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Comment 31 Jul 2019

The next time OSU is getting close to getting a committment, maybe Bucknuts will refrain from telling everyone how that kid is locked into OSU.  Nothing a teenager hates more than to be told they are doing something, well before they are being asked to make the final decision themselves.  First time, with Milton, I said, ok, they will learn not to do that again.  Then, sure enough, there are all the articles about how he was a lock.  Some never learn.

Comment 08 Jan 2018

Looking at the information provided, you could certainly argue that a great deal of the improvement is off of the additional minutes that are actually played.  I recognize however, that this is not really the answer, as there has to be a reason that he gets the increased minutes.

I do not doubt that other things than playing time, in addition to the additional minutes, have gone into his improvement at so many areas.

But a side aspect that continues to hit at me, is the fact that the Buckeyes have a short roster.  Dakich has to have additional minutes because there are not a lot of other players behind him.

Beyond all that, I have to look at the high determination that he must have.  To have made the decision to transfer, in light of the rivalry, in light of his Father, etc., to make such a step must have been a huge, huge decision.  I don't care about the graduate transfer aspect, he had that possibility to any other school that might have him.  Everything aligned for him to OSU, and it must not have been easy for him.  I could only imagine the influence of his friends on the team, the friends he had made at school, and all.

I just think there was a decision he made to accomplish a lot more, not just to waste a year playing college ball before having to get a job.  I would bet that there is some strong determination that was specifically made and we enjoy the result of his decision.  Purely my speculation.

Comment 01 Jan 2018

Never have I seen domination be the defense like this.  It really is a game for the ages from the defensive standpoint.  Also a true connundrum that you have such a fantastic defense, coached up like it is, and then you seem to have almost the polar opposite with an offense that cannot stay on the field long enough to rest the defense.

The problem sitting there, is the frustration watching something so good not being followed by a good to great effort.  It is astonishing and Urban's face showed it throughout the game.  If that actually was the best that OSU can field from the offensive side of the ball, here are some real problems.

You have to be wishing so very strongly that a new day and a new way is dawning next year for the offense.  For the defense, hopefully we can have more of the same.  That dominance by the defense, happening earlier in the season, would make a defining run to the championship.  I am thinking National Championship, the defense was certainly that and much of that defense returns.

These articles, with so much information and help for those of us who are not experts, is so very much appreciated.  Being able to watch these plays, over and over, begins to allow me to view all the little things that are talked about and missed because of a lack of experience.  Thank you so much!!!!!   Happy New Year!!!!!

Comment 19 Dec 2017

My recollection is that Drayton left the day after signing day, so Weber, feeling that he had a loyalty with Drayton, was radically betrayed.  I totally understand it, and it doesn't look good for OSU either, depending on what the circumstances were.  If OSU knew and didn't say anything, that would be bad.  But, it could have been OSU didn't know, Drayton said he was going to tell Weber and didn't, etc., etc.

Weber has done pretty well at OSU, in my opinion.  Would he be featured more at another school?  Don't know.  That's not a certainty.

Comment 10 Nov 2017

I just don't know what to think about how good Michigan State is right now.

After Hondo Carpenter telling me that Jim Bollman is a "savant", I have to realize that we are just playing against a true miracle!   

Because to be a savant when Bollman was so bad when he was at OSU, then he must be a true miracle and a miracle so strong that he must have astonishing powers himself!  I wonder if he doesn't heal the Michigan State football players himself by just giving them a "special touch"!

Comment 04 Oct 2017

Call me the skeptic, I'll put myself out there again for a bunch of down-votes.

JT goes on both sides of the fence, saying there's no issue anymore just because he got a few completions in the Rutgers game.  The writer also says that JT acknowledges the passing part of the game still has to be proven, so its hard to know what he really believes.

But, to say that there should be no more discussion just because he made some completions against a terrible football team is a really bad thing to say.  The odds are that if your keep throwing passes, someone will catch a couple, three or four, eventually.  I am not saying that all the passes from JT were bad.  But even my little bit of dangerous knowledge knows that you don't throw the ball so that the receiver has to slow down and almost let the defensive back catch up to the receiver.

I hope he doesn't practice like the issue is over.  I have wanted him to be a complete quarterback for so very long.  Almost all of us have.  He really could be that Heisman quarterback we thought he had, with enough time and effort.  Sadly, he is a senior, so he is facing a huge deadline.  This is it, this is the year to cement his legacy and claim the right to be called the best quarterback ever, at OSU.  I can't say that about him now, but I would like to.

I do hope that he doubles down on the teaching and works hard to put that football where it needs to be, a high percentage of the time.  The argument of percentages to justify that there are a lot of badly thrown balls, well that is just the worst justification I have ever heard, and I had three children who could try and excuse anything.

He has center stage, now we will see what he does with it.  A lot of fans, myself included, want a very short leash on JT and then put whichever of Burrow or Haskins is best at that time.  I don't want to be in a situation where UFM has let us be two or three td's down before he puts someone else in to run this offence as the full-throated machine that is so, so possible.  We have the staff, the players, the facilities, all to pull off a fantastic run to the championship.  And I do so hope that the focus remains on the championship and not on who is a senior or what something may do to a draft status or because they've had the position they should just keep playing the position no matter how effective they may be.  I really think this team could challenge Alabama and Clemson, but somehow, that offence needs to be running the way that it should be.  The defense seems to be coming along, thank you Mr. Johnson!

Comment 04 Oct 2017

So true!  The organized crime link to Youngstown, throughout the city and business district has always been astonishing.  The closest I have ever been to any of it, I worked for the Milo Beauty Company when one of the Milo's was killed.  After trying to blame it on the mob, it became very evident that it was one of the other family members that likely did the deed.

I've heard about the big Cadillacs, that just about every restaurant (Italian, of course!) had their resident mobster and the only way to get anything done with the City was to have the mob approve it first.

By reputation, Youngstown must be the most corrupt, per capita.  So much badness squeezed into such a small area.  I have no information to say anything is an absolute fact, but man, if it walks, quacks and looks like a duck?

Comment 29 Sep 2017
Emory Jones knows that things change week to week. When he looks at OSU, he has a lot of scenarios to go through in his mind, such as whether one in front of him is fantastic, or leaves early. Each nuance brings out a whole different storyline. If he is smart, he'll think hard and well, but a decision has to come at some point. Commit too late and his assistance in recruiting is lost, to his detriment. Hopefully, he figures it out soon, I say after Michigan.
Comment 29 Sep 2017
Coach Holtmann is highly appreciated for getting a respectable class together. I believe that we lost out on a couple because nothing had been happening and as we see, even the coaches were feeling a lot of pressure. It would be great to pull off one or two highly ranked players and then put together a decent season do that recruits can see OSU will be a good to grateful basketball school. He's done really well, we may be looking to better classes sooner rather than later.
Comment 23 Sep 2017

I thought that we saw that it is definitely Burrows over Haskins.  Haskins either wore down very quickly, or something got into his head.  It was an amazing thing to watch the changes in Haskins as he continued passing; it became worse and worse, less consistent, etc.  Though Burrows was not in the game long enough to see how he does in extended action, he held the slight edge over Haskins for something, and it must be in the maturity area.  Haskins was fine for just a few, but then things really fell off.  JT, I do have to give him some, there was some improvement apparent.  Nothing fantastic though, and I certainly am in the opinion that a change needs to happen to prepare for ranked teams.  It should not be that JT gets pulled when we are in trouble, change needs to happen now.  I was not in favor of pulling JT before, but I just don't see that he will improve to the passing level that we already have, before we have to face ranked teams.


Comment 23 Sep 2017

I agree that this is a shot.  A surprising one, something must have happened to tic him off.  You would have to state generally, that the OSU offensive line hasn't been that competitive this year, period.  It has been a much different beginning than most of us anticipated.

Hopefully, the ship gets righted, PSU gets hit hard, Scum takes a mudbath and UFM has another B1G championship while they prepare to go to the playoffs.  I am liking, more and more, a rematch with OU, though for that to be possible, a lot of weird football would have to be played, I believe.

Comment 23 Sep 2017

Good old Google!  "A group of engineering students from Purdue University reported that its licking machine, modeled after a human tongue, took an average of 364 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop." 

252 by real people.

Comment 23 Sep 2017

Please, please, keep everyone away from twitter.  None of the nonsense from the past few weeks, grown men showing how much they have never really grown up and not fully legal recruits who feel their special abilities give them a duty to 'defend' their idea of how football should be.

No pass efforts from UNLV that become ones for the ages; and start putting together a team that leaves self-importance behind.  Of course, as a Buckeye, I know exactly everything that UFM should be doing and I should still tell the whole world every single breath he takes the wrong way!    If you can't figure out sarcasm, you should not be behind a keyboard!