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Comment 23 Aug 2018

Good question. I hadn't even thought about the fact that the trip to Texas consists of multiple days. Their wording is "for the games on September 1, 8 and 15". I'm going to assume unless we hear otherwise that they mean that to include all game-related activities, including travel to and from the venue.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I disagree with one thing. The $600 at the strip club was not paid from a University travel account or anything, it was with Smith's own money according to the report. It's still terrible, and I'm appalled at Zach Smith's actions, so I'd like to make it clear I'm in no way defending his actions.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I think the BTN transcription was ridiculous. Why should Ohio State not make their statement about the thing it's about? They were there to express their decision on what decisions had been made about what, if any, punishments they had decided to hand out. It would have been completely inappropriate for the Board or President Drake to only briefly mention the suspensions and then launch into a full nationwide crusade against domestic violence.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I thought it was ridiculous that the question was even asked. "What message do you have for Courtney Smith?" Why on Earth would Meyer have a message he wished to deliver to her from this press conference? It seemed to me that the question had more of a connotation of asking a man just convicted of a crime if he wished to apologize to the victim.

I would have answered, "I don't have any message at this time."

Comment 07 Aug 2018

I'm a big fan of the "Liamception". The number 1 thing I hoped to see in the checkin photos. I have to though, I'm pretty sure that really is his pic from last year. He just wore the same bag, same glasses, similar hat, etc.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

Step 3) Replace the name at the top of the screen capture in Photoshop

Actually it's easier than that. Just change the name of that phone contact in your address book before taking the screen capture of the conversation. That being said, I really don't think McMurphy would go to such a degree of full-out deception with a fraudulent screen cap.

Comment 01 Aug 2018

The report from The Dispatch states that Courtney kept the court documents sealed in order to “to protect certain personal interests which, if published, may negatively affect (Zach Smith’s) occupation, the parties’ financial circumstances and the children’s well-being.”

In other words, she didn't want him to get fired and lose his income which would result in a significant decrease in alimony/child support.

EDIT: I see now I misread your comment. I thought you asked when/why they were "sealed". You said "unsealed". My bad. And it's a good question.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

penalized for wearing illegal jerseys because they don’t include contrasting numbers

This is something I seriously think may be a problem for the Buckeyes with this alternate. Even if there's no penalty, the lack of contrast is going to drive the play-by-play guys crazy. I can almost already hear Paul Keels explaining why they are having trouble explaining who was in on that last tackle.