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Comment 11 May 2011

Well acording to the Dispatch the BMV is also now investigating the sales because

"The BMV is investigating because Kniffin said the purchase prices listed on transactions with OSU athletes and relatives do not reflect accurate sales prices, as required by Ohio law."

This is going to get ugly, and now an organization w/ ability to use actual law are getting involved it only gets worse, ask the "Fab Five". 

I think it funny that Kniffin trying not to be the only one going down with the ship.  He acknowledges that he developed relationships with the players and their families, but he said they represent a small percentage of his customers and that others had final say on car sales. 

Subtitled arrest my boss also.



Comment 10 May 2011

I got you, yep.  My bad Ramzy. Either way without data the original story leaves a lot of speculation.  I can see this being easily overcome - cept the zero.

Comment 10 May 2011

Some probably paid value or probably above (this is what happens to the normal person, and thus where the dealer makes money) - it did not say what the other half paid, or by what amount less those who did not pay book value forked over, just that it was less than the value.  Without actual data hard to tell.  Also those who paid less, could have been buying hard-to-move vehicles, and thus did the dealer a service, who knows?

Comment 10 May 2011

Not throwing stones, just saying the material in the original material was not what you read, happens to all of us at one time or another.

Comment 10 May 2011

Was more about misunderstanding what he was reading, the about haggling.  The reference was saying less then half were paying fair-market value, and thus, is an issue. 

Comment 10 May 2011

Ramzy - think you are misreading (and subsequently writing)

You cite:

Officials at two national car-valuation companies...were asked by The Dispatch to estimate the value of the cars at the time of purchase.  The values they estimated were higher than the price paid in nearly half of the transactions.

You write:

...which means that the majority Ohio State players and affiliates paid more for their used cars than they were worth.  On a macro level this says there is nothing to see here.  Some buyers haggle until they get a deal that's still within the dealer's acceptable margin while others quit negotiating too soon and end up overpaying. Wow, Ohio State athletes and their families are getting treated just like everyone else.  That's what OSU Compliance had already determined.

The material you are citing does not infer what you write about in the supporting paragraph.  The orginal writer's meaning is -

The values (of the cars purchased) they estimated were higher than the price paid in nearly half of the transactions. In other words 50% of the purchasers paid less money than the actual cars blue-book value, and this is not a good thing.