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Comment 06 Jan 2020

The library is a site to see. I consider my time at OSU a bit unique because it was bookended by the library and student union projects. I was able to see both the old and the new, even though it was only for a few months at the beginning and end of my time as a student.  

Comment 18 Dec 2019
Hell, they apparently just moved away from physical couriers as the exclusive mode of receiving documents from taxpayers about 20 years ago. I've only been in practice about 6 years, but some of my older colleagues who have been doing this a long time have told me how slow the IRS is to change. It is absolutely ridiculous.
Comment 13 Dec 2019

This was my thinking too. I would guess that the likely planned itinerary was that he would be in CA to recruit Stroud and then head out to make it to the press conference.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Not sure if the video linked above is an official post from ESPN, but if it is, I am blown away. When I follow the link, the video starts just after Desmond says the racist remarks, so a viewer would not even know he said those things.  

Comment 08 Nov 2019

In my opinion, the Dodd tweet is ridiculous and he is a moron. Why on earth would Chase Young (who is being represented by an attorney with  experience as an NCAA investigator) tweet something that would make this more layered than it already was. I would be shocked if everything Young tweeted was not already known by OSU and the NCAA and that he had provided the necessary documentation already. Chase's tweet didn't "make it a layered compliance issue" - the layers already existed Dennis, Chase simply notified the public of the issue that was already being analyzed. 

Dennis Dodd is an idiot. Statements like his are what make me want to get a twitter just so I can shove his face in his shit statement, but it also keeps me away because I fear if I do join, I may stroke out. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Haha, glad you enjoy it. I know not every bourbon is for everyone (I am not a big Pappy fan - blasphemous, I know), so I wasn't intending to call you out in a negative way.   

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Hey Ramzy, disappointed you aren't a fan of the bourbon, but to each their own. Have you tried any of their limited editions or the Minor Case Rye?

It is my family's distillery, so I may be a bit biased. If you haven't had them, you may want to give one of those other two a try - I think they are better than the Yellowstone.