stop believing that nonsense? Did Day slow shut down the offense a little bit and go conservative especially when turnovers started happening? yes and that should scare us that was the most conservative play calling we've seen all season. It was a game we should have been up 35-0 at halftime and even Day said it himself. Then we turn the ball over and end up with a play calling of 61 rushes to 22 passes? Against the 85th worst pass defense in the country? I'm all for establishing the run but my god we have to see a teams weakness and actually attack it. I hope to God Day does not turtle up like that if TTUN somehow managers to keep the game close. 

Comment 25 Nov 2019

I hate the "they haven't played anyone near our caliber of players and talent". DUH there are only maybe 3-4 teams in the whole country with as much talent as we have. Bama, LSU, Clemson, Georgia. That's about it. 

It's just an easy out for a fan to take on another team. "No team they've beat is nearly as good as us". OBVIOUSLY hence why we're #1 and #2 in the polls. lol

Comment 25 Nov 2019

PSU offense also has been largely atrocious all year. So has their defense. That was the biggest paper tiger i have literally ever seen. PSU had no business being a TOP10 team and they had no business being within 40 points of us.

Notable things about PSU offense / defense this year.

In 4 games that PSU won their defense gave up more yardage than their offense gained. VS PITT. Iowa, TTUN, and Indiana. 

PSU offense has scored more than 30 points 3 times all season and only once in the last 6 weeks. 59 points vs Maryland, 35 vs Purdue and 34 vs Indiana. 

TTUN offense has been better than them almost all season and this game is on the road. Not that we need to be on upset alert but we should expect more of a game even if we don't turn the ball over.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

Chase will feast. But the idea that Fields is going to air it out all over the place and the playbook is going to be wide open is fairly comical. 

1) If the offense was going to air it out at any point this year it was this past weekend against a PSU pass defense ranked in the 80's. Instead what you saw was OSU relying on the run game with both the RB and QB. And you also saw Fields getting rattled by pressure from PSU D line.

2) The playbook is the playbook at this point. The staff hasn't saved half the playbook for "THE GAME". There may be a wrinkle or two but you don't save a whole part of the playbook all season and then just try it in a meaningful game with no game reps.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

A lot of us also thought we'd blow out PSU but turnover issues and qb pressure changed that. Anything can happen in a rivalry game so the team need be on high alert after last weeks second half. 

Comment 21 Nov 2019

One step below Gene in name only. Urban is a glorified motivational speaker for the student athletes. He isn't tasked with any real jobs that the AD does. 

He's spending more time at FOX in LA than he is in Columbus anyways. The "title" he was given is nowhere near top level. I get the love for the man because of his coaching acumen but let's slow down on the blind loyalty. 

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Well isn't that the job of the offensive coordinator in the first place? To attack the opposing team defense weakness? I'd say they had success in that regard since the Wiscy game. 

That said we have no real weakness on defense or offense as both units are playing ELITE. This won't be a contest. I really can't see them putting more than 14 on the board and that's if they are really lucky.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

9/28 VS IU 40-31

10/5 VS OSU 34-10

10/12 VS Wiscy 38-0

10/26 VS PSU in the rain 28-7

11/9 VS Illini 37-34

11/16 VS TTUN 44-10

They gave up 30+ points 5 of last 6 games and the only one that didnt end up being over was in a rainy game that pSU took their foot off the gas.

Since that Indiana game in the last six their defense is giving up 35 ppg. Joe Bachie was in 5 of those games. His presence is in the run game and wouldn't have mattered in this type of game. I think we can all rest knowing MSU wasn't good when we played them and they aren't good now. They were a paper tiger that first month.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Also about pulling in the young talent pretty easily. Can i ask how? Even in the years Dantonio did his damage they pulled in recruiting classes around the mid 20's with maybe 3 or 4 four star players and mostly 2 and 3 star kids. That shit aint going to cut it in today's BIG10. For all their success the school can't recruit the type of recruits to be relevant going forward.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

They had a good 5 year run where they were able to go "toe to toe" as you say but where are they now that the BIG10 has gotten back to being a powerful conference? Do you not realize how bad the whole conference was besides OSU from like 2008 to 2015? I'm just saying MSU did their damage when the conference was weak. Now the conference has the traditional blue bloods back to some competence and now 3 of the last 4 seasons they are struggling to make it to bowl eligibility. It wasn't a good job from 1960 to 2010. Mark Dantonio had a good run but those days are over and as i said before the program is going to be staring up in their own division from the 4th spot both in recruiting and wins for a long time. TTUN and PSU might not be elite but their more than competent enough to put up 10-11 wins a season which puts MSU back to 6-6 as they were for 50 years. It's crazy to me how quickly we've forgotten that MSU was a bad program for a very very very long time.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Is MSU really a step up from Iowa State? Seems like a real lateral move to me especially when you consider the difference in competition level from the BIG12 to the BIG10. 

Iowa State has more fertile recruiting grounds it could sink it's teeth in but if he were to leave for MSU he'd be heading to a conference that historically MSU is probably around the 5-6th strongest school. And in a division that's arguably the toughest or 2nd toughest division in all of college football. If OSU is OSU and PSU and TTUN are competent to pretty good as they have been the last 5 years MSU is going to fall at minimum to fourth in the pecking order. Then you have teams like Wisconsin, Minny, and Iowa that could on average be as good or better than them. MSU is not an attractive job in my opinion. Too many teams that are tough to beat and tough to recruit against. Just think in the Midwest you have OSU, PSU, TTUN, ND, Iowa, Wiscy, and Kentucky. What's left for MSU?

Comment 14 Nov 2019

APP State was a top25 team and is back in the top25 this week. Purdue never sniffed the top25 all last year and they lost to a directional school in TSUN. 6-6 or 4-8 is of no difference. 

You can be forgiven for losing by a FG or losing in OT to a mediocre to bad team. You cannot be forgiven for losing by 4 TD's to a mediocre or bad team and looking like you didn't belong on the same field as them. It wasn't a MIRAGE it was reality. That was loss was really that bad.