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Comment 07 Aug 2019

I think speed would fall into the tangible category, because it is quantifiable. But I get the point you are making and agree that leadership and character are important. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Haha, I wish. We met the individuals and provided them with the cash reward. I am happy they brought her back and hope they can find a good use for the reward, even if that is just a shopping spree.  

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Thanks, we have been contacting shelters, vets, humane society, etc. Also, have posted on social media, Pet FBI, and numerous other lost dog sites. 

Comment 02 Jul 2019

The First Amendment does apply equally to those "individuals", but probably not how you think it does. 

Comment 20 Mar 2019

I don't think he gave up, I think he wouldn't play the recruiting game like other programs (i.e. funnel money to players through sponsors and pay or hire AAU coaches). When it became clear he wouldn't play, the AAU coaches started to push their best players elsewhere and families made other decisions.

After the "Fled Five" Scoonie Penn was on 97.1 in Columbus and essentially said as much regarding the AAU coaches and players now have "teams" in their ears saying they should be playing more, etc, which leads to transfers. Thad has come out insinuating similar issues with recruiting and I would be really shocked if anything negative ever came out about the way he ran the Ohio State Basketball program. 

Comment 28 Dec 2018
Apples to oranges, but to me it depends on how it is handled. Quit with no notice and screw me over on things we've been working on? Yeah, I'll be frustrated with how you handled the situation, but not with your ultimate decision to leave. By all means, I encourage everyone I work with or that works for me to take the job they think is best, and if that includes more money, than so be it. Just don't be a dick about it (not saying Nick's actions rose to dick level either simply saying there is a right and wrong way to handle a given situation).
Comment 28 Dec 2018
While I may have disagreed with his decision to leave the team (I was fine with him not playing any longer), I am really glad he was able to visit practice and see his teammates. He is still a Buckeye who gave a lot to the University and deserves the opportunities to remain in touch with players and the program.
Comment 13 Dec 2018
I guess there is just a disconnect. I don't think he owes his health or career to me personally. It was his decision to make. However, as JD points out, he does owe his opportunity to the fans as a whole, he does owe his platform to showcase his talents those players who came before him and the ones who elected him captain. For what it's worth, I'm not some old grumpy man commenting on here who wonders why kids these days just don't work a job to pay for school. I'm a young millennial and still feel this way.
Comment 13 Dec 2018

That is a fair take, I guess. I would disagree with you and say that having an opinion about his decision or when it was made would not be considered passing judgement, unless you consider any opinion on any issue as passing judgement. Which I guess in a sense it is, but the way you frame the issue is that people can't have opinions about people that are not connected to them. To me that is not true.  

Nick could make whatever decision he wanted, because as you said, he owes me nothing. I also don't think he needs to listen to my opinion - I am just some random alum who also enjoys the football team. I will clarify that I don't think the loss to Purdue was his fault, but if I am being as respectful as possible to my teammates, maybe I wait a week. Maybe I don't who knows, but there is room for discussion. I think it is silly to not think it could have had an impact on a team (good or bad). For example, in a professional setting, if my vacation is flexible and another person on my team who can assist with my duties is on leave for some other reason, maybe I push my vacation a few weeks to be as respectful to everyone as possible. 

That being said, I firmly believe people can have opinions about others actions even though that person may owe you nothing. I think there are objective criteria that people can apply subjectively to say, "well I just don't know if I agree with that" or "fuck yeah, that was a great idea." People can say they disagree with my making this post, I think they have that right even though they have no connection to me. 

I guess I would get a similar answer from you if I asked you what you thought about Urban's decision to retire, or Brittany Spears shaving her head, or Chase Winovich's "mirage" comment, or whether Jaylon Smith should have played in the Fiesta Bowl? You can't say whether you agree or disagree with those decisions because those people don't have any connection to you? I find that...tough to believe.

Nick's decision was his to make, and I completely respect it. I would say that does not mean I have no right to think he should have done it differently. I believe you can disagree with someone's actions and still respect them and their decision.