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Comment 24 hours ago

As far as Baldwin goes...if it's true that he's not transferring due to his spot on the depth chart...there's nothing wrong with transferring if you want to be closer to home...maybe there's a situation back home or maybe you're just homesick or something...that's fine.  It certainly happens.  He won't be the first or last.  

What's going to annoy me is all the QBs who are going to transfer out because they're not going to start.  Kids being entitled and shit...the first time something doesn't go their way, boom, they're out...I'm not cool with that.  

I'm all for letting kids transfer and even waiving the year they have to sit out if it's for a legitimate reason.  If it's "waaa they won't let me start!!!"...sorry, your ass should sit a year.

I don't even know how you handle it going forward.  How can we know the "less heralded" kids won't do the same damn thing?  I think you can only hope that the musical chairs work out.  Maybe get a mix of 4-5 stars and 3 stars.  Maybe one of the studs won't mind being the backup, especially if it's for only a year or two.  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

This transfer portal stuff is quickly jumping the shark.  

If it's not related to playing time, which this sounds like is the case, then that's a different story.  Best of luck to him, hope he finds what he's looking for. 

But QBs transferring left and right because they aren't going to be the starter is going to get old really fucking quick.  Just saying.  Not saying that's what Baldwin is doing here, just saying in general.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Spring games often mean diddly poo for what's going to happen in games that actually count.  Just ask Bam Childress.  

And yes, I recall very much not being overly impressed with Haskins in last year's Spring game.  And Haskins had already been in the program for 2 full seasons.  I was tempted to come on here and say "this is the guy y'all wanted to bench JT for?"  Then look at what he did last season.  Yeah, that was the guy. 

Fields has had, what, 14 practices this Spring.  He's probably still learning the playbook and still developing that chemistry with his WRs.  He'll be fine.  Plus, with all the touch crap and no tackling, he loses another big element of his game - the ability to run.  

Comment 08 Apr 2019

Of course Saban is worried about Saban.  I don't think his points are entirely wrong, though.  25% of underclassmen don't get drafted...well 100% of them should have stayed in school.  If you have much more to gain than lose in terms of your draft stock, you should stay in school.  If you have much to lose and nothing really to gain, then you should go pro.

There are also many factors related to why a player doesn't work and is out of the league in 3's not as simple as "they left school too early and weren't ready".  Top picks have busted out, too.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

I was only alive for '99, '07, and '12.  All were very special.  '12 was a nice redemption of sorts for '11, which is still the best OSU team I ever saw and should have won the whole damn thing (that loss to UK has to be the most bitter OSU basketball loss that I can recall).

I have to chuckle at the four Final Fours when there were eight teams in the tournament.  Only one win to get to the Final Four, lol, but hey - it was obviously, much tougher to get there, which in a way, was probably a better way to determine a champion than what we have now...though what we have now is far more exciting.  

Comment 04 Apr 2019

I've always found myself preferring TTUN to be pitiful.  Wanting them to lose every game.  No joy in Mudville.  But this past year has got me seeing the upside of the other side.

The 62-39 bludgeoning in The Game was the most satisfying win over that team since 2006.  Why was it so satisfying?  Because TTUN was actually...good.  Really good.  Like, probably a playoff team if they beat OSU good.  Favored to beat OSU good.  Fans were talking shit left and right about how they were going to demolish OSU, as OSU hadn't looked particularly good throughout most of the first 11 games.  I heard plenty of it.  I laughed it off.  But I knew, deep down, that OSU might be in trouble.  Beating that ass, and ruining every legitimate hope and dream of a Big Ten title and a playoff berth was far more satisfying than most years in recent history when OSU beat down an overmatched TTUN team with nothing to lose.  

Add to that the basketball...TTUN one of the favorites to get back to the Final Four again.  I couldn't take another fucking year of TTUN in the Final Four.  I was so happy that Texas Tech smashed that ass in the Sweet 16.  It was a joyous moment...and one that wouldn't have been possible if TTUN was just, not good at basketball and either not in the tournament or barely in the tournament and not expected to do anything. 

Don't get me wrong, I'll never complain if that team sucks.  But I can see why them being good has its benefits.  Plus, with the past couple of playoff decisions, OSU obviously needs all of the quality wins they can get (or just, you know, not take the really bad losses).  Ultimately, just beat them.  Keep beating them in football.  Get back to beating them in basketball.  Beat them in the other sports that we don't really watch.

Comment 03 Apr 2019

There are some states where that stuff is legal now.  Doesn't necessarily mean that coaches of the college football teams in those states would love the idea of their players using it.  

But I smoked weed in college.  A lot.  I can't judge anyone.

Comment 03 Apr 2019

I don't believe that Fields would have transferred here if he didn't have some kind of indication that he would be the starter.  This is why I can't buy into this talk of there being an actual competition that Baldwin might win.  Unless Baldwin is really outperforming Fields...of course, you want the best guy to start...but I'm not getting that out of anything I've heard so far.  Sounds like it's just a matter of how quickly and fully Fields picks up the offense.  

Comment 02 Apr 2019

Wanted to go to OSU, ended up up there.  Like Chris Spielman in reverse, at least in that aspect.  

Harbaugh comes off to me as strange more than he does arrogant.  It's like he's too weird to even pull off being arrogant.  I'm sure 18 year old Harbaugh thought he was the shit, though.  Unless he was that weird back then, too.

Comment 01 Apr 2019

My CBS Sports app sent me a notification that he and Jake Fromm's IGs were both hacked.  I didn't see what actually happened.  I was hoping the hacker(s) weren't making them, shit to each other on there...but I guess the hacker(s) had a different angle.  Maybe to give the appearance of NCAA violations?  Not that doing Swagbucks, InboxDollars, SurveyJunkie, etc would be violations.  

Comment 29 Mar 2019

So what do I think about this?

THAT WAS A STRAIGHT UP WHOOPIN and I enjoyed every second of it.  I was hoping for a 62-39 final, and it wasn't far from it, but I'll take it.