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Comment 27 Jan 2020

"Back on track"? One of only two wins in the past eight games hardly amounts to being back on track; i.e., in comparison to their 12-1 start. They (might) be back on track as a team to be considered a viable BIG10 championship caliber unit after three or four consecutive wins. 

Comment 08 Jan 2020

Ranked as high as #2, but now it's likely with just another loss, which will probably come 1/11 at Indiana (bet on it) . . . . OUT of the top 25. The way they're playing now, they'll be lucky to make it into the NIT.

Comment 25 Dec 2019

The article isn't about "anyone", it's specifically about Fields, THE most critically necessary player on the Buckeyes offense; if he goes down, the game is all but over for Ohio State. With arguably the best defensive mind in NCAA football in Clemson's Brent Venables, don't for a moment think that that scenario isn't one that he, and the Tigers D, haven't envisioned; and aren't licking their collective chops over it's probable significance. I'm not suggesting that it's a built-in plan, to put Fields down with a game ending injury, but . . . BUT; if Fields is gone, Clemson, for all intents and purposes, knows it's moving on.

That said, I essentially agree with you. Sure, if Dobbins got knocked out, that would bode ill for the Buckeyes as well. And, if any of several of the better defensive and offensive players got knocked out, it could hurt OSU's capabilities of advancing to the Championship game.  

Merry Christmas! And, hoping for a Happy New Year with an O-H _ I-O CFP National Championship.

15-0 Buckeyes Believe!

Comment 25 Dec 2019

Sacked five times vs Wisconsin. WTF! And, Clemson's D is tougher than the Badgers; on paper, anyway, Not that that means the Tigers can (or will be able to) do that many, too, but, even one sack has potential to injure (maybe game ending) the qb; or result in a fumble/take-away. Either, but the injury of course more so, would greatly benefit the Tigers. The Buckeyes' O-line then must, MUST protect Fields better than in the BIG10 match, or they'll essentially be handing the game, and opportunity for a 3rd CFP Championship, to Dabo and his boys. 

15-0 Buckeyes Believe!

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Can't give up five sacks -Five! WTF!- like vs Wisc. That is abysmal defense. And . . . . it's DANGEROUS!: The more sacks given up, the greater the potential for 1) a game-ending injury to Fields (it's how his knee was injured in the first place) , and, 2) turnovers. If I recall correctly, Fields coughed it up twice, once when being sacked, vs Penn State (and one which negated what would have been a TD); and once vs Wisconsin. Shit happens, i.e., sacks and fumbles, but if duplicated vs Clemson, it could be a shitty day for the Buckeyes. 

15-0 Buckeyes Believe!

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Taylor gets injured in the 3rd quarter and can't finish the game, finishing with under 60 yds; Dobbins 170+ yds on the ground and over 220 with receptions, one which goes for a TD.

Comment 27 Nov 2019

Not a bad inspirational speech, BUT; referring to ttun with the rather foul term "pricks", was really unnecessary, was way over the line, if not grossly unprofessional and . . . . . classless. Too bad. Calling someone a prick, even if the person is in fact a raving asshole, can result in a violent reaction; someone's gonna get hurt. I can see (and easily understand why) the UM coaching staff using that highly offensive (and massively disrespectful) insult as a motivational: 

Harbaugh: ""Pricks"! He called us pricks! It doesn't get any nastier than that, boys; that was seriously uncalled for. Well, all I got to say to that is that if we're pricks, then we're the biggest ones you'll ever see because we're gonna f**k you Buckeyes big time. You'll gonna be real sore when we get finished with you. You hear that, Urban?" 

That said -no doubt some readers here will take offense to my opinion-, I don't believe the "weanies", a.k.a., Woefulrines, will prevail, no matter how pissed off they might be (probably are) by Meyer's distasteful terminology.  

Comment 15 Nov 2019

It has been a tough year for Dantonio and his Spartans, but beating their in-state rival would make for a successful season.  

Comment 20 Oct 2019

Dobbins was getting stuffed on "an unusual high number of minimal gains and losses?"

Not just in this game; it has been the same, in varying degrees, in every game. Of course, we can't expect six, seven, ten or 15 yards every carry; the opposing defense, even not so good ones, will at least occasionally get some good stops. But, the at-times seeming plethora of "minimal gains and losses" raises questions. Looks like something an otherwise quite exceptional O-line (as regards pass protection in general), needs to improve on, don't you think?   

Comment 16 Oct 2019

If ya don't have BTN through your provider, you're screwed out of watching the game (at home). Problem solved, though, if there's a sports bar nearby with Direct TV (or Dish). I can watch it at home, but prefer sports bars (a great one, Parrilla, just three blocks from my residence) . . . for the enhanced excitement of being around other football enthusiasts; there's always plenty of them. Ohio State is a big time TV audience draw, even Buckeyes haters (I've met a few of those here in Boise, Idaho) will watch OSU games. All sports bar will (or should) show both OSU-NW and NY-Houston. In general, though, being aired on a major network is more ideal for national viewing.

Comment 10 Oct 2019

UM will be at PSU (next wknd 10/19), and the way the Lions are playing, but more importantly, how the Woefulrines are generally poorly playing (credit, though, to some outstanding defense vs Iowa), it's looking like it could be an (another) unpleasant day for Harbaugh. We all enjoy UM losing, but for this one game I hope for an upset. An UM upset of PSU, however, doesn't mean the Buckeyes can be any less concerned about the Lions. 

Btw: My favorite regular season game of this decade was 2017 PSU @ OSU. I've YouTube-watched that all time best, come-from-behind match, at least a dozen times since. 

Comment 10 Oct 2019

What he said:


Yep, no doubt about it. But it's just what the Buckeyes need, the stiffest of challenges, with Wisc and PSU looking like truly bad ass challenges, to emphatically prove their CFP worthiness. One loss to either, or to UM, even if they go on to win the B10 Conference (which won't happen if beaten by an undefeated PSU), will likely have to settle for a non-playoff Bowl Six. No shame there, but . . . . . that's not the goal. We shall overcome. 

15-0 Buckeyes Believe!