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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Clarett stripping Taylor in the Miami game. Horror & Joy all at once.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: "Pistol Pete" Maravich
  • NFL TEAM: 49ers
  • MLB TEAM: Giants

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Comment 06 Feb 2020

I'll give it a shot.  24$  Built around Duane & Mayer. 

Lead: Duane Allman 6$
Rhythm: John Mayer 7$
Frontman: Bono 3$
Bass: Flea 4$
Drums: Dave Grohl  4$

Comment 30 Jan 2020

My girls were 10 & 12 ish when I rented Sleepy Hollow for a Halloween sleep over.  I made sure all the parents knew.  A couple said no but thank you. It was a night to remember for sure.  Shrieking and the hiding of the eyes.  Ended up watching it twice with them.  It is a grand memory I cherish to this day.

Comment 30 Jan 2020

I saw it opening day at the Northland theater in CBUS.  I went with friend's older brothers.  Had no idea what it was about.  No idea. Safe to say it scared the begeezers out of me for weeks.

Comment 29 Jan 2020

Cancun?  I can't see that being a problem.  Get enough decent information so that you are prepared and not freaking out the whole time thus ruining your trip.  Check out some travel info, travel advisories etc and get some confidence for your trip.  Note, I can't travel to certain parts of Sacramento late night without risk.   I say go and have a great time.