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Comment 4 hours ago

Two totally different things. One is a proclamation that is an actual reality and is something that could be reasonably projected. I.E. Georgia had inside knowledge that more than one 5* back was highly interested and that they had expressed they didn't mind competition. Or Milton actually committed and then began recruiting others. 

Predicting something like that which has never happened before nor is it likely to get 1 vs 2 simply because OSU cannot seemingly get out of it's own way when it comes to the Purdue's and Iowa's of the world. I'd call you crazy not smug. 

Comment 20 Aug 2019

No, your first point was about Cincy always having to bring up ESPN or he couldn't post. He literally said nothing about it and wasn't responding to anyone who did say it. You were asking why provoke it but don't slander or say false things about the guy when he didn't even do it this time. Just makes you look childish. 

Comment 20 Aug 2019

Yea that's what it's been all the way since highschool. That's what he was known for then 1 read and run. And most often running to quickly even on the first read. The fact that two years later and two systems later it's still happening is a cause for concern. I don't know that a few games this season is going to correct that. 

Great camp QB but the whole on the field in live game is yet to be seen.

Comment 20 Aug 2019

That offense struggled against mediocre teams at times. I get your point.

But losing by 4 td's to BAD teams is the reason OSU didn't have a shot at the playoffs and ultimately a NC. When Bama lost in 2017 they lost a closer game to a team that finished in the top 10 as their lone loss. Same thing with Oklahoma lone loss to a ranked Texas team on a neutral field

Comment 20 Aug 2019

I did watch his game highlights. Almost all of them are literally 1 read and run. And that was against middling teams or 2nd stringers in a blowout. 

Call me uneducated lol but board recognition skills and seeing it in live action are not the same thing. Sure he can see it on a whiteboard and i'm sure almost all of us could eventually figure it out with enough reps but if you can't translate that into running through progressions on the field itself it don't mean squat. TOSU will win a ton of games on his athletic ability alone but eventually teams will figure out how to scheme against him like TOSU vs Clemson 2016. 

IF Day and Yuricic can get him to be more like Kyler i'd be ecstatic.

Comment 20 Aug 2019

Not a requirement. Not every good to great college QB or pro QB has a cannon of an arm. It certainly helps but sometimes "Game Managers" are better than the guy with a rocket arm because they know how to get the ball where it needs to based on the defense. Best example is TB or Russel Wilson. Neither has huge arms but they're more than capable and better than 90% of us out there but it's there understanding of the defense and playbook that can really kill teams.

Comment 20 Aug 2019

I think 2012 was a tossup. I know we went undefeated but there were honestly a ton of holes and it was a bumpy ride. Granted a lot of players left the year before because of tatt gate. 

Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't the "what if" or "if we played 10 times we'd win most of the time" a whiny TTUN fan thing? That's what you're doing right now. Pretty sure i heard that a lot in 2016 and ever from some of them last year because they thought they had the better team. As did a lot of people here. The only game that matters is the ONE that's actually played and Clemson beat us. Plain and simple stop doing mental gymnastics to make your pride feel better. It's ok.

2014-15 OSU

2016, 2017, 2018 all Clemson and there is no question. OSU lost games they had no business losing so no i will not pick them against an elite team like Clemson. 2016 they might have lost to Pitt but it was by 1 point not 31. 2017 they may have lost to the Cuse but it was by a field goal not 29. That's a big difference for me. Any OSU team qb'd by JT was not going to beat that Clemson defense and BV.

Obviously Iowa and Purdue are not the better teams and no i would not bet them straight up. But the fact they won those games by 4+ td's is the exact reason even as a fan i cannot fathom endorsing them for a playoff spot. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

From what's been mentioned and talked about part of the reason Fields didn't play over Fromm was his lack of understanding of the system and playbook. He has more talent but he was pretty poor at moving through progressions and it certainly doesn't sound like 1 year at Georgia changed that. Sounds like it's happening here as well. Hope working with Day and Yurcic they can get there but it's going to take longer than some of these fans might be patient enough for. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Having the best arm and being the best QB are not the same thing. Jay Cutler had a cannon of an arm but he was a garbage QB for the most part. Same with someone like Matt Stafford. Big arm is nice but it ain't everything

Comment 19 Aug 2019

470 yards and only 20 points to show for it. Total yardage is a pretty stat but at the end of the day the objective is to get the ball across the goal line and OSU couldn't do it. 

Yes i was, sorry i didn't realize until afterward i didn't put the teams names down but nice job figuring it out. We beat their average points by 6.... at home... with the "4th best offense" in the country. 4th best shouldn't beat the 94th ranked offense by only 6. Mediocre teams could score 30 on them. TTUN scored like 40 something and we both know how pathetic that offense really is. 

No it's not. OSU should be in the business of competing for NC every year but they don't because of dumb stuff like that. It's not ESPN or the committee ganging up on them it's stupid stuff like that. Which ends up giving the committee the opportunity to keep them out. So you can hold onto the blind homerism and ignore flaws all you want. I don't i prefer perfection you prefer a level just above mediocrity. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

None of that sounds like a ringing endorsement. I'm not trying to battle you on this one because i fully believe Justin is Uber talented but color me concerned he might just be an uber athletic kid playing QB who has trouble seeing the field. There's a reason he didn't play much at Georgia and it wasn't because the offense wasn't suited for him. He was a 1 read and run QB and he's been like that since Highschool. I sure hope Day can work with him and get him to where we saw Haskins last year but it could be rough sledding the first month.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

I wouldn't be too confident about 2012. It's debatable, I also don't think either OSU or ND had any business trying to tussle with Bama that year. 

No not everything you post is "probabilities, trends, and statistics" it's homerism at it's finest. I see your posts constantly and i just roll my damn eyes. 

2014-2015 yea I'll give you those two years for sure. Most talented team in the country by far but losing to MSU you're out i'm sorry. BACKUP QB i think you keep missing that part. As talented as that team was they looked sloppy and didn't play up to the potential that year and hell if they had gotten into the playoffs in 2015 it wouldn't have changed. If you want an example i'll give you 2014 FSU. They went undefeated but looked ugly the whole season and didn't look like a championship team. They got into the playoffs and quickly got whipped by Oregon 59-20. Same thing that would've happened to OSU vs anybody. It's what happened in 2016 too. 

And i really hope you realize you just made my WHOLE point. 2013 OSU and Clemson played each other and CLEMSON WON THE GAME. How are you going to tell me OSU was better that year when the lost to CLEMSON in an ACTUAL game. You literally hurt my brain.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

WoUlD'Ve DrOp KiCkEd ClEmSoN iN 2017 bUt DiDn'T gEt To PlAy ThEm CuZ wE lOsT 2 gAmEs 1 To Ok AnD aNoThEr To IoWa By 31. 

2015 bad loss to MSU at home against a backup QB.

2012 went undefeated but it was by far not pretty.

Shutup already. The delusion in you sometimes is unreal and you blast TTUN for that shit. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Some of you that DV just because someone speaks a little honesty are pathetic. The schedule is weak get over it. OOC it just is. Miami (Ohio) might as well be an FCS team. There are literally FCS teams better than some of these Group of 5 programs out there. Meaning i think a lot of the Group of 5 programs and FCS aren't that far apart in quality. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

I get it, but i'm just looking at it without any bias and i see a 6 game gauntlet with UCLA, OSU, (Miami, Marshall Yawn) then Houston,UCF and ihave a hard time seeing them start off 4-2. Really more like 2-4 or 3-3 and that's nothing to scoff at if they come out 3-3. I'm personally high on CK being able to get more out of his second season at UCLA.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Yet it doesn't explain why the Day led offense couldn't muster more than 2 TD's and took all the way until the 4th quarter to get them against a defense that ranked 113th in the country...

Yet it doesn't explain why the Day led offense couldn't struggled for much of the game against the 94th ranked defense last season. 

Most of the problem was with Schiano and he's gone. Hopefully the combo of new coaches can turn it around even though i don't trust Mattison. But the problems weren't all defense. Offense can take some blame in the other games as well. If the team was perfect they'd be 15-0 like Clemson. ALWAYS room for improvement.

Was it mostly defensive issues? Yes but the offense had issues 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

There are 0 marquee games on the schedule OOC hence it's weak. There are 0 P5 teams on the schedule OOC hence it's weak. That's the point, not that UC is a pushover or that our BIG10 schedule is weak it's just about lack of quality team outside of the conference. We will have to be undefeated this year or a close loss to a good team in order to have a shot at the playoffs. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Sorry i was talking mostly about the defense. They lost a good chunk of the defense. I know the offense is mostly returning but the offense didn't really lead them to 11 wins it was the defense. Also i didn't say they would be bad or we should write them off. Someone mentioned they figured they'd be ranked at end of the season which I in turn doubted. The schedule doesn't set up well for them is all. probably an 8 win team maybe 9 but that's the ceiling in my opinion. They have a tough OOC schedule and the beginning of the season is challenging even in conference.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Did I say it was a problem? No i think it works out pretty well for the team given all the new variables. But the fact the AD couldn't fit a big team in for OOC doesn't change the fact that the OOC schedule is weak. Like it's just a statement of fact and it's not really a narrative. Some of our posters take the weak OOC mentions as media saying the whole schedule is weak. It's not but it's not exactly murderers row.