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Comment 09 Feb 2020

I live in SEC country and these folks eat, sleep and breath high school football.  I have two huge high schools where I live (one being the winningest program in America) and they have organized spring practices and play spring games. They practically play football 12 months out of the year down here.  I grew up in Ohio and played high school football, and didn't have those kind of schedules.  I remember doing volunteer stuff in the weight room and running the halls in the off-season, but nothing as organized as it is down here.

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Overall a young team that needs to keep at it and get better.  Need some leadership from the Wessons.  Not sure if Jallow was in the lineup there'd be much difference as he hasn't proved to be a scoring juggernaut.  The young Bucks are just going to have to keep playing and improve.  They are playing hard, so that's a good sign.  I trust Holtmann will get this slump turned around, but it isn't easy winning B1G road games.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

~ The gauntlet this Bucks squad has traveled this year will ultimately pay dividends against a team like Clemson who have yet to experience ~

I tend to agree.  There was a time in CFB history, TOSU was in Clemson's boat.  The B1G was horrible. Michigan was destroyed by Rich Rod, and every coach since has struggled to return it to its glory years.  Wisconsin did rise, but not quite to the level enjoyed by the sport's blue bloods.  TOSU became the face of the B1G, but come bowl time, couldn't hang with the top of a quickly rising SEC.  IMO, Urban Meyer not only brought TOSU into an elite group of programs, he also raised the standard in the B1G.  Teams normally placing in the middle of the conference got better, creating more competition during the season, and started winning more bowl games.  Clemson is TOSU pre-Meyer this season.  Does that mean we run all over them? No, but it should make a difference.  The Clemson program has playoff experience, but this is a young team that will be very surprised at the difference in talent level on the other side of the ball versus what they've faced all season. 

TOSU- 31. Clemson- 21

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Great win, but this looks like one of the worst NC teams I've seen.  Not sure they were deserving of a #7 ranking.  However, TOSU might be so good, they made them look that bad.  I do remember reading about a secret game against Louisville last month in which it was reported TOSU won rather handily.  Perhaps we have something very special brewing in the NCAA BB world.