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Comment 13 Nov 2016
I am not a fan of an eight team playoff because it would almost every year reward a 1 or 2 loss team for not playing in their conference championship. I don't think it would be fair because most likely the best/most deserving teams will play an extra game with their conference championship. That's why I hope they only expand the playoffs to 6 teams. The top two teams will get a first round bye in the playoffs. This would reward the best teams during the regular season and also lessen the chance of teams getting "rewarded" for not playing in their conference championship. Also, i think having 6 teams accounts for nightmare scenarios where each power 5 conference has an undefeated champion and also gives the wiggle room of having a non power 5 team or another deserving team from the same conference getting in.
Comment 13 Sep 2015
It's interesting that you bring up how some of Hawaii's players were clapping when our offense was set to snap. I know when you have a vocal snap count the defense would get penalized if they tried to shout and simulate the snap count cadence. I wonder if ole Urban brought this up to the officials because i obviously think Hawaii was trying to interfere with our snap cadence.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
That's kind of what I am eluding too in my post above yours. It's why I would rather have a 6 team playoff over an 8 team playoff.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
Even though I advocate for 6 teams in my post below yours, I still think 4 is the best. But maybe I am feeling that way because OSU made the playoff this year and is now playing for a National Championship.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
I don't like 8 teams because it wouldn't have byes. This is an issue because in a lot of cases the 5-8 teams will be those that didn't make their conference championship (think Michigan State this year). Teams like OSU have to play an extra and often grueling game while MSU can just sit back and get healthy. So an 8 team playoff will often reward the 5-8 seeded teams for losing while hurting the higher seeded teams. A 6 team playoff would at least allow the top 2 teams to have a bye, which seems pretty fair and keeps the playoff relativity small.
Comment 05 Dec 2014

I'd like to see the defense be aggressive, but not predictably aggressive. 

I agree, I just hope the defense is not dialing up a lot of run blitzes. When that happens, we are essentially guessing (hoping) where they are going to run the ball and the long TD runs will be coming if we guess wrong. Rather, I hope everyone on defense plays within themselves at their position. No over-pursing, being out of place, or being a superhero by trying to win the game all by one's self. 

I think a good game plan is bringing in an extra interior D-lineman (Schutt/Munger?) to take up space and to take on blocks, which our linebackers have had trouble doing at times this year. This also puts less pressure on Michael Bennett who has been lined up as a NT all year but does not have the size to be a true space-eating NT. Ideally, using a more 5-3-1 defensive scheme would lead our linebackers to make plays at or around the LOS. It also dares their offense to pass, which increases the likelihood of getting a turnover for the defense leading the B1G in turnovers.

Comment 15 Nov 2014
I think the reverse... Mississippi State is going to be exposed and their soft schedule is going to be shown through it. Gotta side with Saban in a a big game like this.
Comment 07 Nov 2014
But people will continue to complain about Kyle Clinton kicking it out of bounds occasionally. There is a reason why Urban thinks this is a non-factor because statistically we are the best in field position and a lot of that is attributed to our kickoff strategy. You boot the ball a little short towards the left corner of the field and you roll with the odds, which has been in our favor from this stat.
Comment 05 Jun 2013
Uhh did you read the post you replied to? There are several big time sports analysts that don't overcompensate like Kirk does. I still like the guy though. I mean, if your in his role its better to overcompensate then to show your bias.
Comment 01 May 2013
Nice shirt Stoney
Comment 10 Apr 2013

Your exactly right. In rugby, if you don't wrap and just throw your body at a player, you will probably be penalized.

Comment 06 Apr 2013
I am so glad that a guy like Warren Ball is doing well with the opportunity he is given. With all these great running backs on this team, he has been an afterthought of many buckeye fans. This just creates competition and it breeds excellence.
Comment 28 Mar 2013

I would argue that Smith's two primary (and some might say "only") attributes are spot-up three-point shooting and defensive rebounding. 

I would like to add his ability to get offensive rebounds and put-backs. Though a lot of those put-backs were his own...

Despite his deficiencies this season, I still feel that he does a lot of dirty work and is a gritty player that helps this team win.