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Comment 21 Jan 2019
With all these freshmen earning significant playing time in programs across the country don't be surprised to see a couple of upperclassmen take a seat. Urban Legend is not there to demand special teams to earn playing time. So by all means let it RIP homeboys and may the best man win. Oh yeah tell tathan not to slip up on his 2nd try. Ya feel me
Comment 17 Dec 2018
I've said it over and over again this subbing in and out HURTS the flow for players. I've been complaining about it from day 1 and JK just confirmed what I've been saying. I absolutely hate it. I understand sub packages and giving a guy a blow. The Buckeyes seem to be the only team that does it. Take for instance the 4 teams in the playoffs and the guys that start play the entire game unless tired hurt or a different package. Sorry but it just bugs the absolute shit out of me. And like I said on the guys going on or staying why come back just to split time and get 30 maybe 40% of the snaps
Comment 16 Dec 2018
Haskins should go especially if he's rated a top 10 pick 1st QB off the board wow is that hard to turn down. Everybody else except for maybe "MAYBE" the O lineman should return. But the way the Buckeyes rotate players in and out in and out in and out how is anyone expected to have a grip on the flow of the game and be able to "prove" his metal if he can't even stay on the field full time? I'm sure it's a question scouts asks a lot I know the answer is that's just what they do type of blah blah blah. But as a scout and I'm not I can sit down and watch tape of almost every single solitary school and top prospect in the draft entire game tape except for guys at one school I would have to watch 2 plays here 1 play there 3 here etc. Its been successful in the past I get it so as a Player with the OPTION of turning pro do you come back just to Rotate? And on a recruiting note do you want to go to a school where you can't play an entire game regardless of how well you're playing?
Comment 10 Dec 2018
They absolutely HATE .....The Buckeyes across America it's crystal clear. Even during the HypeSman trophy Haskins wasn't even mentioned in most conversations I mean AT ALL it's a great Honor to be invited and all but just as embarrassing to be looked at as the 3rd wheel at Prom. The National media just SLOBERS all over the knobs of several different programs across the country and Buckeye Nation isn't one of them. Coaches should drive this Home on a daily basis banner after banner at woody hayes center "3rd Team" every single solitary workout should be to get "3" more Reps ! All I know is when ya hold up a hand with 3 fingers curled downwards is the perfect Salute
Comment 02 Dec 2018
This "system" truly isn't any better than the BCS. This 13th data point EITHER matters or its DOESN'T ! If it matters then Notre Dame is o.u.t OUT period which I can see because every other team played a championship game and they DIDN'T. You can't make it "matter" for one team and not the next. If it does not matter STFU about it and why would ANYONE play a championship game then? And I'm kinda sick of "when you played them" mantra because TCU was a hot shot when the game was played which can be said about a ton of other schools when they played so and so. It only seems to matter when "they" want it to matter which is a sham. The "eye" test is also subject to personal opinion and just like you know what everyone has one! So 4 teams are "worthy" at a shot at the crown out of how many schools? That's crap everyone knows it's crap! How many is enough? 6,8,10,12? How does a committee handle a rivalry game over a century old ? Or the fact its almost impossible to beat the same team twice (Texas) so does that factor into the equation or no? Clemson playing PITT? Come on puhlease that was a championship game? ND playing absolutely NOBODY? come on now REALLY? Did the west coast teams ever get noticed AT ALL? Is UCF really good or is the conference a sham. SEC? Who Bama and.............mmmm? 2 loss GA oh no wait miss,miss st, A&M, LSU fell flat Tennessee? Oh yeah and 5 bucks says Bama can take a bus to every single solitary game they've ever played. The badgers fell flat as did PSU and Muck Fichigan any way you slice it. So yeah it's a complete mess good luck sorting it out. Me personally would rank every single D one school 1 through whatever till you get to what 325 (I think) and your record would coincide with the power rankings of the teams you have played that would be a start anyway
Comment 14 Nov 2018
Only way to prove a point is to "Prove" your point and slap his dick in the dirt with a defamation lawsuit run roughshod over his ass with deep pockets and keep him in court over and over and over again till he's working side gigs running uber and Lyft back and forth to the airport driving dudes he used to interview!
Comment 10 Nov 2018
I know putting out offers to the top recruits nationwide is more or less protocol. But kids that really (cain) show no interest in your school pfft I'd prefer to see efforts spent elsewhere on kids that actually are pumped up and excited about the offer. Take the DE from Ohio 5☆ but is torn between ttun,psu and THE Ohio State? Come on man ya been watching this play out over and over again Carmen Jackson comes to mind. But then again Good for them it's all about choice and THEY hold all the cards and good luck to all of them be happy stay healthy and Get that paper in paper I mean Degree!
Comment 08 Nov 2018
THE Ohio State Buckeyes are not well liked outside the confines of Buckeye Nation and I would go so far as to say Hated. So unless and until The Boys Hammer teams by 20,30,40 they'll never get the respect and trust me they don't have an affinity for the conference as a whole either so when the team looks foolish and gets blown the F out by an unranked team in a conference that has little to no National respect guess what
Comment 03 Nov 2018
If any of you watch game day like I do (between flipping to food network and HGTV) has anyone noticed that Herbstreit has absolutely zero niceties to say on THE OHIO STATE. As a matter of fact it seems like the only former player that pokes his chest out about suiting up for the Buckeyes is Chris Carter! It kinda pisses me off to be honest with you. Zeke? Bosa? Lattimore? Conely? Can't cover Mike? Eddie George? You name the former player not a single one gives props the Biggest one talking didn't even Go to college at all and that's Labron James. Maybe it's just me
Comment 01 Nov 2018
The Kids weren't going to play for the guy anyway. I envisioned the coin toss and teeing up and the players walking off the field in protest. That would have made a GIGANTIC STATEMENT!
Comment 27 Oct 2018
The other teams always come into the game super duper hyped up to play THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES regardless of where it is what time of day it is or what day of the week it is! And its ALL on the players to KNOW this fact that its basically a BOWL game when they line up against them and seasons are made and CRUSHED with a win or loss. Now teams like bama and clemson seem to say "bring it" and continue to hit teams in the snot locker over and over and over again whilst the Buckeyes are listless and low energy and usually find themselves in tight games throughout 3 quarters and "HOPE" that they get a spark from SOMEWHERE. But watching top Ranked teams its maybe 3 possessions and over. So I ask myself why? It's more RARE to see a team like bama down at halftime let alone the 1st quarter like right now Clemson vs Fla St is 21-zip in the 1st half Clemson on top! Now either these young men take it personally at the Woody hayes center or they DON'T anybody can put it on the coaches or some dumb scheme but players make plays. The O line is soft and so is the D line everything else just follows suit! O line average is bigger than most NFL teams for crying out loud and should just be mauling 2&3☆ players in front of them. And the D line seems to have lost its swag when bosa went out. So who WANTS IT huh? I guess the point I'm trying to make is that there NEEDS TO BE AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!
Comment 27 Oct 2018
All anybody wants to do is play ball and riding pine just doesn't sit well in the Belly. So good for them chase your Dreams young Men. "Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with BIG DREAMS is more powerful than one with all the facts" ~Albert Einstein
Comment 23 Oct 2018
Is it just me or does Kirk Herbstreit seem to be a traitor? The news of friction came from him and to be honest dude is just NOT a homer. Look at other "analysts" and the love for their school is obvious and nope I don't blame them at all trust me I would too.....but there's just something about this guy i can't put my finger on but ??? Anyone else feeling this vibe?
Comment 22 Oct 2018
Now maybe its "just me" but all this switching of players in and in and in and out 1 play 2 plays but it can't (IMHO) have a positive effect on chemistry. The fellas can't even get a grip on the flow of the doggone series let alone a quarter or half. It seems as if they're just running guys in the game to just do it. Trust me I'm not on the sideline but unless a starter needs a blow he runs with the 1st team. I mean the Dline no wait the ENTIRE defense unless you're paying strict attention you have no clue who's in the game and I think neither do they. I understand a 2 back rotation but NEITHER gets a feel for the flow or how the O line is handling things upfront. And receivers whoa all over the dang board. Hey listen I know that they want a gang of kids to play but in my opinion it is at HEART of them being soft as the underside of a catfish. I mean why bust your hump to beat out the guy in front of you when you'll probably get just as much if not more run than he is?