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Comment 03 Apr 2020

I think Day has played the portal beautifully so far.  He certainly hasn't overly relied on it, but the 3 main guys they've brought in the last couple of years - Fields, Jonah Jackson, and Sermon - have been huge (Jackson last year, Fields was and will continue to be, and Sermon is certainly a proven entity from his Oklahoma days).  

His recruiting is kicking so much ass that he doesn't really need to rely on the portal much.  There will always be situations that occur that can be cured by the portal, though.  Particularly, the RB situation this year and the QB situation last year.

Comment 20 Mar 2020

I've been going through the 2006 season (except for the NCG, can't put myself through that again).  SteelBuck 6 on YouTube has some good "no huddle" videos of a lot of OSU games...and many non-OSU games.

Comment 18 Mar 2020

4)  You simply can't get them all

Complaining about recruiting when all OSU does is pull in top 5 class after top 5 class after top 5 class...seems silly.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

She's estimating off of some rate of community spread that may or may not really be holding.  I wouldn't doubt that many more people have it than what is currently confirmed, and may never be confirmed if they don't feel the need to see a doctor.  After all, 80% of people who get it won't need to be hospitalized, per one of our own doctors.

And if she's right and 100,000 people in Ohio have it right now, it will go to prove how overblown this is, barring some huge spike in deaths.  I think we're going to look back at this in a few months and think "damn, this was really overblown in a huge way".

Comment 11 Mar 2020

On the 12 line...the one I wouldn't want to play is SFA, followed by Yale.  Don't know much about Liberty and we've already seen OSU beat Cincy.

In general - avoid Providence...there may not be a hotter team than them right now.  Outside of that...probably Kansas, they seem like the best in the country.  Oregon has that Pritchard guy that can go off from 3...I've seen enough of that over my OSU hoops fandom.

Who do I want to see - Dayton, for all the right reasons.  

Comment 10 Mar 2020

If OSU can get past Friday, they might win the whole damn thing, especially if Kyle Young is back in the picture.  Getting MSU on Friday is a tough draw...but that's OSU's fault for losing some games they shouldn't have lost.  They could have been a better seed to where they wouldn't have been looking at a potential showdown with MSU until Saturday or Sunday (or at all if MSU got upset along the way).  

Comment 10 Mar 2020

Wednesday:  Northwestern beats Minnesota, Indiana beats Nebraska

Thursday:  TTUN beats Rutgers, Iowa beats Northwestern, OSU beats Purdue, Indiana beats PSU

Friday:  Wisconsin beats TTUN, Iowa beats Illinois, MSU beats OSU, Maryland beats Indiana

Saturday:  Wisconsin beats Iowa, MSU beats Maryland

Sunday:  MSU beats Wisconsin

As much as I'd like to see OSU take this tournament, I'm not going to complain too much if they go the route I have predicted here and get a little extra rest.  

Comment 10 Mar 2020

Good LORD, the hysteria is getting out of control.  You can't cancel fucking life because you might get sick from something that you have a 99.8% chance of recovering from unless you're a baby or elderly.  Something that hasn't even been here in Columbus, by the way.  Calm down, people.  Thousands die from the traditional flu, yet we're worried about a virus that's basically the flu and the vast majority of people who get it will be fine.  They already ruined the Arnold...what's next?  The Spring game?  

Wash your hands.  Don't touch people.  Stay home if you do actually get this shit.  We'll be fine if we all follow this advice.

Comment 09 Mar 2020

You know what you're up against when going up there, especially on their senior day.  Good team + home crowd + guys wanting it bad for the seniors + the usual home cooking they get from the officiating (I don't think it was that bad for the most part, compared to other times at least) = probably a loss for the good guys.  I thought the Buckeyes could honestly win this game, and after 25-30 minutes, it looked like they could.  I guess you can only overcome double digit deficits so many times in one game.  I won't discredit the effort, the could have been uglier and ugly earlier than what it was.  I don't think the team loses much of anything from this game.  Just need to be ready for the Big Ten tournament...probably gonna see these guys again on Friday.  Go get some wins and please don't catch Coronavirus (since BTN is afraid of it, apparently, LOL).

Comment 06 Mar 2020

EJ Liddell in the making.  Urban Meyer would be proud...when we needed him the most, he gave his very best.

CLOSING out games strong...definitely struggled early, but excellent play all-around down the stretch.  I worry at times that this team relies too much on the 3 ball, but tonight, they showed they can win when they have trouble hitting it.  Defense was excellent.  Feed it to 32 and 34 down low.  Imagine when Kyle Young comes back.  I don't anticipate Carton coming back at this point...maybe next year if he doesn't go pro.

Everything is falling into place.  

Comment 03 Mar 2020

That this moment came just four months after Michigan football's only win over Ohio State in...

// checks notes... //

The last 16 years makes it a little bit sweeter.

The Evan Turner buzzer beater was in 2010, like a year and a half before that loss lol

The one loss that pisses me off was the one the season before Craft absolutely got fouled, no 2012 up there (56-51)...that was one of the absolute worst officiated games I have ever seen, start to finish.  The refs that night deserved to be fired for their biased, BS calls/no calls.  I don't recall ever being madder after an OSU basketball game than that one.  Officiating absolutely cost OSU that game.

But it's good to somewhat own these guys.  Well, if you go back 20 years.  Recent years it's been even.  But, Holtmann is back to being over .500 against these turds, and I only see that record growing from here.

Comment 27 Feb 2020

What is it with Maryland and overcoming double digit holes?  Minnesota was trashing them last I saw.  Almost did it to OSU, too.

Comment 25 Feb 2020

Like half the MAC is Ohio schools, just about.  As stated above, BG and Akron are looking good for that.  Could definitely be 6.  Not sure if either could get in as an at-large, though.

The real crazy shit to me is the possibly of Dayton being a #1 seed.  They are up to #4 in the latest AP poll.  I haven't watched them since November, when they lost a hard fought OT game in one of those preseason tournaments...I want to say it was to Duke.  I knew they were good, but never expected them to be top 5/#1 seed good.

I certainly think the Buckeyes, if they can keep the momentum going from Sunday, could do some damage in this tournament.  Like, Sweet 16 at a minimum damage.

Comment 24 Feb 2020

Huge win for the boys.  That's the kind of win this team has been needing for a long time.  Awesome free throw shooting, 2nd chance points, and a big day for Luther Muhammad...good day beyond the arc overall for everyone.  That's what is needed down the stretch - make your free throws, own the glass, and have different people step up and have big games and/or make big plays in key moments.  What needs to continue to improve is 3 point defense (seemed kind of lax at times yesterday) and finishing at the rim.  

It wasn't always fact, kind of nervous when Maryland cut it from 14 to 3 and CBS kept flashing the graphic about how Maryland has won 5 games this season in which they trailed by 10+...but the job got done and it was what this team needed.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

I watched some of the earlier portions of the game.  I really liked a lot of what I saw...Rutgers isn't trash (for once), so it was looking real good.  Figured it was over, so I switched to my other favorite Wednesday shows, and then I see OSU only won by 6.  Oh brother.  A win is a win but please, let's not give up the big runs and let teams back in games anymore, OK?