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Comment 10 Jul 2020

The day two OSU football tickets will sell for $3 is the day that Hell gets completely frozen over, as if Elsa from Frozen went down there and used her powers to turn it into a giant ice palace.  I remember half laughing at that promotion, thinking that's the kind of shit you'd see maybe at Indiana, or Northwestern, or Purdue...not at TTUN.  I was actually embarrassed for them, which is why I only half laughed.

Comment 09 Jul 2020

Let's not play the full season because we're scared of a virus, but let's go ahead and play MOST of the season.  Stupid.  This sounds as dumb as this idea that kids would go back to school half the week and distance learn the other half of the week.  Even if you're going to school 2 days, you're still risking exposure, lol, either go back all 5 days or distance learn all 5 days.  Just play the damn season.  Cancel it if you want to believe all of the lies that have been spun about how bad it is.

Comment 06 Jul 2020

What if OSU didn't come from behind to beat TTUN in 2005?  

What if Herbstreit's fake news wasn't fake, and TTUN actually hired Les Miles back in 2008?  

I couldn't even imagine a world where Bo Pelini was OSU's coach.  I wasn't even thinking about him among the candidates on the "what if it isn't Urban" list.  I thought there was a good chance they'd just stick with Fickell in that situation.

Comment 06 Jul 2020

QB:  If we're talking college, Haskins.  NFL, obviously Wilson, as Haskins still has a lot to prove.  This is a college OSU.

HBs:  OSU, mainly for how Zeke and JK showed up in the big games


TEs:  Big Ten (sorry, hate to go with a TTUN guy, but booty boy gets the edge, especially as a 4 year starter...OSU just doesn't utilize them well enough)


DL:  Easily OSU




K:  Big Ten

All purpose guys:  OSU on both

Coach:  OSU

I didn't expect to end up with so many advantages for OSU.  Wow.

Comment 02 Jul 2020

I agree with all of the Cooper selections.  

At QB, I want Fields.  So Wyatt Davis is out from the Day side, and that creates an extra Tressel pick at RG...but there aren't any candidates on this list (or any that i can think of off the list that I'd want).  For RG, I'll take Billy Price.  Now, I need to replace a Meyer guy with a Tressel guy.  Goodbye Michael Thomas, hello Santonio Holmes.  

LT:  Pace (Cooper 1/4)
LG:  Norwell (Fickell 1/1)
C:  Mangold (Tressel 1/3)
RG:  Price (Meyer 1/2)
RT:  Stringer (Cooper 2/4)
TE:  Dudley (Cooper 3/4):
HB:  Elliott (Meyer 2/2)
QB:  Fields (Day 1/1)
H/FL:  Ginn (Tressel 2/3)
WRs:  Glenn (Cooper 4/4), Holmes (Tressel 3/3)

Comment 30 Jun 2020

After a few years of controversy, what is college football without controversy? The field will be expanded to the eight-team format Dan mentioned.

And there will still be controversy over who's #8 LOL...#9 will feel snubbed most years just like #5 does in the current CFP and #3 did in the BCS (and #7 would in a 6 team format).  

with the caveat that expansion beyond six teams needs to come with a reduction in regular-season games.

Why?  The only difference between 6 teams and 8 teams is how many games the top 2 seeds have to play to win it all.  Seeds 3 and lower have to win 3 games regardless.

I'm fully on board with 8 teams.  Autobids for the Power 5 champs, any undefeated teams, and the top Group of 5 champion if they are ranked in the top 12.  Wild cards fill out the field.  No seeding rules, either, in terms of champs/autobids/wild cards.

Comment 29 Jun 2020

Nonetheless, this would only be the beginning of calls to restrict football programs at major universities over concerns that it was taking attention away from academics, a maze administrators will have to navigate for decades. 

That certainly manifested itself at OSU 36 years later with the infamous decision to decline a bid to the Rose Bowl.  

Comment 25 Jun 2020

Well if the staff lessened contact with him...can't be too surprised at this.  Sounds like a mutual thing, not Devonta essentially saying FU to OSU.  I wonder why the staff did that, though...maybe somebody that they'd rather have came into the fold or something.

Comment 24 Jun 2020

It will be a hell of a battle between Stroud and Jack Miller for who will be the heir apparent to Justin Fields.  The future of the QB room will be bright, though I do worry with the transfer portal, whoever loses out on that battle might leave.  

I read where Oregon is looking at 20% capacity for Autzen, so just over 10,000 fans when OSU rolls in to town.  I think these capacity situations will be on a state by state basis, depending on if there's a surge or if things are staying under control.

Love the Zeke dunking all over TTUN...the line about running for 350 was gold.  That was true when he was still here, but OSU has thrown for about 350 a game on them the last two years LOL

Comment 19 Jun 2020

Holy shit, I never thought I'd see the day.  Bama and Georgia coming here...give us that SEC smoke.

Too bad they couldn't do it Chickenshit Saturday, at least for the year they play up here.  Still, Bama in the 'Shoe, then Buckeyes in Bryant-Denny, first time ever (every other meeting was neutral site IIRC).  Can't wait.

I'd be shocked if Saban is still coaching then.  I wouldn't guarantee their downfall, though...if they replace him with a good, young, up and comer, like OSU and Oklahoma replaced their retiring legends with, look out.  

Comment 08 Jun 2020

After all the public support that he was given for taking the leave that he took for mental health issues...that would be a really bad look if they pushed him out behind the scenes...I have a hard time believing that's exactly what happened.  Just for the sake of winning, why push out your uber talented PG when the team doesn't have great PG depth?  Makes no sense.

Comment 05 Jun 2020

I'm going to come out of left field here, since my real answer has been covered above.

I would have loved just one time, during the Leaders/Legends division alignment from 2011-13, to see OSU and TTUN face off in the Big Ten championship game.  How crazy would that have play The Game as normal...then a week later, hey, you get to do it again.  The Game twice in one season.  

My real answer would be the playoff game this past season vs Clemson...I'd love to change the BS officiating, some of the missed opportunities, but in all honesty, OSU was the better team, and got robbed.  I don't know if OSU could have beaten LSU, but I think they were better equipped than anyone else to do so.  They had the secondary to match up with their WRs, the DL to get pressure on Joe, and I know the offense could score enough on LSU as long as the defense didn't get completely wasted.  

Comment 04 Jun 2020

I hope so.  I get kinda tired of hearing that he's a bust...he was making strides as his rookie year went on until he got hurt, and the Redskins have been so goodness, talk about being put in a situation where just about any rookie QB would fail.

Getting in better shape - that will certainly help.  Working with his WRs to get timing and such right - will help even more.  I expect big strides from #7 this season...except for when they play the Bengals, he can suck on that day.