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Comment 08 Feb 2020

I’d fire my agent if I DIDNT get an interview for that job.

Just like many coaches have done in the past, this is for the school you’re currently at to say “Okay we need to give this guy a raise or he’s leaving”

I can see that happening with him here... until Brian Kelly gets canned at Notre Dame and I will bet my house and entire savings that Fick takes that job. 

Comment 24 Dec 2019

See but that's the thing. It's unfamiliar to have to do that, at least in their scheme. I've watched a ton of Clemson tape and the only time I remember seeing them use their WRs to help stop a pass rush was in the 2nd quarter against A&M in their very first game of the year . They didn't do it much throughout the season. I have no doubts they have a gameplan for Chase but like I said it has to be unfamiliar. If I was Clemson, I would put Chase in conflict early and often. Read him, read him and make him make decisions to where it slows him down. I bet we see alot of RPOs on the side opposite him as well. 3 WR sets on the opposite of Chase. Send Etienne on routes out of the backfield in space. It's going to be tough no doubt. I think it's going to be a chess match and truthfully, can not wait to see it unfold. 

Comment 24 Dec 2019

The thing I don’t think people are paying enough attention to is that Clemson likes to run a lot of 4 WR sets. 10/11 personnel is like 90% of their playbook. 

If Chase sacks Trevor and continually puts pressure on him, they have to switch their gameplan. Leading to less familiar things they would have to run. Extra blockers means less throwing options. 

i don’t even think it’s a question that they will single block him to start, I think they have no choice.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

I dont know about ND going undefeated. That would cause even more problems for the Buckeyes. That would mean they would have beaten #3 Georgia, #21 Virginia, #11 TTUN, plus a bunch of, albeit average, power 5 schools. Plus I know the rankings are bound to change but I just see it as a lose/lose scenario. 

I could see something like Georgia slipping up and losing to Auburn or just playing sloppy and dropping a game. That will take care of itself but I want them to beat ND. Even with one loss I don't think ND can get in which leads me to agreeing they should join a conference. 

Comment 24 Aug 2019

BVic just has that body type that I don’t think can add a ton of weight. But if you look at him now, he def has toned up as far as that’s concerned and strength can come with that. 

Comment 11 Aug 2019

QB - Fields
RB - Dobbins
WR - Mack
WR - Victor
H - Hill
TE - Farrell/Berry/Ruckert
LT - Munford
LG - Jackson
C - Myers
RG - Davis
RT - Bowen

DE - Young
DT - Hamilton
DT - Landers
DE - Cooper
OLB - Harrison
MLB - Mitchell/Borland
OLB - Werner
CB - Okudah
S - Fuller
B - White
CB - Arnette                                                         Nickel - Wade

Nothing too crazy outside the DL. I could see them rotating 9 guys in truthfully.. I love Davon Hamilton, dude is a monster. BB Landers might just be quick enough off the ball that they could play them both at the same time and have crazy success which I’m expecting week 1. Then Togiai, Vincent, Tyreke Smith, JBB, Tyler Friday, Cornell, Zach Harrison, etc all studs. What a problem to have. I truly think we’ll see a Borland/Mitchell mix a lot. Similar to Grant/Raekwon mixing at MLB. And I expect it to go well truthfully. Another position is TE. Idk what it is but I can see them playing 2 TE’s a lot more than what we’re used to seeing. Just for a few snaps a game nothing crazy but with Farrell/Ruckert potentially up on the line and maybe Berry as a split blocker in the backfield. 

Lastly I’m not sure if the defense is truly going to let Fuller roam or what but the bullet position is White’s. I didn’t put another safety in there but if I had to guess I would go with Proctor of course.. 

Comment 28 Jul 2019




All studs. I am really trying to understand the outrage here. Yes maybe Zamir White and all these other guys Alford has “missed” on could be even better. I’ll trust whoever the staff takes and focus on the big uglies more than RB. They make the biggest difference. Not the RB. 

Just my 2 cents though. 

Comment 01 Jun 2019

I think hiring Mattison and pairing him with Hafley is basically hiring a master and a student hoping that Hafley learns enough from GM that he can take over in a few years. I hate to think this or even say it but I'm hoping he is doing the same thing (grooming) someone to take over after the legend LJSR retires. That will be the next biggest challenge, replacing, IMO, the greatest DL coach ever to coach CFB. 

I think this season will be huge for the future, obviously. If the LBs show out and the defense turns into a complete unit and balls out while having a top 5 offense, there will be championship visions. My only worry with this entire team is the offensive line. Every other unit, even QB, I feel like we are in a great position with. OL will be the key to this team. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

The way I see it is this. You have a guy like Brendon that can fill the gaps running the ball but is also pretty good in coverage. I don't think he is going to be used primarily as a LB or a Safety and he probably won't come off the field much. If anything when they use him in the Bullet role you're bringing in a guy like Proctor (who I'm really high on) in his spot deep. I think it's a win/win. The biggest thing to me was keeping the 4 DL. Larry Johnson is a wizard/legend/baller etc and he has developed maybe the deepest DL in the country. Being able to keep them on the field and rotate guys in that likely would be starters most other places is exciting and I can't wait to see it unfold this year. If they really get back to being Silver Bullets then this season could be special. Just need to get Baldwin/Fields ready for everything teams will throw at them and the OL situation figured out. I'm not worried about any other unit on this team, even the Linebackers. 

Comment 10 Mar 2019

I love Holtmann and I'm excited to see what he can do with next years squad but with that being said the lineups he puts out there sometimes just blow my mind. 

Also hate to say it but I'm glad I'm not going to have to watch Woods in that jersey for much longer. He was depth and would have never come close to getting a scholarship had some other recruits jumped at the opportunity. 

Comment 06 Mar 2019

Niners fan here. The 49ers will more than likely run their card to the table with Bosa’s name on it if given the chance. They will try and sign one of the safeties on the market and definitely go after Justin Houston seeing how Saleh wants a Viper like position on the defense and he fits that perfectly.

If they can have a group consist of:


I would be over the moon excited. 

Comment 03 Mar 2019

Nah it's a good convo to have from time to time. Same with why we didn't run Hyde in the B1G title game. Why did Pitt Brown start over Vonn Bell. Zeke against Michigan State. Now throw in Brendon White not playing all year. 

I love JT, one of the all time Buckeyes. But his skillset held some of the best Buckeye teams we've had recently back. Same with Urban's loyalty to him. That's why Saban is the GOAT. Pull your leader and most established QB Barrett (Hurts) when you feel like he can't win you games for the rising freshman Haskins (Tua). 

Comment 02 Mar 2019

All of you need to stop and realize how great Kyler Murray is. The Cardinals would be foolish NOT to take him #1. I mean look at what he did in college, his foot speed, his arm. I would take him and not look back. He is a franchise changer, a true leader and won the Heisman. He is great for the league and the Cardinals would be making a mistake not taking him #1 overall...

P.S. I'm a Niners fan ;)

Comment 01 Mar 2019

I'd love to see Tyreke Johnson get a crack at that hybrid SAF/LB spot. But if we're being honest I know people might disagree but isn't that what everyone thinks Werner is anyways? He might thrive in that role. Outside of that I think a LB rotation of Harrison/Mitchell/Browning would be amazing for the team. Those are some dudes out there. I like Borland against the Wisconsin's and Iowa's of the world but not really anyone else. Mitchell seems to be a thumper, just needs to be able to be THE man of a defense.