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Comment 02 Nov 2015

Indiana football never seemed to be committed to winning. In basketball they wouldn't stand this but I don't think many give a shit about the football team or they would've done something about it a lot sooner

Just my opinion

Comment 02 Nov 2015

You are improperly using the term fundamentalism. This has nothing to do with it. Fundamentalism involved a movement where people interpreted the bible literally. Plus your use of the word seems more than a little pejorative rather than a neutral characterization. 

Comment 02 Nov 2015


That is the best team in that conference. 

Comment 01 Nov 2015

In the 90's they would not have drafted Dalton. Instead they would've drafted Johnny Manziel. 

Bengals fans blame Dalton for not advancing in the playoff. They think the team has a ceiling for success that begins and ends with Andy Dalton. Doesn't matter if he goes 16-0 if they check out in round one. I don't agree with the rationale because Peyton Manning once held that label and now he is considered the greatest of all time by many. But that is where its coming from. 

Comment 01 Nov 2015

If they are still taking visits then they are still looking. You can say whatever you want. Doesn't make it true. I remember a kid saying he was not only 100 percent committed but 110 percent committed and "all buckeye" right up until he decommitted and went somewhere else. 

Signing day. That is committed. When that letter is faxed in they are committed. Till then nobody is. 

Comment 01 Nov 2015

Herman has no Virginia roots. I'd be shocked if he was picked. 

Herman's future is in Texas or the surrounding area as a head coach in my opinion. Those are his roots and where he recruits.

Comment 01 Nov 2015

I would say there isn't a problem at all. College coaches are not concerned about getting anyone ready to play for the NFL. Kids do that on their own time. College coaches are concerned with winning college football games. Anyone you hear telling you they will get you "NFL ready" is lying through their teeth. They don't give a rats ass if you are ready for the pros or not. Its about how you can help THIS TEAM win. 

Fuck the NFL.

Comment 01 Nov 2015

Cut my own hair. Nothing like a masculine high and tight to show that you are the alpha male in the room. 

I will say this. I went to visit my brother in law someplace near Columbus called Powell. They had this barber shop called Roosters. Now I don't typically go in to all that metrosexual hair bullshit you see a lot of younger guys doing. To me it seemed more than a bit womanly when dudes use more hair product than women. But I got to tell you the shave I got there was pretty damned nice. She used a toner, moisturizer, and then finished with a light powder. She used a straight razor as well. That shave made me feel very clean and my skin looked really good. No cuts or razor burn. Was attending a wedding and my brother in law popped for the haircut and the shave. 

Comment 01 Nov 2015

I just hope Ole Miss wins out because.....well you know....Fuck Alabama. Would be so funny to see them melt down for being left out of the playoffs. 

Comment 01 Nov 2015

I get loaner cars from the dealer all the time when I have my vehicles in for repair. They typically hand me the keys to their newest model. Its a good sales technique. This is common practice for everyone and its ok for the NCAA because it doesn't show special benifits which is what it would fall under. So long as it isn't something given to the player that another student couldn't get. 

If a student puts his car in a shop then he would probably be driving around the loaner as well. 

What I find interesting is that Michigan fans are already trying to set up the moral victory which we all know to be the salve for losers. Yes, Michigan fans. Your team and your savior are going to get bent over and used like a plastic fuck doll on national TV in your house. Then the team is going to take a giant shit right in the middle of your field and there isn't fuck all you can do about it but cry about how JT Barrett is driving a truck with dealer plates. Fucking deal with it. 

Comment 01 Nov 2015

Let me put this into terms that you will understand. You don't say certain things unless you have evidence. Being "possible" doesn't make it ok. 

Its possible that you are a child molester. Its possible you are a rapist and a murderer. But we don't go around saying things like that because its fucked up to suggest mean shit about people unless you have evidence. At the very least its irresponsible slander. 

Making the claim that Jones somehow set up something this diabolical and underhanded without a shred of evidence to support it is the definition of dumb irresponsible rumor mongering bullshit. I hope I have cleared this up for you.

Comment 30 Oct 2015

Its hard to do when you got such good players returning kicks. Lots of teams kick away from our return guys or just sky it. They know our return guys are dangerous. 

Its very possible but it would require an opponant who's coaching staff exhibited a lot of hubris.

Comment 30 Oct 2015

You did good, my man. Your instincts were to help and you didn't stop to think about how you might be liable. Not everyone is like that. I mean look at that other opportunistic douche bag who instead of thinking, "Man I gotta help those people" instead thought "Hey there is an unattended purse". 

You did good. Your instincts are good. 

Comment 30 Oct 2015

When I was in the military I had a collateral duty as auxillery security forces. We would backfill physical security when extra man power was needed such as when a ship came back in to port or if there was a large number of ships that had ported. More people equals more problems especially after sailors have been on a long cruise. Lots of them find out their spouses have been cheating whore pieces of shit and some get rip roaring drunk and want to tear shit up. 

On one such night I got a call to respond to a traffic accident that local carabinieri had called in involving a service member. One of our guys had a government vehicle and had crashed it into a local cop car of all things. I was really close to where it happened so me and Corey were first to the scene. What really got me was the body of the cop lying on the street. He had appearently went through the windshield and he had this large hole in his head so big it looked like you could put your hand through it without touching the sides. Along the sidewalk where he had hit was these little fragments of white which really contrasted with the dark dirty pavement. Was this clear but kind of red tinted fluid leaking out of the hole in his head and spreading like a small pool around him. His head looked so much like an egg that had cracked open due to the coloring of the exposed skull and the nature of the injury where his head had just been busted open much like you crack an egg open. The dude was obviously dead. The thing that always got me when I saw a corpse was the eyes. The eyes are always open and looking. Its a sight you never really forget. I've seen quite a few dead people in my time. But dude laying there with skull fragments and bits of his brain along with cerebral spinal fluid leaking out all over the ground is just one of those images you don't forget. It was my first and only traffic fatality I've ever seen in person. Corey threw up. It was his first dead body. 

For those interested in the story, its really fucked up. One of our guys had a government vehicle he was not supposed to have after hours. He had used it to go out drinking with his friends. He was smashed and driving around. Then he hit a cop car and killed a local cop. It was a fucking mess. 

Comment 29 Oct 2015

I saw it. Didn't care. We all know what you meant. I mean we aren't writing a fucking research paper here for a grade. 

Comment 29 Oct 2015

I always sort of entertain the idea that people who post this horse shit are in fact the writers or associated with the writer and are looking to get some clicks on their article so they can go tell their editor "See? People read my stuff. Look at all the hits. So now lets make even more hatefull buckeye shit because these fucking idiot buckeye fans will click it all day long." 

Its either that or we have some not so bright fans who don't understand that the worst thing you can do to a writer is ignore him. Don't even acknowledge he is alive. Beneath even contempt. 

Comment 29 Oct 2015

Too many horses. TCU is the real deal. Playoff team. They should roll.

Pitt is a different team than before. Narduzzi has those kids playing and believing.