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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching UFM bring the Buckeyes back to glory in Dallas
  • NFL TEAM: Browns/Panthers
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Comment 11 Jan 2019

It isn't entirely that far fetched.  He enrolled early if I remember correctly, then summer semester.  So that is 2 semesters down before his true freshman fall even started. So if he took Spring/Summer/Fall/Spring/Summer/Fall/Spring  that's 7 semesters of classes.  When I was at OSU it was quarters, so not sure credits they need now.  But heavy spring class loads, or a May-mester (if OSU does that like other schools) he very well could have plenty of credits.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

Was at a handful of these (Oklahoma, MSU 2014, Oregon, Wisconsin 2014)

Ranking my enjoyment at each game

1. Sparty party. Most fun I have ever had at an OSU football game. Just crushed their soles, then singing we don't give a damn as we walked out of the stadium, fantastic memories.

2. Wisconsin 59-0. So unrealistic. On the way home from Indy my then GF (now wife) called us as rankings were announced.  We she told us we got #4 car went nuts.

3. Oregon. National Championship, but just felt like we were going to win from the start.

4. Oklahoma. Fun game, basic defense chants were great, ending to that season left slight sour note on this game.

Most enjoyable gave ever watched:

Bama, UM 2016, PSU 2017, UM 2018

Comment 11 Sep 2015

3rd Period Chorus class at Hopewell Junior High (7th Grade)  My teacher had a friend that worked in the towers and was a mess.  Another teacher told our class later that day we would never forget where we were or who we were with.  They were 100% right.  I had the humbling experience to visit ground zero this summer as my gf took me to NYC for my birthday.  If you havent gone, go.  That simple.  Im not a very emotional person, but that place moved me.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

13 as often as possible for every sport(still wear it in any mens league i find)...the great OMAR!

I wore 12 one year...Robbie Alomar

21 when I was in middle school basketball for Melvin Levitt (Ironically I am 6'3 and cannot dunk, however the helicopter gave me hope)

Comment 18 Feb 2015

We liked turner in that spot, but were thinking how team would mesh/defend things like that. ET wasn't exactly the strongest defender, and is there enough ball to go around with ET in the line-up as well?  We were thinking more in actual in-game situations I guess, not just best player at respected position. But agree, Matta team  vs Pre Matta woulld be a great game, and to think that Thad has only(in comparison) been around for 10 years!

Comment 15 Jan 2015

haha me and my buddies watched this on repeat on the way back from dallas, could not get enough of it

Comment 09 Jan 2015

I cannot.  Students do not even have to pay for tickets...and UC isnt a small school.  I know there are some issues with it being at PBS and not campus bc of students getting there and other excuses, but there is only one conclusion I can come to and that is the bandwagon fans that cincy is known for.  I would like to think other cincinnatians on here can agree, that most cincy teams only fill the stadium when the team is top notch, and even then it is a struggle.  Look at the Bengals...playoff team what 4 years in a row? still cannot sell out PBS regularly, yet the browns go 5-11 every year and tickets are hard to come by.  Guess the bandwagon affect has trickled down to the campus of UC as well.  It is unfortunate though, the kids playing for conference championships at UC deserve to have a packed house.  It isnt like they play for little sisters of the poor.....

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Born and raised in the nasty nati.  Currently reside down in cincy as well.  I love it, however the UC/OSU thing is rough.  Almost as rough as people pretending to be country and loving the CATS!  I think things really got awkward with the whole covering UC and OSU when UC became decent and made a few BCS games.  They really were trying to rally the city around the home team (as they should) but got a little carried away with how good UC actually was (those damn bUCkeye state shirts still get me.)  Also, people really do hate us down here because of "The" which if they looked up the history of it has its reason.  With that, I still know a ton of people who are OSU fans down here, but buckeye nation is everywhere so shouldnt be too surprised.

Side note: All of the GCL kids love ND so that takes away some of the love as well. 

edit: Bars love OSU because it brings in more money than any other school.  Doesnt bother me at all!