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Comment 11 Sep 2020

Exactly what's going to happen. Other schools haven't been happy with Ohio State dominating the conference over the last 10 years, and they saw their opportunity to knock us down a peg. Crabs in a bucket and all that. 

I hate this conference. I hate that inconsequential schools that have nothing to play for can force us to do this. I hate the lack of leadership, communication. and our gutless Commissioner for having ZERO plan when they had months to prepare one. 

At the end of the day, this is still Ohio State. Yes, we'll lose talent, but we have talent waiting in the wings. 

I hope Day can have Miller/Stroud ready by the time the JV season starts so we can stomp a mudhole into every single team we play. Like, scorched earth, throwing bombs in the 4th quarter with your starter still in beatings. Then when we take the BIG trophy from Kevin Warren's hands, Ryan Day hoists it, then announces our exit from the conference due to differences in values and a lack of leadership. 

Comment 09 Sep 2020

I don't think we have Ginn speed (Campbell/Samuel was probably the closest we've had in recent years), but I do think we have plenty of elite level speed on offense, especially out wide. 

Williams, Wilson, and Olave can all run, and I mean REALLY run. Probably anywhere between high 4.3s -  low 4.4.s. Group is probably pretty comparable speed-wise to the 2018 class of WRs (Campbell at 4.31, McLaurin at 4.35, Dixon at 4.42), which was probably the fastest top-bottom group of 3 WRs at Ohio State in quite some time. 

Teague was supposedly was one of the fastest 40s on the team pre-injury. Looking at film, I can believe it. 

I'd bet Cam Brown and Sevyn Banks are both lightning quick just looking at film. Hard to block a punt, even if you get a clean shot at it, you have to be very fast for an edge block (both Olave and Banks blocked from the edge last year). 

Comment 09 Sep 2020

Depends on when we could finish that schedule. If it's too late for a Big Ten team/ Ohio State to be considered for the CFP, then absolutely it is not a good compromise. If we can finish that schedule with enough games to be considered for a CFP berth, then fine. I'd prefer the 17th or the 10th for a October start. 

I just fail to see how November is going to be any safer than October. What is going to change in a month that all of a sudden make it safe to resume competition? 

Comment 09 Sep 2020

Just give us enough to show we belong in the playoff. That's literally all I want out of this season. October 10th, 17th, I dont care. Just don't screw us out of this. 

However, given the trend, I'm not holding my breath for anything to happen. 

Comment 28 Aug 2020

I honestly don't see how this does Ohio State any good unless the CFP is pushed back a month. Assuming absolutely NO bye week, we could only get about 4-5 games in before the CFP kicks off in late December, which means Ohio State would have to be absolutely destroying their competition and looking unbeatable in the process to even be considered. Unless there is more going on behind the scenes with the CFP, this seems like a placating measure at best to try and save some face, while in the bigger picture, at least for Ohio State, nothing really changes. 

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Only way this is remotely OK is if there are NO students on campus this fall. None. Zero. 

If there's a SINGLE undergrad on any BIG campus this fall, we'll know what this was really about. Not player safety, but CYA for lawsuits and liability. 

Ohio State has been propping up the conference for far too long, and BIG leadership is so inept that we couldn't figure out a way to move forward when the ACC, SEC, and BigXII apparently have. 

Nope, just shaking in their boots over potential litigation. 


Comment 30 Jun 2020

Joey Bosa

Nick Bosa

Chase Young

Ezekiel Elliott

Pat Elflien 

Billy Price

Braxton Miller

JT Barrett (from sheer stats, as others have said)

Ryan Shazier

Darron Lee

Marshon Lattimore (success in the NFL will weight it)

Micheal Thomas (same as Lattimore)

JK Dobbins

KJ Hill

Future Considerations

Justin Fields

Chris Olave

Garrett Wilson

Zach Harrison

Julian Fleming

Jameson Williams


Comment 22 Jun 2020

The utter domination of Oregon for the 2014 Natty was a surprise at the time. But looking back, either us or Bama would have smoked them, they couldn't match either line up front. 

Biggest one in recent memory was 2017 Iowa. Just laid an absolute egg right after beating a very good PSU team in a comeback win, JT finally looked like he had gotten over the hump passing the ball. Just a head scratcher to me. 

2018 Purdue I had circled as a trap game for about 2 years before we played them. Never like our guys playing in West Lafayette, too much weird stuff happens to us there. 

Comment 20 May 2020

I could easily see a 2017 version of Ohio State's DL playing out this year at the bare minimum. Nick was effective that year, but Hubbard, Holmes, Lewis, Landers, and Dremont really led the charge that year. Very solid, deep rotation of experienced guys that took over games late due to having fresh legs and exceptional fundamental understanding of what it means to play as a unit up front. 

Either way, I'm not concerned about the DL at all. LJ will have his boys ready to eat come fall. 

Comment 04 May 2020

From recent to not as recent years... 

1. Run Dobbins on the 1st and goal from the 5, and again against Clemson on the 3rd and 4 in the waning minutes of the 1st half. Dobbins was killing them and our line was mashing Clemson's front 7 in the face at the time. Little doubt we pick up the 1st down at least and put them away if we score. That ensuing drive gave Clemson life.  

2. Play Haskins in the 2017 Big 10 Champ game. Rankings before the game indicated the committee was positioning us to jump a few people if we shellacked Wisconsin. JT was getting shut down against UM before his injury, Haskins comes in and lights up that defense like a Christmas tree. I have 0 doubts we kill Wisconsin in that game with a QB that can throw down the field, and maybe history repeats itself and we jump a few people into the CFP. 

3. Pull JT after 2017 Oklahoma. After 2016's final two games, where UM shut us down for 3 1/2 quarters, Clemson straight up exposing JT's limiting of the offense, and Oklahoma shutting us down it became very clear to me that JT wasn't what he once was. Out of game coaching decision version would have been having a true open competition in the 2017 Spring, where Burrow and Haskins both clearly added an element to the offense that JT just didn't have. 

4. Run Hyde. Always. Run. Hyde. Pull Braxton in favor of Smooth Jazz when it was clear he was injured in the Clemson game. 

5. Start Troy against Texas in '05

Comment 04 May 2020

I think Harrison has all the tools necessary to be our next great DE, but time will tell. Probably a bit early to be comparing him to Chase and the Bosas. That stat line is eerily similar to Chase's freshman season though. 

Also, during the Nebraska game, did anyone else notice on Martinez's big run late, that Harrison was outpacing our corners down the field to try and catch him? If nothing else, Harrison can absolutely fly. I've never seen someone that big move that fast before... 

Comment 20 Apr 2020

Yes. Brown's defensive scheme relies on locking his outside players on islands and bringing pressure in order to overwhelm an offense. 

Absolutely crushes teams that can't pick up the pressure, but is very easy to scheme against if you have superior athletes out wide because you can simply run man-beating routes and rely on your players athleticism to win their 1 on 1 matchups (see: Parris Campbell, Chris Olave, KJ Hill, Garrett Wilson, etc. all torching man coverage with crossing routes or on deep patterns when there's no help over the top over the years).

Michigan was also small along the defensive front last year, which meant they couldn't exactly force you to play in a phone booth either (see: Wisconsin and OSU OL just manhandling them in their respective games). 

The Wolverweenies are kind of between a rock and a hard place with this though, because in my opinion, the same defensive scheme that we exploit is what allows them to win a large percentage of their games. 

There's a sizable talent gap in the recruiting rankings, but where OSU shines is the ability to refine and develop that already superior talent, whereas Michigan doesn't develop players nearly as well or as consistently.  

Comment 14 Apr 2020

The issue is that while yes, there are players that would still be relevant today that played in the past, sports and exercise science has gotten so much better that it's almost unfair to compare a modern athlete to one from the 80s/70s and before.

Great highlight of this is to look at the player heights/weights from the NFL in the 80s vs. today. Top flight HS offensive linemen are bigger, stronger, and likely faster than the NFL guys from the 80s, excluding obvious outliers. Guy like Chase Young weren't around in the 80s, we didn't have the exercise/dietary/athletic training science that finely tuned yet. 

The issue is somewhat mitigated in more skills based sporting pursuits (golf being the best example of this that I can think of), but for more physical sports like football, I'd be inclined to wager for the more modern players vs. their earlier counterparts.  

Comment 14 Apr 2020

Different eras. LT was dominant when he played, but Joe Thomas played in a different era, when players were straight up bigger, faster, and stronger than they were in LT's playing days. 

Back when LT played, you were HUGE if you were 270+ on the OL. Thomas played in a league where a 300+ tackle is very commonplace. And that 270+ OL was not anywhere close to the physical specimens you see these days on the OL, even coming out of high school. 

That, plus the percentages on pass rushing attempts favoring the OL in most scenarios, leads me to pick Joe Thomas every time. No slight to LT, but at 238lbs, he would need to be very, very quick off the snap to consistently beat Joe's length, speed of setup, and ridiculous hands. Which as twitchy as LT was (hah), he would have never seen an OT even close to what Joe was in his prime. 

Comment 07 Apr 2020

Pick 3? 

2014 - Needed that win to stay in the NC hunt, bittersweet as JT's injury was. 

2016 - The year we broke Harbaugh and slanted the rivalry decisively in our favor. 

2019 - 2018 would be here, but if we broke Harbaugh in 2016, we broke their entire fanbase this past season. After that game, a LOT of those sorry SOBs Up North have just checked out of the rivalry until they win one. Also, watching Ryan Day in his 1st season as a head coach, with a 1st year starter as a QB, visit destruction upon the Outhouse was glorious. 2019 was supposed to be Michigan's best shot, and we destroyed them utterly. 

Comment 07 Apr 2020

I said it from the beginning of that season, we were going to have major issues on the OL because we decided to play 5 tackles instead of playing people that actually fit their position.

Our OL was way, way taller than your typical OL is from guard to guard. There's a reason you want your guards and centers to be a bit shorter. Length doesn't matter as much on the interior, you need to be able to get low and "root out" DTs and NGs on double teams and be able to pull effectively.

Instead, all 3 of our guys were 6'6"+. It's REALLY hard to get the leverage necessary to run block effectively when you're that tall. Jordan was not a good fit at center, snaps were a consistent issue all year. Pridgeon wasn't a great OG, and if we're being honest, neither was Knox.

Either way, given the myriad problems with our inability to run the ball (specifically because we absolutely could not blow people off the ball on the interior OL), defensive issues, ST issues, and Nick Bosa going down, the fact that we went 13-1 is incredible. 

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I think it's more that the gap between a top 5 class and a top 10 class has gotten wider in the last few years, like the gap between the top 1-3 teams in the country and teams 4-10 is much larger than it has been in years past. 

That, combined with Don Brown being unwilling to change out of a defensive scheme that clearly favors our obvious athletic advantage, particularly at the skill positions, combined with Day coming in and unleashing all of that talent in a wide open, attacking style (vs. Urban's more conservative "grind you down" style), and you get the results of the last two years. 

Comment 30 Mar 2020

Not a traditional way to spend the money, but I'm probably going to pick up another superdwarf retic to pair with my male for a future breeding project. 

Superdwarf retics are the smaller cousins of mainland reticulated pythons, which are the longest snakes on the planet.

While being absolutely gorgeous animals, very few people have the resources to care for a giant snake.

This makes superdwarf reticulated pythons very desirable within the reptile community, as they live on the much smaller islands, where millions of year of selective pressure have cause the snakes to stay exceptionally small due to limited space/resources. You get all of the retic beauty and wonderful temperament without the inherent costs and risk of owning a giant snake. My male at a little over a year old for a size reference. A mainland animal would be easily twice his size at this point. 

Comment 05 Mar 2020

Yeah, college football S&C programs are basically trade secrets. Gonna be really, really hard to find one unless you have a friend who is in the program and is willing to share it with you. 

Comment 27 Feb 2020

Don't know if I'd call him overrated. Dude's had a long, successful career in the league and was/is absolutely electric in the open field. 

Could you call his career kind of lackluster? Sure, based on what he did in college vs. pros, but he's had a hell of a career IMO. 

Comment 17 Feb 2020

I did say Zeke is winning a footrace over 100 yds. I'd hazard to guess they'd be close to dead even through 40, with Dobbins pushing a lead off the blocks, but Zeke catching up going through the finish line. 

Comment 17 Feb 2020

I think where Dobbins makes up compared to Zeke is Dobbins accelerates a LOT faster than Zeke, who is more of a traditional track sprinter (able to maintain top end speed past 60m). 

Dobbins seems to get to his top speed faster than Zeke, but Zeke is probably winning the footrace over 100 yds. 

I do think Dobbins is faster than a 4.49, probably around where Zeke is, but Dobbins will be decelerating shortly after 40 yds, where Zeke would still be putting on speed. 

Braxton was far more shifty and sudden (more like Dobbins, but more shake with a less explosive initial burst) than he was a top end Campbell/Curtis Samuel/Ted Ginn type runner in the open field. 

Either way, I'd take the under on Dobbins and probably take the under on Chase as well, just based on what I've seen on film.