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Comment 30 Mar 2016
The day I start excepting mediocrity from a university such as the one I love the Ohio State is the day I'll die... That's surely what alot of Thad(apologist) want to do and you know what that's fine no hate from me.. But imo Thad's best days are behind him in every way coaching wise.. From recruiting to development to motivating he's been terrible for 3 years straight..
Comment 30 Mar 2016
Thad more and more is starting to remind me of one John Cooper.. Cooper to took Ohio State to new levels, recruited talent but could never quite get over the hump of the big game.. As a matter of fact Cooper started the rise of what is now the best program in the country.. With that being said towards the end that didn't matter and with Thad what's he's done 4 or 5 years ago to me doesn't matter... What Matta is doing is setting up deniability when this team comes out next year and plays like hot garbage because there is no continuity/talent... It's a shrewd move and may yet save his job but hopefully it doesn't and the university sees past his shenanigans.. This program has been mediocre to bad for a full 4 year graduating class and there is no hope just like with Cooper towards the end.. The question is who blinks first Thad or Gene???
Comment 29 Mar 2016
Thad needs to come out and give an explanation why players are jumping ship... I maintain that this is the beginning of the end for Thad and he's going to resign within the next year... 80% of your team leaving is a huge problem internally starting with the head coach.. Thad right now is running this program in the ground and it is no light and the end of the tunnel...
Comment 26 Mar 2016
I don't get it??? Why is the only people in the world willing to acknowledge The Ohio State beat the dog crap out of scUM is osu fans???? I mean did I moss something wtf does that Jackass mean "we're even"??? "Even" how when you got beat down at home by the team that's your main rival?? You made a statement on twitter again about an incedent that happened 5 years ago and made your rival better????
Comment 23 Mar 2016
Give me some factual proof anything I said is wrong.. Urban let off at the tale end of the ass kicking in Whore Arbor last year.. Jimmy won't get such mercy come November scUMmer..
Comment 23 Mar 2016
Urban's is gonna beat scUM's brains in come November Jimmy and barring a miracle there's absolutely nothing you or scUM's fanbase can do about it.. After the massacre in Columbus of the vanquished Jackass Harbaugh.. There will be no twittering, there will be no slick comebacks about tattoos just Jimmy sitting there pondering where it all went wrong..
Comment 22 Mar 2016
Look I don't mind if Harbaugh wants to respond because he somehow feels slighted by Gene.. The thing is ya might want to pick a better comeback than something that happened 5 years ago and made your rival better.. I mean we were kicking your teeth in with Tressell but once Meyer arrived on the scene it really was a wrap for scUM.. Ttun has a shit schedule this coming year and they will be overrated per usual coming to the shoe.. Barring a miracle Meyer will once again kick Jimmy's teeth in.. I wonder if those twitter fingers will be so brave then??