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Comment 01 Jan 2017

This is what happens, all the assistants worth a damn leave, the ones that are truly awful get fired, and you are left with mediocrity eventually until the coach is shitcanned.

Comment 10 Apr 2015

> Being from Cincinnati, I was always led to believe that you stick with your team, even if they're an underdog

wat.  Thought Cincinnati fans were the ones who forgot they had a team until the season they run hot, then run their mouths as loudly as possible until they get put back in their place, and then pretend they don't care again.

Comment 10 Apr 2015

This is the difference between Cincinnati and Cleveland.  Cleveland is aware of it's place in the world.  Cincinnati is not.  Cincinnati thinks UC is at the caliber of Ohio State, and is not at the level of Kent State, Toledo, Akron.  No one hates on Akron fans because they are aware of their place.

This is the proof that they have no clue.

There are TEN more of these.  Complete inferiority complex.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

In some ways, the 2002 championship was a fluke.  It probably wasn't even one of the top half of Buckeye teams this century.  There were so many close calls.  They got the job done, but fluky it was.  2005, 2006, 2007, 2012, 2013, 2014 were certainly better teams than that one.  I might even be leaving off a team or two that was better, like 2008.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

BYU actually played 15 games in 1996.  They played an extra game early because of the "kickoff" opening game, then got another extra game playing Hawaii.  Add in 11 regular season games, a conference championship, and a bowl game, and that's 15.  They finished 14-1, a mark that either the Buckeyes or Ducks will match on Monday night.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Lots of people say this, but it doesn't make it true.  You are confusing a Sports Book with a Betting Exchange.  They are two different entities.  While it's true that some sports books due try to limit exposure by attempting to get nearly equal action, their goal is mostly to maximize profits.  This means having sucker bets out there that the public will eat up and they are happy to cover the other side.

Your method of moving the line does not help once the bets came in.  This just gives the opportunity to attempt to middle, with the book on the hook for cases where they pay out to someone guaranteed.  Sports books will know their lines are not always perfect, and if there is too much money coming in on one side, they'll move the line because the sharp money typically will hit first and indicate where the sports book erred.  The sharps can profit on smaller bets, but the big money comes in later when the lines are closer to true or still even skewed against the public.

The other part you are missing is there is no other side in futures bets like this.  You cannot bet "Ohio State will not win the title" directly.  You can only bet on every single other team, in some amounts, including a Field Bet.  So there is no other side to move the line in this case.  Not that you were even correct in spread bets or money line bets where you can take either side.

Comment 31 Mar 2013

What's also missing is the number of times we got to the line from the shots.  Need an orange dot or something.  That was the key to the 2nd half.

Comment 25 Mar 2013

Since they started doing pods, it's impossible to work out while giving pods.

If it weren't for pods, we might have ended up playing somewhere crappy last weekend.  Sunday to Thursday is plenty of rest between games.  I'm not worried about that at all.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

The problem is getting a poor seed.  If you are a #1 seed going into the tournament, then you play no one good until the Sweet 16 round, and it's not even that good of a team.  Get a 3 or 4 seed, you are playing a much better opponent at that level, and have more teams that can knock you off.  Last year, with Syracuse being weak with Melo out, even a 2 seed was facing not that great competition until the Final 4.  And then we lost.

It all comes down to what your bracket looks like and who chokes ahead of you.  We are the 11th most likely team to win it all based on the betting markets.  If we can get an overachieving team like Gonzaga in the Sweet 16 (or they slip up), then the Elite 8 run looks better

Comment 05 Feb 2013

If you smash the ball so hard it knocks the guy holding it to the ground, it's not a foul.  Maybe if Craft didn't try to be a hero, we'd be watching OT #2.  LOL 2 points in OT.