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Comment 11 Mar 2012

TV times for the first round (I refuse to acknowledge the new numbering system), I believe, won't be announced for a couple days.  Times  for the second round are announced Friday for the Saturday games and Saturday for the Sunday games.

Comment 28 Dec 2011

Corey good write up.  Looking at KenPom, he's got NW at 5th in the country in TO% on O with OSU at 2nd in TO% on D.  Those essentially cancel each other out.  Where I see our huge advantage is on the boards.  If we keep NW from shooting well, this should be a comfortable win.

And sorry I hate to be that guy......... but thier?

Comment 03 Dec 2011

Yup I got it through , which looks like it's the reincarnation of

Comment 03 Dec 2011

Agreed.  I think it's fairly clear that Ravenel will be a serviceable 2nd big.  I'm interested to see if Amir can make it a third for this season.

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Well and Sully/Buford/Thomas=42 to Jackson State's 41......#humblebrag.  I officially offer my services as a prop lister Vegas

Comment 15 Nov 2011

Agreed.  Famous moments do not happen because you stage them

Comment 12 Nov 2011

I agree that it might not be the most beneficial for the team for Sully to be on the perimeter.  Where I can see it helping is keeping Sully on the floor when he's foul trouble.  Thankfully that's not very often.

Comment 11 Nov 2011

I know we're all focused on the rustiness of the Bucks right now.  

But I did want to mention my other school Bucknell who's up on Minny 53-48 right now with 6 left...  Don't have a feed but it seems Minny's problems seem to be more of the same (Mbakwe and Sampson in foul trouble, no true star on the team).

Comment 27 Oct 2011

Jeremy, I think alot of us were off on Herron.  Whether it be Saine, Hyde, or hell, even Rod Smith; I know I was looking for someone else to step up.  But the truth is, Herron is a damn good back.  He's not Beanie, but kind of reminds me of Pittman in that he doesn't quite get his due.

Comment 24 Oct 2011

William, a lot of things only work when you have good coaching.  Doesn't change the main point.  The schools are getting 25% more players to work with than others.  If you don't think that makes a difference in your ROI, well then can I have 25% of your paycheck?

I absolutely agree with you on the academics thing.  We all know the SEC West isn't the Ivy League South, but we are playing football here, not Quiz Bowl.

Comment 09 Oct 2011

I agree with alot of the sentiments in the post, however this suspension is on the NCAA.  Gene is on the record for saying it was unduly harsh.

Comment 14 Sep 2011

Thank you for bumping this.  Although I will not be in Columbus that weekend, I'll wear my shirt proud.  I'm sure this will be a great event.

Comment 14 Sep 2011

Relax on Michigan.  They won 4 straight to start 2009 and 5 straight in 2010.  While I do think they'll be improved, their defense still needs a lot of work.   And anyone with any kind of attention span would notice Denard's real problems such as getting bailed out by very poor secondary play on a couple hail mary's on top of 3 interceptions.  

Comment 08 Sep 2011

Well it is supposedly a proposal from them, so if so that's their grave. but with everything that has come out it seems that ND, which is not surprising at all, as being more worried about their traditional rivalries than Texas. 

Comment 08 Sep 2011

Pretty sure Texas would not play Tech/Okla/A&M if they joined a Big Ten with OSU, PSU, Nebraska, Michigan, and Notre Dame.  Probably at least one/year but certainly not 3.  Stoops has already made references to how Red River might be done and I think Texas and A&M want nothing to do with each other right now.

8 could work.  It's less than ideal (play entire division with 2 cross-over games), but not impossible.

Comment 08 Sep 2011

You get ND and one of Okla, Texas, or Va Tech and you have no reason to add anyone else.  Why dilute the product? If you can't get them and you're looking at Maryland, Mizzou as the primary additions then you really need to look at increasing the TV footprint and then look at Rutgers, Syracuse, etc. 

I will say I really hope the league is not focused on adding NYC because the northeast is pretty apathetic to college football.

Comment 08 Sep 2011

I'm not exactly thrilled by the super conference idea.  If we thought the outrage over scheduling (and specifically the Michigan game), it will be 10 times worse if we add 4 new teams.  Essentially, teams will play 7 against their division and 2 against the other.  If we keep the protected rivals, that means we're potentially playing all the others in our conference once every 7 years?  

The main advantage is if it creates a direct play-in for a 4-team playoff, but with the powers that be; that is no guarantee.