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MEMBER SINCE   August 16, 2013


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State beating Miami for the national title.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Big Daddy Wilkinson

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Comment 07 Aug 2020

I feel like Wargor’s response above sums it up fairly well for me, except for the difference on hoping for a season this year. Sanitarian, you’ve been a great resource for me on this virus, but I disagree on the outcome regarding hope for a 2020 season. I think CFB coaches and players will die from this across the country, and others will be seriously damaged. I just don’t feel this is a risk worth taking.

Comment 07 Aug 2020

I just don’t think it’s safe at all. We’re already seeing plenty of players catching the virus. Can you imagine if LJ catches it and dies? Or Coombs? Or any of the other coaches? Or some of the players? Yes, it’s a game that we love wholeheartedly, but it’s still just a game. It’s not worth it. 

I just don’t think CFB should or will happen this year, and I’m completely fine with that. Next year, we can resume.

Comment 04 Aug 2020

Taking it one level up, why the heck is a grown man wearing cleats on a social occasion? Were they outside playing flag football first?

Comment 04 Aug 2020

I'm not a psychiatrist, but I often think that he's on the spectrum. Whatever it is, I honestly think he has some kind of condition that he can't control, so I feel bad for him. I really doubt he's just insensitive or something.

Comment 01 Aug 2020

An amazing series. Thank you. I also expect the season to be cancelled. If so, here are some greats I’d love to see videos of, if you don’t mind:

- Big Daddy

- Korey Stringer

- Terrelle Pryor

- Na’ill Diggs

- Joe Germaine

- Chase Young

Those are just a few. Thank you!

Comment 16 Jul 2020

I've attended exactly one game in the 'shoe in my lifetime, and that was it. It was marvelous. Highest scoring Tressel game ever. Man, was I lucky.

Comment 15 Jul 2020

Well said. I would add that Coombs' recruiting prowess are unmatched in the DB world. I may be wrong on that, but if I am, it's very close.

I also want to say that Day has really blown me away on his assistant coach hirings recently. I love all of them. In fact, my expectations for Day were a bit low since he was following one of the two best coaches of the past 40 years, IMO. But he's actually found a way to turn it up, and that is mind-boggling.

Comment 13 Jul 2020

I was watching the Miami game with some friends from grad school at a bar in NYC. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I was extremely nervous because the Hurricanes had the ball inside the 3 with four downs to go (IIRC). I thought for sure they’d score a TD and we’d lose it either on a two-point conversion or in the next OT.  But with each stop, the suspense and hope inside me grew, and by fourth down, I was a bag of nerves. Was it even possible for a midwestern team to still win the natty in this era? I didn’t know, and we had extreme fortune on our side that year to even get that far. And yet, here we were, one play away from realizing my dream.

And then it happened. When we made that fourth down stop, without thinking, I lifted the female Buckeye next to me and put her over my shoulder — I had never met her before that night — jumped on the bar table, and celebrated. The thirty-four year drought was over, which was something I didn’t know would ever happen. After the tantalizing closeness of the Cooper years, it was all over. We had reached the promised land.

The bartender IMMEDIATELY yelled at me to get down. Which I did, with an inner smile that has never left.

Comment 08 Jul 2020

He took them from 4-8 the year before, to 7-5 in his one year there. If I understand this correctly, he also improved the recruiting from 27th in '16 under the previous coach to 19th in '17. Then to bring in Cristobal was fantastic, as he's taken it to another level from there. I'd say he did a great job.