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Huge Buckeye fan my entire life. My father introduced recruiting and his love of the Buckeys to me at a young age and have followed since! I can remember: Woody as coach, asking my dad, "Who is Earle Bruce?", the Cooper Years and when the Spring Game was played at Welcome Stadium in Dayton, Oh!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Several Buckeye football memories...2002 National Championship
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
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Comment 02 Feb 2016

Try what we call Five Alive.  Each player gets five cards and there is five "community cards".  You have to pay to see the community card; starting $1 for the first, $2 for the second, $3 for the third, etc...  The third card is the splitter: 7 and lower or 8 and higher of the suite flipped, the holder of card in the hole gets half.  After fifth card is paid and flipped another round of betting.  It usually take a boat or better to win.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Having two little boys (four and two) that picture really struck home to me.  Wiping my eyes as I type. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

I was a package car driver for UPS during the Beanie Babies craze.  Large groups of people would wait at various stores and shops on the days new shipments would come in.  They would bug the hell out of me as I was unloading and asking, "How many  boxes contain Beanie Babies or What new ones do you have." Now you can get them at garage sales for a quarter.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Coming from a recliner O/C: has our staff considered putting the QB under center on third and one yard to go?  Seemed to work well for PSU.  How about the diamond formation?  I hate seeing drives end from failing to achieve one damn yard.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

Jeremy - I've seen and played this too.  The game I played was a home-made game.  The board looked like a stadium chair with a high backboard.  The board and backboard was covered with carpet.  I wish had a picture and could see the boards again to possiblly make a set.  This is a fun alternative!

Comment 10 Feb 2014

I played a redneck version of cornhole called "washers"  It basically was 4" diameter washer (from a large truck / tractor) which you tossed on a platform (24" x24"), built upon a 2x4 frame, with a 6" diameter hole in the center.  The platform had a tall backboard as well (24" x 36" guessing).  Each person got 3 washers painted two diffent colors, you alternated throws and scoring was: 3 points for making the hole, 2 points if hole was partially covered and 1 point for each washer on the platform.   It was fun and challenging, but hurt like hell when washer hits you in the shin.

Comment 06 Mar 2013

I hate to see Pittman go, but best of luck to him.  Possibility of seeing the a diamond package...sweet! Love it!  Ttun players being granted more time, big deal. Lewan was owned by Clowney in the bowl game and could be by Washington / Spence and company this year. 

Comment 01 Mar 2013

Disclaimer to the preceding rant: I honestly do think the sky-is-falling narrative regarding the Big Ten is a bit overboard. Or did I just miss the memo that it's catastrophic if the 5th ranked team in a conference travels over 2,000 miles to play the 2nd ranked team in another conference at the Rose Bowl (in the home state of the latter team) and loses a one score game?



Great paragraph and great point, the Big Ten was not that bad.  Remove Purdue from bowl games, and all remaining games were close.  The two best teams from B1G had to stay home.  To hear some sports "experts" speak of the condition of the B1G, you would think that every bowl game this past year would of been a blow-out. 

Comment 26 Feb 2013

Great article Vico!  Great potential here and can not imagine after a year with Mariotti.  IMO Jalin's second year at TOSU will be something special!