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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Craig Krenzel to Michael Jenkins against Purdue in 2002. HOLY BUCKEYE!
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Comment 11 Jun 2014

That doesnt mean it WON'T better

And I think most people think it will get better. Then everyone can be joyous and say the naysayers were wrong. That is then, this is now. My opinion has nothing to do with who might commit in the future. I'll post a dancing gif when Hilliard commits.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

I up vote frequently, so I feel the power of simply not giving an up vote can suffice for a useless comment (like this from JSisSwag).

Thought most of your post was very sensible. But asking if the poster knows something we don't know is a troll comment? I thought it was legit. No one knows if Hilliard is committing to the Bucks so that comment seemed more like a troll than the one questioning it.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

What an arrogant ass you are. Again, a degree from OSU will do a guy just fine in life. However, when you suck at football then you end up being a fan on rival sites talking about academics because you can't brag about football. That sucks for you. Again, scUM isn't as "prestigious" as it should be for you to be on a football message board bragging about it.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

Speak the truth my man. A degree from TSUN isn't going to open all the doors they want to make believe it will. The school the degree is from has very little influence unless it is an Ivy League (no scUM you are not Ivy League). OSU is ranked 16th and TSUN 4th among public universities. Really not as big of a difference as TSUN wants to make it out to be . It is all going to depend on your major. scUM fans want us all to believe they are Harvard and they most certainly are not.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

"We had a tougher schedule that year, remember how we got crushed by the defending Champs?! Then ended our season with losses to an undefeated OSU and an Outback Bowl loss to South Carolina!"

 That is some funny shit right there.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

A win is a win, I cant help that tressel blatantly ignored rules he thought didn't apply to him or his program and you were stuck with fickell for that year...

Maybe a win is a win but a win against the worst OSU team in decades isn't all that much to brag about, but that is really all you have. Yes, Tress did break the rules but at least he was covering for players who sold their own things and not a guy who was accused of raping a woman and his teammate who threatened the victim. I really wouldn't go to a rival's board and start talking shit when my team has a lot more to be ashamed of.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

I said I saw him play. Have friends who are in the Air Force near the Black Hills. I've been there...good enough or do you want dates and times? I've watched football all my life. I'm not Urban but I can still have an opinion. Watch his highlights. Do you think he is all that? I've noticed that people are only asked for credentials if you disagree with the masses. If I had posted a dancing gif I would have never been questioned.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

You really think that this guy hasn't been at camps making friendships with people

So, how will this commitment affect other recruits? Do you know of any other recruit who is close to him? I asked a question about how this commitment makes a difference in "dominoes falling" and no answer. Just a question. Has he been at camps making friends?

Comment 09 Jun 2014

As such it is incumbent upon you to provide support. 'Prove me wrong' is not a valid argument.

So prove me right is OK? I make my point with the rankings and lack of high major offers. Your argument is what? OSU offered? I'm not whining. I'm just expressing a different opinion than you.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

And the people who are posting the sappy gifs have proof of their excitement? OK, I'll tell you all the reasons I'm not that excited about this commitment when you tell me all the reasons you are. And your reasons can't include "the coaching staff told me so".