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Victorian Village (via Columbus)

MEMBER SINCE   January 25, 2015

Born and raised a Buckeye.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Multi-way Tie: Introduction at Ohio Stadium of the sweater vest Sir Jim Tressel, 2002 Will Allen Interception and rushing the field, 2003 National Championship Cie Grant ripping down Ken Dorsey, 2004 tOsu vs. Kansas State Fiesta Bowl shutting down Sproles, trashing Notre Dame in 2006 Fiesta Bowl, 2006 TTUN Game rushing the field and ripping up part of the last grass field in tOSU history, Sitting in Freezing Rain watching the Bucks beat TTUN up north, taking part in O-H-I-O Cheer in TTUN Stadium 2009, 2012 undefeated season, 2014 Season and first ever undisputed college football champions, Curtis Samuel in double OT in 2016 and rushing the field, the punt block and ensuing beat down of TTUN in 2018
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs

Recent Activity

Comment 02 Nov 2019


Cincy will get the ball with just over a minute and three timeouts

They can do it

Comment 02 Nov 2019

SEC wants Georgia badly

That is a clear call down from the league office

Comment 19 Oct 2019

We had to win out anyways or they would have shoehorned LSU in there even after their yearly beatdown to Alabama

Its surely not as fun of a game anymore now

Fuck them

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Next weeks beatdown lost a lot of its fun thanks to that pathetic display

Wisconsin gonna be Wisconsin

Comment 15 Oct 2019

The NFL is incredibly easy to throw

Keeping the refs/nfl shenanigans out of the question when game lines average around 4 points a game is laughable

I could throw a significant number of NFL games if you made me a ref for a season. On calls that no one will ever question again after the immediate "hey that was a totally fucked up call"

You can kill absolutely must have drives with a single throw of holding when it hasnt been called all game. Or like tonight find ways to give automatic first downs on 3rd and longs. Or a big play phantom defensive hold that happens ALL the time. Or maybe just go totally no one will do anything AND CALL A BLINDSIDE BLOCK WHEN THE DEFENDER LAYS THE HIT.

I could clean the fuck up as a dirty NFL ref. The zebra team against the Browns on Sunday sure did.