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Comment 13 Feb 2020

I watched some of the earlier portions of the game.  I really liked a lot of what I saw...Rutgers isn't trash (for once), so it was looking real good.  Figured it was over, so I switched to my other favorite Wednesday shows, and then I see OSU only won by 6.  Oh brother.  A win is a win but please, let's not give up the big runs and let teams back in games anymore, OK?

Comment 12 Feb 2020

I'm not sure what's interesting about the victim wanting to discontinue the's her right to do so.  It's certainly not the first time in the history of humankind that a woman (probably very reluctantly) agreed to sex and then realized, in the middle of it, that it was a bad idea for some reason, and it won't be the last.  Yeah, for a guy, it sucks when you're in the heat of the moment with a woman, and she decides that she wants to stop.  You have to deal with it, though, just like anything else in life that's frustrating...can't force her to keep going.

The other part, to me, is the most damning piece of evidence against Riep and Wint.  I don't believe most people who engage in truly consensual sex feel the need to get it on video that the sex was, in fact, consensual.  I know we live in the #metoo times where it might make sense, on the surface, to get that on video...but at the end of the day, what's that going to prove?  That kind of video statement could be easily shot down in court for many reasons by a lawyer who knows what they're doing.  Plus, the fact that on this video, the victim supposedly is crying while Riep is laughing at her...yeah...that's a bad look right there.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Specific, detailed, and incredibly disturbing allegations.  By the far the worst that I can remember being levied against an active OSU player.  Forget being off the team, they need to be rotting in jail if they truly did this.  My thoughts are with the victim, and kudos to her for reporting it (assuming she isn't lying, of course, which I'm thinking is highly unlikely at the moment).

The video of them making her say it was consensual is the key to all of this.  Innocent until proven guilty, yes, but, that making that video does not sound like actions of innocent men.  Just saying.  I suppose we don't have all of the facts yet, and we should wait until we fully jump on Riep and Wint...but I don't think this looks good for them at all.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

There's something to this whole not guarding the 3 point line very well.  I've seen opponents get way too many good looks, and the vast majority of the time, they're hitting those 3s at a good clip.  Even TTUN last week had their looks, but they couldn't make them...had TTUN made 2 more than they did, they would have won.  Those are damning shots in close games, trying to come back, etc.

Compounding the issue is OSU's own inability to make 3s...and 2s much of the time...but they have got to defend the 3 point line better.  That's key #1 to getting back on track.  Key #2 is making more of them themselves.  And cutting down on turnovers.  And not getting blitzed if K. Wesson has to sit for a few minutes.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

I have never understood pulling guys out of games to save them when they’re in foul trouble. 

So that they don't foul out 5 minutes into the 2nd half?

If you keep Wesson in there’s a chance he plays the entire rest of the game without fouling out. 

Are you sure?  This is Kaleb Wesson we're talking about here.  History of being in foul trouble + gets reputation foul calls that are kinda BS

Comment 07 Feb 2020

They're only 1-2 over (depending on if Saunders gets a 6th year), I don't think it's far-fetched that 2 kids decide to leave on their own (given that even the low end guys are still talented guys that could go to a large number of lesser programs and get on the field right away).  You start talking 4, 5+ guys over, then yeah, it'll happen.  How often has that happened here over the years?  I honestly haven't followed this numbers game much, so I can't say for sure.  As far as "pushing players out", I did hear where Urban would push out 5th year seniors if they weren't guys that were going to see the field in a significant way.

Comment 07 Feb 2020

I don't know if that's entirely true.  You look at the 5 programs that got 19 of the 32 5-stars - two of those programs have been to the playoffs exactly one time each - Georgia and LSU.  Meanwhile, Oklahoma has been four times, less than only Alabama and Clemson.  Then of course, you have Bama and Clemson, who have been five times each, and OSU, who has been three times.  If we can explain Oklahoma's penchant of losing in the semis all four times (blown out three of those times) by lack of 5-star recruits, then how do we explain Georgia only making the playoff once and LSU never making it until this past season?

I believe that top talent wants to play with top talent.  We've seen it in the NBA over the last 10-15 years, starting with the Celtics and KG/Ray Allen joining Paul Pierce, to the superteams in Miami, KD going to the Warriors, both LA teams right now, etc.  I think we're seeing some of that in college football, too.  With social media exploding the way it has, kids recruit each other just as much as coaches do.  It's a combination of that and kids wanting to play for superstar coaches.  Kids obviously want to play for Saban.  They want to play for Dabo.  They wanted to play for Urban, and so far, they appear to want to play for Day (keeping things rolling from Urban).  I'm sure kids want to play for Coach O (can't help but be a fan of the guy).  I'm not too familiar with Kirby Smart, but apparently, kids want to play for him, too.

Expanding the field...not sure if that would change anything.  If we see some 5-8 seeds pull off 1st round upsets, then maybe.  If we continue to see blowouts, like we have in 9 of the 12 CFP semifinal games so far, and it's the 1-4s blowing out the 5-8s, then probably not.  It'll take a changing of the guard at a few schools, like Saban retiring, Dabo leaving for some reason, etc.

Comment 05 Feb 2020

Gritty win by the boys last night.  That game was definitely a grinder.  Not always pretty at times, but OSU always had the answer.  Timely shots, clutch free throw shooting at the end (despite horrible free throw shooting most of the night)...and of course, the strange sequence at the end with Simpson grabbing Young's jersey for some reason and getting himself a flagrant 1.  That shouldn't have been a foul on Young at all.  Maybe a little bit of body, but I don't know if that was enough to call.  I've never seen anything like what Simpson did, and I can't say for sure what he was (or wasn't) trying to do there.

Don't look now, but that's 3 in a row.  This team is starting to turn a corner.  Not quite looking like the team that had a legit argument to be #1 back in December, but looking much better than the team that lost 4 in a row.

Comment 04 Feb 2020

Heck of a 3 game stretch for Mahomes for sure...but we already knew how good this guy is.  Dude was on the Madden 20 cover, after all (though there may be something to say about him bucking the Madden curse).  Cardale was an unknown when he took the field for the first time as a starter in Lucas Oil Stadium.  Those were the first 3 starts of his college career, vs Mahomes who has been a 2+ year starter.  Who would ever have imagined a 3rd string QB winning a conference championship game 59-0 over a top 15 team, beating Alabama, and winning the national championship game in his first 3 starts?  That's what was so astonishing about Cardale's run.  Mahomes is an amazing talent...but we knew that, and his postseason performance is less of a surprise. 

Comment 03 Feb 2020

They really are human beings, and not just human beings - young human beings.  We don't know exactly what DJ is going through, but having been through college at OSU, I know there are certainly some things that could be a source of stress, anxiety, etc.  Or maybe it's something different for him, I don't know.  

What I do know is that DJ is a brave young man for putting himself out there like this, and making the tough decision to leave the team.  I can only imagine how difficult it was to walk away from the team...but he did the right thing.  Mental health is nothing to mess with, and its best to deal with it sooner than later.  Don't bottle it up and let it fester, hoping that it just goes away.  It's good to see DJ has all kinds of support available to him...and screw all the people that would dump on him over his decision.  And only very recently has the stigma on these kinds of issues changed.  I can imagine a decade ago when Mark Titus was on the team, if he had left...or maybe the more apt comparison would be if a star player on the team like Evan Turner had left over such a thing, the reaction would have been different and not in a good way.

Comment 03 Feb 2020

For the most part, they were alright.  Nothing was wrong with the previous graphics, though.

Comment 31 Jan 2020

This is the latest in this fairly recent trend of athletes opening up about mental health issues and whatnot.  It's refreshing in a way, as I think addressing mental health can be the key to fixing some problems in society...refreshing not in the sense that people are having these issues, of course, but refreshing in that they can be open and candid about it. 

So, in the short term, yeah, it certainly won't help this basketball team that's trying to regain momentum they had earlier in the season.  However, there are things that are bigger than basketball.  For DJ's sake, I'm glad he's taking this time to get right.  His health and well-being is most important.  And then, who knows, maybe later in the season, this team can get back a 100% DJ, as opposed to whatever percentage he is right now that I imagine is far less than 100%, for the stretch run/postseason play.