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Comment 17 hours ago

Im pretty excited for the Oregon home and home.  If that were not scheduled, it would be #1 for me.  

For some reason I'd like to see them against some of the PAC12 schools.  ASU because selfishly it would be bring them to Tempe but teams like UCLA (in the Rose Bowl) and Utah (the program Urban built) would be fun.  After living in PAC12 country, I've found myself enjoying PAC12 ball.  It's not great, it's not as good as the BIG or SEC... but it's an entertaining style of play.  

Outside of the PAC12, I'd like to see them throttle TAMU just to show that simply being a punching bag for the top half of the SEC does not mean you're a Top 25 team.  

Playing in Rockytop could be cool but it would also be like playing a MAC school at this point.  Pull the starters at half.  

Lastly, since it will never happen and since it's an outlandish no win proposition... I want to see them play NDSU in Fargo.

Comment 20 hours ago

For me it's:

1. 2016 - They thought they were better.  They thought they were playoff bound.  It was Harbaugh's best team.  They probably were better but they blew it.  It broke Harbaugh.  It's very possible this is the most painful loss for that fan base... ever.

2. 2014 -  Beating the rival on the way to a BIG title and Natty.  Does it get any better?  JT's injury was bittersweet, but, also a blessing in disguise.  

3. 2018 - This broke the fan base.  This game exemplified just how far apart these two programs are and which direction they are heading. Urban goes out with a bang and Ryan Day enters the picture.  

Comment 20 hours ago

2018 is what broke the fan base.  They all knew in 2019 it was going to be a repeat.   They regressed last year.  Maybe entering the season they thought they had a chance but after getting embarrassed by Wisconsin and watching OSU dominate EVERYONE, by the time game week rolled around it was simply a formality.  

Comment 06 Apr 2020

For as great as Mo was in the first half of the year, he absolutely disappeared in Mid October.  In his final 4 games he had a total of 257 yards and 3 TDs on 61 carries.  I know he was banged up but I just bring it up because I remember him like you:  Looking like possibly the greatest RB talent at OSU until he blew his career up.... but then I go back and look at it and he literally disappeared after the Wisconsin game in mid October.  Outside of the Michigan game, Mo really lit up a bunch of teams with bad running defenses.  

I really don't know what to make of him because his sample size is so small.  He was basically incredible for 7 Saturdays at Ohio State.  

Comment 03 Apr 2020

This is one of the more under appreciated movies out there.  Such a good flick.  Such a good ending.  

Comment 31 Mar 2020

The 2nd or 3rd round pick really needs to be on the offensive line.  I don't think they can wait until round 4 to take someone on the line.  Burrow is going to get killed back there with the turnstyle line they currently have.  

Comment 29 Mar 2020

Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Mexico, etc. would argue otherwise.  Those places have a higher UV index than Florida.

The CDC was on the news here talking about it.  They said it’s obviously not going to stop the spread but that they do believe areas with a high UV index earlier in the year will likely have a slower spread.  But they really don’t know a ton about climate and this virus.  It’s just speculation.  Though we still have one, Arizona’s flu season is substantially shorter than most areas in the country.  

Comment 28 Mar 2020

Not entirely accurate.  Increases in UV light, not temperature, does decrease the viability of many types of influenza and even some of the previously tested Coronaviruses.  UV is basically mother earth’s natural disinfectant.  

I’m not sure on how humidity impacts it.  However, I would assume viruses would survive better in more humid, moist environments (similar to the inside of the human body). Basically nothing survives in the dry ass desert.  

temperature really has no impact.  It would have to be substantially warmer than 100* for temperature to kill off a virus.  Probably closer to 150*.  I mean think about it.  The body is 98.6* and it doesn’t die on contact or when it enters the bloodstream.  

Comment 24 Mar 2020

The virus dying at 80* F doesn't add up at all.  The human body is what?  98.6*? It seems to live through that.... I would think it would have to be WAY hotter than 80* to kill it off.  

UV rays I absolutely believe.  Many electronic medical devices are sterilized using UV light.  They make phone sanitizers which are a UV boxes.  A CDC rep was on the local news here in Phoenix and he described UV as the Earth's natural disinfectant.  It doesn't mean it's going to kill off all COVID and it doesn't mean you aren't going to get it in the desert, but, it does make it a bit harder for the virus to survive.  The majority of the cases in Arizona came from abroad travel or travel from NY.  It was then passed to people they interacted with.  The first 3 confirmed cases in Phoenix were from an ASU student traveling from China and a husband/wife who were in Italy.  

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Its not temperature but yes they believe climate may play a role.  UV being the main factor which is why we see the flu taper off in the spring and summer.  UV rays are natural disinfectants.  Another factor is humidity.  Viruses apparently survive longer in more humid climates.

I live in Phoenix and the spread here has seemingly not been too bad and people seem somewhat concerned but not near the level of other places.  What's interesting (and what makes me think this climate thing really might be a factor) is that Arizona had 3 confirmed cases I believe 5 or so days before Ohio had their first case.  Ohio now has 450 cases and Arizona has 230.

Phoenix is a substantially bigger city than Cleveland or Columbus and this literally the busiest time of year in the valley.  Yet it seems to be progressing as much slower rate here.  It gives me some hope that as the sun starts coming out and the UV rays get more intense that this virus will stop spreading so quickly.   

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Yes and no.  It does spread fast but not as quick as these numbers show.  Mainly because the US really wasn't testing until the end of last week.  So yeah the numbers are going to absolutely sky rocket right now.  The question is, is it sky rocketing because it's spreading?  Is it sky rocketing because we are just starting to test in massive quantities? 

The answer lies somewhere in between.  It's spreading and we are just starting to test.

  I'm also assuming whatever the number of cases is today is a minor fraction of the true number.  

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Isn't Bijan from Tucson?  That's not at all close to Austin.  I wouldn't consider that staying close to home.  I think it's like 1,000 miles away.  EDIT - It's 900 miles from Austin.... For perspective, Clemson is under 500 miles from Columbus.  

Alford simply got out recruited by former Buckeye Stan Drayton.  Bijan even said the entire reason he ended up at Texas was due to Drayton.  

Comment 19 Mar 2020

I’m happy to see grocery stores in Phoenix are starting to announce they will not allow returns.  Hopefully grocery stores nationwide suspend their returns so everyone who bought out all of the supplies can’t simply return their crap when it goes back to normal.  

Comment 13 Mar 2020

haha yes, it's a very real university with a campus.  I think they have around 20k on campus.  They have struggled though and have been flipping or trying to flip at least between being a For Profit university and Non-profit.  

Local Arizona media is now saying Rick Pitino is the leading candidate.....

Comment 09 Mar 2020

One of my complaints with the YTTV setup is that it DVRs EVERY single time the show is aired.  On DTV, I exclusively used the 'First Run Only' option to record.  If it was in the queue, it meant I had not seen it.  YTTV doesn't have that option.

That means, if the show is posted through On-Demand, YTTV will 'record' that in your DVR. It will also record the one which airs 'Live.

Answer to #1 -  When you go to select the show you want to watch, there's an option to 'Choose Recording'.  You should be able to select the one which aired 'Live' instead of the On-Demand version.  This will enable you to 'zip' through the commercials.  

#2 -  Through the app on your phone, you can order the channels on the guide in whatever priority to want.  Then there is even less surfing through the guide needed.  I've realized I have like 12 channels I actually watch.  Those are the first 12 on my guide

#3 - Yup, agree.  I also use the decriptions to check like which episode it is in a series or when it first aired... That's not as easy on YTTV.  But the icon with three dots, typically as all of it.  It's just a little hard to find at first

#4 - Also not hurting for cash.  I actually think at this point, YTTV is simply a better product.