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Comment 03 Jul 2019
I'm a proponent of getting the best players to play from wherever. Im former military and I can tell you I absolutely love going into the south and taking there best athletes. I tell all my southern freind (die hard SEC that they school don't measure up to The Ohio state University brand. Straight bragging rights. Whoever fit your system. Granted you should have bias to the Ohio guys but to me best talent with great character available. Plus Ohio guys that don't get in Luke is going to get. I would love to see Luke turn Cincinnati into a power house. Honestly the difference between Lsu and Florida games was speed in the trenches not the skilled areas. Kids from Ohio are fast these days in all positions. Its a different day in time that speed garbage is an ESPN saying to keep the northern teams down.
Comment 29 Jun 2019
Its not about that for Kawhi. I believe more than anything that he would be a Laker if James wasn't there. I think it's harder to make the decision because James is there. He been wanting to be a Laker for a long time from what I heard and read. His family is there. He trains there sometimes with Kobe. Its his home. I don't think he cares about a super team and he just want to be home. I'm a Laker fan and hope he goes lol so Im a little bias. I will say that this would be bad for the NBA though. I don't think he goes and stays in Toronto until James leaves.
Comment 20 Jun 2019
They should pay him. I mean he's the hardest worker on that team. That sets the example and the tone for the locker room. With the exception of the cell phone incident/celebration depending on what side of that your on he isn't a head case like some of the other top so called Wr. As Buckeye fans know he's selfless on the field. He will block your ass like he's catching a touchdown and put the team win first. Thats the guy they need to pay. Ill take him as a Niner over anybody on that offense other than Staley. Thomas is special and you don't get Wr these days that play like this. I mean Him, Spencer help set the tone for for the WR room at Osu for years to come.
Comment 06 May 2019
Another new offer and I know this dudes Uncle. Told him all I could about the Buckeyes.
Comment 02 May 2019

Jones or Joe Burrow would be the question.  I don't believe that Jones is better than Haskins or Burrow. And would have sat behind Joe Burrow in our offense. Yeah he would have been third in my opinion.  I worry about Haskins cause the Redskins is where QBs go to end their career. I'm just thinking Haskins is different though. He can be the best Qb in thier franchise history and with his drive and dedication to watch film he could be great.  That dedication is what separates Brady, Brees, P. Manning from others.  I honestly think he gonna suprise alot of people with how good he'll become. 

Comment 25 Apr 2019
My Niners Got Bosa so Im stoke as hell. I prayed to the football gods man. Thank you Arizona for being duped into drafting Murray. Some Redskins fans hate the pick. I don't care if he had one year. HE IS BETTER THAN FROMM, TUA AND HERBERT. Dwayne actually had two years in the Ryan Day system. He played in alot of games behind JT. In mop up duty yeah but it showed in the TTUN game. Haskins will be great and as a Niner fan I still want A Haskins jersey but well settle with that Bosa!!!!
Comment 09 Apr 2019
You know Haskins had to put this team on his back. Those wr wasn't eating with our other Qbs. I salute Barrett but it take a good Qb to get those speedy Wr balls in right places. Those same Wr was getting crushed by this board at times. Look at the Penn St game the Barrett comeback. They always was capable of that but Barrett didn't have the consistency needed to get them the ball. People forget when your accurate with a big arm the result is what Haskins brought to the table. He had clean pockets yes but also and inconsistent oline at times. If Meyer had installed Power I with an option to throw the running game would've been way more effective on short third downs. It would have made our offense almost unstoppable. But we run spread option with a guy that cant run and the results is a inconsistent running game. I'm a Meyer guy but that was the opportunity to change it up placing a traditional Qb under center and screwing up the whole competition. Haskins is the best Qb this year and next outside of the Clemson kid. Trent Dilfer said he hate to say it but he's the closest thing to Brady in the last couple years. And thats what I see. I hate the Pats but I would absolutely love for him to sit behind Brady.
Comment 16 Mar 2019

All this talk about Tua, Fromm next year is crazy. Tua and Fromm is waaay overrated. Especially Tua and if Haskins goes to the right team he'll be better than both.  I seen a mock where the Lions trade up for him. Which would make since since there coach was a Patriots guy.  Honestly I think the right situation for him is to fall to the Patriots and I hate the Patriots. But they need an guy for the future. Next would be Miami.

Comment 11 Mar 2019
Its good to see Urban go to fox. Even though you had Cowherd back peddling and Skip being Skip. Jason Whitlock who I don't care for actually defended Urban. So on Fox it was mixed but for sure Espn trashed him and the University for that crap. I think if they didn't bash him like they did he probably to back to working for them. Glad he said F em!!!!!
Comment 19 Feb 2019
I honestly wanted it at night. I thought the shoe and even then shithouse would be spectacular at night with everything on the line. Even since were dominating the rival its still the best in sport. I thought that it should be the last show of the day since other rival games play at the same time. But after reading through the comments I have reversed my stance. The Game should be played at 15:30. And since we have a history of playing bad in shitty weather against that ScUm little brother. Im cool with noon or 15:30 start. Lets not change anything and start a new precedence here.
Comment 09 Feb 2019
Man I call that school the Burnt orange team down south. I hate them as much as I hate TTUN. They been a dirty school with their players grabbing privates to dirty play on Braxton etc. Not sure how they can get away with this. We would be on every sports channel with an agenda to the Ncaa to push for punishment of some sort.
Comment 09 Feb 2019
Like I been saying if Fields is coached up unlike he was at Georgia he will start. That nothing bad on Baldwin but Fields by media and various coaching circles had a higher upside than Sunshine down at the Burnt Orange school down south. Fields already seem to check the box as a hard worker and with his talent ceiling its a no brainer he'll start. Baldwin will get a fair shake though but the odds against him unless he has a flawless Spring or he shows out like the next coming of Joe Montana or something. I just don't see that outta a freshman that was hurt and hasn't played bigtime football like Fields has even in limited snaps. I personally believe that Baldwin was told that he would have a couple years in the fold anyway kind of like Cardale Jones was told by Tressel because of him being injured originally and Haskins was the guy. Fromm only started over him because A he took them to a Ship and loyalty by Smart. Kind of like why Bell didn't play and we can go down the list of Buckeyes that should have played and didn't cause of loyalty and coaches trust. Fromm to me took a step back and the way Georgia handled their Qbs as of late they're going to suffer in recruiting in the future especially vs us. Under Day we will start to see Nfl guys wanna play here. Get ready for another Buckeye Golden Age ladies and gentlemen.
Comment 22 Jan 2019
I understand what your saying and some of what your saying is fact. And Im also not saying to not to give OH kids opportunitys either. But what i am saying is recruit the best player by position and scheme not where there from. And if they from OH with even talent then yeah fight hard to get them first. Clemsux and Bama recruit the best in slot or position and I don't believe one second if Alabama and South Carolina was as big as OH their recruiting strategy would change. But that just my opinion.
Comment 22 Jan 2019
I understand some people loyalty to Ohio in recruiting our own. But the best Clemson and Bama don't even recruit their own state. You have to recruit nationally period. This is why Bama is Bama. Their not only dominant because of Saben but there recruiting is top 2 every year nationally. Having Ohio guys is great but we're not going to be a playoff team with that kind of thinking. Ohio guys mostly get you overtake by Penn State who is recruiting nationally. Not saying not to recruit Ohio guys when they fit your scheme and coaching them up but elite talent has to be recruited periodically and it don't matter if they come from Tim buck two or the state of ScUm bag Michigan to down south. Look at that osu team that won the national championship with Elliott. The star players are from other states. Besides it dont matter where you from when your allegiance is to Scarlet and Grey.
Comment 18 Jan 2019
Lets be clear Urban in my opinion can do what he wants. He got us a national championship and was cheated outa at least two more. I do feel if he does take the USC job and the Day era fails alot of people saying they support Urban will change. Or they'll blame Drake and he would absolutely have to go. If the dudes health is bad as they say I hope being over there don't make him take a job at USC. The health part of it would be very stressful. Espn would absolutely have a field day with this especially after he spurned them for Fox. Just saying How many of you would turn im him if the Day era turns out to be bad and Usc is dominating? Im personally good but being on other boards and even this one I see people flip on college students for less. Just Saying......
Comment 16 Jan 2019
Im just gonna say that Day prides himself on changing the offense to the players and there talents. So I don't believe he told the kid he was last in the pecking order. I also believe that Tate had every intention to compete for the job. I think someone was in his ear IE friend or family member. At the same time I've seen tweets from Martell that suggest he doesn't want competition. I don't know but it could be a combination of everything stated. I just know I hate everything The U but wish him well. If his family forced him to makes the decision at least someone knew about what Fields could bring under the right coahing and didn't sugar coat shit with Tate. I don't care about leaving cause these coaches leave for less with no restriction. I wish him well would have like to seen a true Qb competition. The kid is young and he's at the right place for all that twitter talk. That kind of stuff don't fly here anyway.
Comment 11 Jan 2019
I don't know to me I think he was intent on trying beating Fields out and his family or people talked him into leaving. I know he's young too so I could certainly could be wrong but you talk that much trash you damn well try back it up. I have defended Fields on multiple boards and Ill defend Tate. I know your suspose to sign up to play for the University but in reality that's not the case. Tate signed to play for Urban and Day under Urban leadership. I wish Tate the best and hope him and his family finds the college answer he's looking for. He's always be a Buckeye unless he trashes the University.
Comment 08 Jan 2019
If they offered Washington a raise and increase responsibility. It probably his Ohio roots took over and his wife was like lets get the hell outta Xichigan lol. Question do we add another assistant for the Cb or is it going to be Jeff Hafley coaching Cb? Looking like Day holds true teachers in coaching X&Os.
Comment 08 Jan 2019
I seen a highschool coach that team played against Lawrence and Fields. He said both was elite but he would choose Fields over Lawrence. Fields problems comes from supar coaching at Georgia. Same reason Fromm took a step back. We got elite coaching for a Qb at Osu. I think even if Tate wins the job initially Fields will eventually take over because being coached right will eventually make his talent shine through. The reason I say that cause Tate has been in the system longer and also if Fields doesn't get cleared. Tate will have to put up similar numbers to Haskins to keep the job. Either way its good for Buckeye fans. My problem with Tate while I luv his confidence initially it worries me that if he gets the job he's a Twitter guy. His first warning cool and the second warning was ok you running your trap. I just wonder and anyone who followed the kid sqaure me away that he can let things get in his head a little. I don't want my Qb talking trash to upcoming opponents like Bama or Clemsux when we finally get the opportunity and media do what they do to down the team and him taking that personal. Just saying.
Comment 02 Jan 2019
I was on the fence about whether I wanted an Sec Squad to win or Herman punk ass to lose. Then my buddy who is a die hard Sec guy whose also die hard Gamecocks fan said he wanted everyone in the Sec to lose since his gamecocks loss well except Bama and the only reason not them cause they play Clemsux. He suprised the hell outta me and said screw them other Sec teams. I watch the game and then I saw Herman puke face all over the Tv then the whole summer fiasco started to come back to me and then I said Go fu@@king Georgia. My buddy whose is your typical Sec guy rooting for Texas and I was rooting for Georgia to win the Sugar bowl. I tell you this was the strangest season I ever witness lol