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Comment 04 Nov 2019

Taggart was destroying that program.  Garbage coach, and overdue firing (should have never been hired, but FSU was desperate).  Jimbo left enough talent on that roster to compete with Clemson, and Taggart in his first season demonstrated just how bad he is.  BTW, Jimbo is a POS too.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

38-14 if it rains, 45-10 if nice and sunny.  I'm not so sure if the so called experts know just how good this TOSU team really is.  I've been following college football and the Buckeyes for decades, and this team is top 3 id not the best TOSU team I've seen.  There is just something very special about this team, and I'm not 100% sure there is a team in the B1G that will hang around with this squad.  Don't let the media hype on Wisconsin being a pissed off team facing TOSU get to ya.  Maybe PSU will keep it close for a half, but Wisconsin sure won't.  Mark it down. 

Comment 02 Oct 2019

Major College sports needs a new governing body, or a new commish to come in a drain the swamp that is the NCAA.  There was talk about a new, separate division, and the P5 conferences need to take that path, hire a commish and create a new governing body.  It would be easier to manage, and cut loose the leagues with players who this matter doesn't relate to.  Let the P5 players earn $ for their level of talent, and regulate it in a way that is fair for all, with a level playing field.  Some players will make more than others, some may make nothing at all, and that should be OK.. This is America and what a free market looks like.   Why would a garbage collector make more than a Doctor?   Why would a kicker make more than a RB?  

Paying college athletes has been a topic for over a decade.  There is no better time than now to get this worked out.  If it doesn't get worked out in the next couple of years, we may see the end of college sports as we know it.  And bring back EA SPORTS NCAA FOOTBALL!!!!

Comment 30 Sep 2019

Scott Frost and Nebraska's hype was dashed when they blew it against Colorado.  I believe Frost is a good coach, and with time, will have winning seasons at Nebraska.  Will they ever return to their glory days?  Again, time will tell, but it won't be easy.  I don't think any team in the B1G will fair well against TOSU this season, so the result we saw Saturday will most likely prevail throughout the rest of the season.  Maybe, MAYBE Wisconsin will provide a challenge.  Based on what I've seen, not a challenge most would expect.  Our D-line, and very well our front seven, is the best in the nation.  We may not have the best linebacker corps, but with our D-line which is clearly the best in the nation, they are complimented well.  The defense is in sync, and communicate well.  The secondary has it going.  I don't see Wisconsin or any other team on the schedule having much luck moving the ball around, and I haven't seen a defense capable of slowing the offense down.  The only teams not on our schedule that I see could compete with this team is LSU, Alabama, and maybe Oklahoma.  Clemson is dog shit this year, and it's a shame their schedule happens to be what it is.  They'll probably go undefeated and face their doom in the playoff. If TOSU makes the playoff, like I believe they will, they will win it all.