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Comment 29 Dec 2014

First off, not everyone has Twitter. Second, this is BS. Every away game I have been too has been or damn near been a home away from home. This just plays into the malarkey the national media loves to push on us. There is nothing like Buckeye Nation!

Comment 23 Dec 2014

If you took 40 times from each school and labeled them "Team A" & "Team B" they look the same. You could do this for any stat really. To be a D1 athlete you have got to be in top condition. That gets even more across the board the higher level of play a school has. The top teams all have speed, power, size...etc. The dif is the kids will to work and the coaching staffs will to push and teach. Urban knows Saban and knows he has his hands full. He also knows Saban has HIS hands full as well. By the time kickoff gets here both these teams will be ready to run through walls and stop traffic. Im sure Urban is sitting back back wringing his hands knowing he has Bama right where he wants them. "Keep telling my team we are a bunch of lucky bums...keep sayin it". All OSU has to do is stay focused and execute. Jan 1st can't get here quick enough!

Comment 21 Dec 2014

Word! It would just have been another nail in the coffin OSU has been buried in. A coffin that the talking heads and "experts" are quick to throw in the ground and dig back up at any time.....eSECpn. I can't wait to see their beady little eyes as they try to explain how OSU beat the $hit out of Bama. Oh and for "SEC speed"...the Varsity Club that Beanie pulled out against LSU speaks for that BS. Not only did he out run the LSU D...but he showed the B1G POWER. Tossed that poor kid aside like a White Castle bag on 23...

Comment 01 Dec 2014

This is a just win situation. Be it by 30 or 1. The thing is win any games form here on out its gonna have to be balls out and up on 11. Not being stupid, but relentlessly aggressive. The level of opponent is no bs now. Purdue is not taking the field in Indy....Wisconsin and Gordon are. Urban and his staff have a week to cook something up. I feel confident they will have a plan...just hope they do not have to bail out on it. Job number one here is stopping Gordon. Let that dude get off and it would not matter who was QB. This is where we see the genius of Urban Meyer. If pulls off the unthinkable and wins the whole damn thing...where should the statue be built?

Comment 23 Nov 2014

I want to throw some shine on Cam Johnston. This guy is a lethal weapon! If you have a guy who can pin people down the way he does that takes a HUGE amount of pressure off the entire situation. Punters do not get the credit they deserve usually, but this dude should get the game ball! Keep it up and this guy will def be playing on Sunday.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Marshall and these young guys are just the tip of the iceberg! The coaching staff is doing some damn work on the recruiting trail. Not that any of the talent in the past 15 yrs or so has been bad. OSU always gets top guys. Just now maybe seeing a different athlete deciding OSU is the place for them. Look at who these most recent classes chose OSU over. Reads like a whos who of college football. Urban is building a monster.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

We can only hope. OSU can win out and still its out of their hands. Hope the powers that be can see that this team is for real! This is not he team that shat down its leg against VTech. That team is long gone. This team is poised to smack someone in the damn mouth...just needs a chance.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

What Urban and the staff is doing is nothing but incredible! We are seeing the top athletes deciding OSU is a more attractive place than some schools across the Ohio River. OSU has always had a big reach nationally, but now it feels more like they can go where they want and get who they want. This is only the foundation! Its a damn good time to be a Buckeye...

Comment 21 Nov 2014

This all the way. eSECpn may be whores...but hey are not stupid. Its good for business if OSU gets in. Massive loyal fan base that moves the dial. Not to mention the $$$ they stand to make. OSU is trending up so of course the gold diggers are calling. But feels nice!