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BGSU & CCAF alumni (with a handful of credits from THE). Currently leadership at local call center.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02 and 14 nattys, ETs last second shot to beat scUM in B1G tournament
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Comment 22 Jun 2020

The racial element is a huge stretch. Its great to be educated and aware, but trying to say The Horseshoe, in the context of tOSUs football stadium, is racist, is asinine. Can go by lots of names and for those who want to double down on racial element, that's fine too, because "The House that Harley Built" is an appropriate substitute. 

Comment 20 Apr 2020

I really like Fleck, And as much as I think it would be nice for their program to win a title, obviously they'll have to come through us. I'm over Wisconsin and I'd rather see Gophers than Penn State or scUM take it. He's a winner - a little gimmicky with the row the boat thing, but it worked at WMU and its working so far for Minnesota. 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Well bud, the blueprint sure as hell isn't the #29 ranked recruiting 2021 recruiting class. We're starting where we've started so many times over the past twenty years; and that is that our players are just flat out better than your players. At every position. Our coaches are better than your coaches. At every position. So, for your delusion to come true, it would take injuries to the two deep on O & D (though our freshmen are usually still better than seniors who have been with your program for four years. See: 2016). It could also come true if your play calling is perfect all day, ours is uncharacteristically terrible; and for all four quarters. By the time we get there, the line will surely be double digits. You just are not as good as we are.