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Comment 12 Aug 2017

This haunted me as a kid and you have just made me watch it again....

i hope everyone has a great weekend, except for you. I hope yours is only okay.

Good day sir. 

Comment 02 Aug 2017

Realistically at a school like Ohio State you don't expect to have a 5th year QB starter. You think you'll have a new QB every 2-3 years because of the talent you bring in. Should be enough for each QB in the class to get 2 years to start. If you take more than 2 QBs in a class then that's when stuff starts to get complicated and what we have now. Could've been Barrett then Haskins (or Burrow) for 2 years, then Martell for 2-3, then Jones, then you continue on that cycle. 

Comment 31 Jul 2017

Siva - Braxton has one year under Zach Smith and equally one year under NFL coaches with the Texans. Why does Zach Smith necessarily get credit for him suddenly turning lots of heads this preseason?  


I truly never thought of it that way but you could be right, I just see it as when you have a player that puts in the extra work and you have a coach that at least in my eyes knows what he's doing, it can make for something magical. As far as the players producing, I don't think it's even a question that if there was never a Zeke Elliott and Herman had to depend on Evan Spencer, Devin Smith and Michael Thomas you would have seen a couple 1,000 yard WRs. I don't think Zach Smith is the best WR coach ever I just think it's laughable people point to the last two years of WR production as his fault and not the gameplan, offensive line struggles or (what I've been getting a couple downvotes for the last couple years even though 11W now has an article about it) Barrett thinking too much and missing open guys.

I'm hoping Wilson gets the offense back on track. 

Comment 31 Jul 2017

We'll see how well Texas does on the field. The best recruiting always happens with new energy and a brand new noteable head coach but if you can't win it flames out quick. I know Herman brings it and proved that at Houston. Let's see how they do this year. 

Comment 31 Jul 2017

I'd be more convinced of Smith's coaching value if he develops the guys with less natural ability. There's no question he can recruit though.

Miller is apparently toasting guys in training camp right now with his route running abilities so Zach is doing something right after only 1 year with Brax. You can be an uber athlete and suck at running even the simplest of routes. Mike Thomas completely changed his ways and I think 99% of it was due to Urban but that other 1% might've been his position coach. Also watch what Noah Brown is doing, came in as a maybe a TE hybrid and might actually make it on Dallas' roster as a WR balling out in camps. You're not always gonna get every ounce of potential out of a player but at a place like Ohio State there's no excuse to not have a deep rotation of WRs. WR recruiting was off a little but the last couple years but I think they are getting back to going after the "true" receivers and less athletes that can play WR. 

Stay tuned

Comment 31 Jul 2017

Seeing how like only 2 veteran guys in the WR were actually WRs in high school it's not surprising the play out of them was average especially with the gameplan. 

I think in the next few years we will see a lot of people step off the Fire Zach Smith train especially when Mack, JHarris, Grimes, Bell, Sheffield, Wease and Babb are the rotating WRs

Comment 31 Jul 2017

To be completely honest if he started off 0-5 I don't even know if the fans turn on him. They would give the excuse they are giving him now and gave Hoke and Rich Rod....

"Just wait until he gets his players, then Ohio State is in trouble." 

They love his personality, his antics, he is always giving the school publicity. I hope he stays there for the next 10 years and never beats Ohio State, he and the fans deserve that after crowning him the 3rd savior of that program.