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Comment 5 hours ago

I don't see UC being the big challenge that everyone thinks they will be...just check their schedule last year, yeah they went 11-2 but look at who they beat.  In-state motivation, Luke Fickell, sure, but I think OSU pulls away by the 3rd quarter.

Nebraska worries me for now...they could end up being overhyped, though, and by the time that game rolls around, I'll be more confident.

MSU worries me IF Nebraska is good and that game is a thriller...I think MSU is on the decline, but history shows that OSU better not be off their game against them.

Northwestern and that long grass...I'm more worried about the 5-star QB they have (who has to play on that same long grass)...they play smart, tough, and that Friday night game feels like the ultimate bizarro world scenario, and I hope OSU can survive that.

I'd be far more worried about Wisconsin and PSU if they were road games.  Wisconsin could be in for a bounceback year, though.  PSU, on the other hand, I think takes a step back, and this year's matchup won't be a thriller like the last 3.

Then there's The Game.  Maybe they will be motivated after the embarrassment last year, but nothing says disrespect like them being favored over you despite your clear dominance over them for years and years, and the annihilation last year.  It is up there, they expect to have a better offense...should be an interesting game.  However, there's a reason that Tressel and Urban have owned that ass for the better part of two decades - respect for the rivalry.  If Day continues that respect, which it appears he will, then he will continue the domination.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

New coaches, new scheme, another year of development...Borland 100% as opposed to last year when he really wasn't...we're going to find out whether it was a coaching/scheme issue (what I suspect) or a talent issue last year...I believe that this unit that struggled last year will perform light years better this year.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

He's going to get a reality check on that when he gets to campus.  Maybe all he's known in his life is OSU owning this rivalry...but one thing remains true - the moment that OSU starts taking this rivalry for granted is the moment that TTUN turns the tables.  There's a reason Urban and Tressel went a combined 16-1 in The Game...they respected the rivalry.  Never took it for granted.  Always had an eye on them and preparing for them.  As long as OSU is pulling in superior talent, then they will continue to own the rivalry as long as they continue to take it seriously.  

I'm not crazy about some of our future recruits giving them bulletin board material.  Bulletin board material for the next game that they won't yet be here for.  I have to imagine that TTUN is motivated enough as is after the embarrassment last year.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

That might be the strongest non-conference schedule I can ever remember in my years of following OSU hoops.  Nearly half of the 11 games will be tough tests.  North Carolina, Kentucky, Villanova - definitely among the elite programs.  Cincinnati and West Virginia are programs that best case, are really good teams, and worst case, are still far better than the cupcakes that tend to fill up these non-conference schedules.  So, really, only 6 cupcakes (not counting the exhibition).  I'm OK with that.  Those cupcake games do serve a purpose, but tougher tests early in the season also serve an equally good (if not better) purpose, too.

Comment 12 Aug 2019

That's unfortunate.  Transferred there because he wouldn't start here...and now he won't start there, either.

And he hasn't even locked down the 2nd string job?  Yikes.  He would have been 2nd string here...highly doubt Hoak would have beaten him out for that.  Wonder what he does now.  Would he transfer again?  I wouldn't think he'd get the immediate eligibility waiver again, barring an end to the one year sit-out rule altogether.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Those transitions are always tough...but for the first time in more than half a century, we had a coach that actually left on his own terms, handing the reins to a chosen successor, with much of the same program infrastructure and no real significant loss of talent that wouldn't have been gone anyway.  Day is set up as well as any new coach probably in OSU history to win right away.  

Comment 06 Aug 2019

TTUN needs to survive Army.  I think there's at least a 40% chance that doesn't happen.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Notre Dame with 1 loss and no Power 5 conference losing to the team that OSU embarrassed...yeah OSU gets in if that happened last year.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

It's a popular take, I just don't see why it necessarily has to be true.  Day is inheriting a ton of talent, a class ranked 14th nationally only because it's small (3rd nationally in terms of average rating per player), and is killing it in future recruiting.  All he's got to do is get the preparation and the in-game stuff down, and there's no reason he can't keep it rolling.

Comment 05 Aug 2019

I still find it pretty fascinating that OSU had never lost a game in which it had scored 35 points or more until the Orange Bowl against Clemson in the 2013 season, and that's still the only one.  To think of all the games where teams scored 50+ and still lost...

Comment 05 Aug 2019

I would love to see this happen on Chickenshit Saturday for the SEC...unfortunately, here in the Big Ten, we play conference games that day.  They'd have to give Wisconsin an earlier conference game, probably against the other team that would also have to play a non-conference game that day.

Bama is coming north, so I do consider that great progress.  Even if it isn't going to be cold, it still is a road game, HOPEFULLY AT NIGHT, in a tough environment.  I'm not sure that given Bama's style of play, the cold would affect them that much, anyway.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Sounds about right.  Get a little better on offense (if Harbaugh really lets Josh Gattis have as much control of the offense as he says he will), not be as dominant on defense (just so many guys to replace, though it's not like you guys will be trash on defense by any stretch).  I'd hedge the bets and say loss at either Wisconsin or PSU, but not both...I'm not convinced on either of them, but perhaps one or the other will actually be good. 

I will say The Game will probably decide the East once again...especially if you guys come in 10-1 or better, since it wouldn't matter whether or not the Bucks found that one dumb game to lose.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

OK then, so...not everybody gets approved?

I guess we can't say that he was afraid of competition at OSU if there would have been stiff competition for him at TCU this season and he still wanted immediate eligibility.  I believe his reasons...can't blame a kid for wanting to be closer to home (coming from someone who came only an hour away from OSU).

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Pretty well from birth...though I didn't honestly start caring about football until I was about 9.  Eddie followed by my first game against Rice in 1996 got me into it.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

2018 is one of those years where it was frustrating for most of it, but when you look back on it now, damn, it really was a great season, and you kinda wish you appreciated it a bit more.  Beat the shit out of TTUN, won the Big Ten, won the Rose Bowl...outside of a national championship, what more could you ask for?  (Besides a Heisman for Haskins.  He totally deserved it over Kyler and Tua.  No way OSU goes 13-1 without his efforts.)

Obviously, we will wonder what could have been had Purdue also been a victory, or at least a close loss...(though would I have wanted to see that "ass cheeks" defense go up against Clemson or Bama in the yes, pretty much between the PSU comeback and The Game annihilation, was a lot of frustrating football to watch.  Maybe this kind of season was supposed to be a message to us as OSU fans to take it easy sometimes - stop being so negative so much, enjoy the greater things in life, such as being a fan of a program as successful as OSU is...success that is rivaled by a number of programs that you can count on one hand.

Comment 30 Jul 2019

RB is one position where they really are a dime a dozen.  This might be the position where missing on a couple of 5 stars that you thought you were likely to get won't hurt that much.  I'm sure there are plenty of very talented RBs out there that would do very well here.  When's the last time OSU lacked talent at the position?  I don't recall that being the case...ever in my lifetime.  

Comment 30 Jul 2019

Saying that the RBs had the yards and the carries, and that they threw the ball a lot more last season - both of those things are actually correct.  They were able to throw the ball more because they ran the QB a lot less.  Leveraging what Haskins did well, and avoiding what he did not do well.

Comment 24 Jul 2019

The violations, which spanned from serious absurd to absurd

FIFY.  My GOD, my head fucking hurts after reading all of that.  

My favorite was Kevin Wilson's tweeting violation, because he "quote tweeted" (whatever that means) instead of "creating a new tweet" now the NCAA is telling people how they can and can't tweet.  As someone said above - FFS, get a fucking life, NCAA.

Comment 22 Jul 2019

Nebraska came on a bit at the end of last year...did turn 0-6 to 4-8.  You see what he did to take UCF from winless to undefeated...he's got a great young QB...building the culture and the confidence there...that game isn't going to be easy.  And as wide open as the west is, OSU could very well see them again if they get to Indy.

Comment 22 Jul 2019

At the end of the day, OSU can't take everyone, as evidenced with Moore (offered but other WRs were prioritized higher, leaving no room), McFarland (cooled on after Dobbins committed), and the guys they didn't offer (Martinez, Hudson, and Bachie, who they didn't even recruit).  And like Bredeson, not everyone is going to think OSU is the right fit.  

There are just so many different factors into what will make a kid decide to go one place and not the other, and even more factors into determining whether the kid will pan out better, as well, or not as well as their star rankings would suggest.  It's easy to get caught up in seeing Ohio kids or kids OSU recruited going elsewhere and becoming star players (especially if they have big games against OSU), and thinking "damn, if only OSU could have nabbed them", personally - no regrets - just check the recordbooks, especially since the start of the BCS era.  Check the 11+ and 12+ win seasons, the Big Ten titles, the BCS/NY6 bowl wins, the national titles (2 to everyone else's 0), national title game appearances (4 to everyone else's 0), and playoff berths (2, should be more, to everyone else's 1).  I think OSU has done well with the players they have/had.