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Comment 30 Jul 2012

You really shouldn't take such a strong stance on matters in which you have no knowledge. I've been in Alliance court room and had a white judge refer to DWB as a common occuerence in his courtroom like it was no big deal so don't tell me its just some figment of our imagination! Wtih that said neither of us used the word racism (@least i know i didn't) nor do i absolve the young man of his actions. I was merely trying to give an acccurate account of the climate of the police in this city in particular to the term "DWB", and provide a view point that may differ for just coming down hard on an 18yr old kid for doing what a great deal of his peers are,have,and will keep doing. Your stance and the agression with which you take it says alot though...

Comment 30 Jul 2012

Couldn't have said it better myself!!! You sound like a current or former resident? I feel ya pain bruh! SMH

Comment 30 Jul 2012

@Tennbuckeye19: Sad thing is he's probaly right about the APD. Born and raised in Alliance and EVERYBODY here knows about our cops and I'll just leave it at that. With that said, cmon kid use your head and don't even place yourself in those situations son.

Comment 29 May 2012

Wow!!! Even without the NC's, this was a golden era @ TOSU. It was downright awseome to be a student and on campus with some of these living legends. John Cooper has to go down as on of the greates recruiters ever! I know it against the rules but you probably shoulda named 6 guys for the 90's list. Even with all the choke jobs and 3-5 blown National Championships, it was still the greatest most entertaining decade of OSU football i've ever watched!

Comment 21 May 2012

Not to be correcting you cause i hate that but Winfield was a cornerback not a safety. Probably all the more reason he should be on that mount.

Comment 16 May 2012

Good point 56. I remember being LIVID, yelling and cussing @ t.v. furious with Tressel playin Zwick. Still say we beat Penn State and Vince Young and Longhorns with Smith starting.