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Comment 04 Jun 2020
Thanks and like I said I never wanted to offend anyone. Im just tired man. I have three boys. Two serve in the Airforce and I got a five year old. Sometimes I look at the world and wonder is we ever going to move to a point where its never an issue. All the stuff going and I think was it fair to my little boy to bring him here. I know I shouldn't think like that but I can't help but feel that way recently. Anyway thanks for your post
Comment 03 Jun 2020

I think if were having the conversation about it. Then don't block the comments. I would like to see what everyone is saying and respond in kind.   Trolls and all.... Some white people go to “THE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF BLACK ON BLACK crime first”.  That doesn't justify police behavior, racism and so on. That's a dumb ass statement. If you don't think there is a underlying problem is this country. YOU are part of the problem.  Some of you support a college team that has mostly black on it and don't even understand or care to understand their plight as young African Americans in this country. Some of you have strong beliefs and there is nothing wrong with that but some of those beliefs prohibit you from opening your mind to things going on around you in this country. There is plenty of literature and videos out there on how systemic racisms in our justice system alone is a problem. How past presidents on both side did things to help create or even influence your BLACK on BLACK crime rally cry. Now lets be clear I’m not given any type of excuses for any indivulals who doesn’t have the drive to pull themselves up and do something with their lives beat the system your in. I DID.  I was lucky though I had a family who I didn’t want to disappoint and would kill me if I did anything of that nature. How about those rasist banks have treated blacks for years. Can’t even get a fair loan on the content of a  financial behavior based on his or her counterpart. So I can’t get a fair loan because I’m black.  I could try somewhere else but that besides the point. So the black man has to avoid killing and being killed get out of a bad neighborhood. Then have to deal with systemic racism too okay. I pose a question to all of you…..If racism didn’t exist do you think black on black crime would be minimal?  I not even going to talk about the subpar schools system in most of these neighborhoods. Lets talk about when black did pull themselves up and create wealth themselves. Blackwallstreet happens read up on that. Sure blame it on the past right slavery’s over this is 2020……….It’s schools right now in Mississippi still fighting over segregation. WHY? I got pulled over by a cop. This guy walks up to my SUV with his gun pointed at the car. I seen this all in my mirror. I had both of my boys and wife with me and I put my hands out  yelled out the window. My kids are in the car I’ll do whatever you need to get you to put that gun away. I didn’t give a fuc bout him violating my rights at this point because the only thing I cared about was getting my family out of there. Do what you will with me and that how I seen it.  But to come up with his weapon drawn is piss poor training and pointing it at the car. Was it racially motivated ,maybe but this kind of stuff happens more often to people of color. By the way I didn’t do anything and he claims to have misidentified me after I shown him that I was a veteran and pretty much did everything I could to make him see I was not a threat. Was pretty rude too about the whole thing like it was my fault. Another go to is If you don’t like it leave the country lol. Well My ancestors help build this country some unwillingly and I have every right to stay. I fought for this country so I got every right to complain.  I’m not saying that this country is not great. I’m just saying that it could be so much more.

Comment 02 Jun 2020
Statistically you probably right. But it doesn't change the fact that this happens and have happen since and before Rodney King for example. The difference is these acts get placed on camera where before it didn't happen. Dying is one thing but what about all the black people that get thier asses kick for being black. Statically doesn't cover that bullcrap. Harrassment for being as they say in the wrong neighborhood. Yeah I had that happen....It doesn't mean that they die all the time. Black on Black crime is a problem but whites kill whites too it doesn't justify police brutality. Cops are there to protect and serve not harassment, bully, and kill people. I served in the Army for 10 years. And we treat people of other nations better than our own. You mean to tell me an 18 year old can make better decisions than some of these grown men. I served in Kosovo, Korea, and Kuwait and Iraq. We wasn't allowed to even shoot in war first where I was at. You damn for sure couldn't rough them up even when they tamper with or steal our pipeline. I know the job is hard but I don't feel sorry for them. They have to hold each other accountable and be held to a higher standard for unsatisfactory behavior.
Comment 02 Jun 2020
And don't shoot the messenger. I believe Ryan Day will win us multiple championships before he's done at Osu But most of the national media probably believes that Urban left Day a helluva team. Even though most of them picked us not to win the Big Ten. Cowherd didn't believe in Ryan Day for example. Truthfully he has to win a national championship and win one with his own players. I don't see why the media treats Day different from Lincoln Riley but Day is better in my opinion and hopefully we prove it on the field soon. They love Riley and don't talk much about Day except Louis Riddick. Louis Riddick loves Ryan Day and I can tell you if he gets a GM spot with a lame duck coach. He will go after Day no doubts about it.
Comment 28 May 2020

I was in the Army at FT LEE when this game happen. It was me and a friend Buckeye fans and the whole company let us have it at the COB formation.  It was great going back to work and letting them all have it. I mean not one was a Buckeye except me and my buddy. He was from Cleveland.

Comment 27 May 2020

Everyone say that Fickell isn't a great fit. I disagree with that and think he's exactly what USC needs. He is an elite recruiter and would get there defense back to what they were.  Because he's not hollywood enough is why people say he isn't a great fit. But laa the coach they hired that was didn't do much of anything.  Usc needs to go back to the basics with toughness but what do I care LOL it really doesn't matter what they do......

Comment 26 May 2020
Been saying this for years. Some people have blinders on for recruiting Ohio Kids only. Everything you said I agree with. I think that Coach Day has been getting the right mix. TTDS, Bama both do the same. Im not opposed to going into SEC country and getting their best. Vonn Bell comes to mind after we stole him from Georgia and Tennessee. I remember those frustrated faces from those Tennessee fans and that makes even more special. Its also been Ohio kids the staff went after and they went elsewhere. Overall Im satisfied with the process this staff uses. Plus the fact that a kid that comes to Columbus understand the rivalry just like any kid that's from Ohio.
Comment 24 May 2020

One question where the Buckeye insiders on the move to?  Just asking a friend

Comment 24 May 2020

I'm a Birm guy and think he's top notch but all the rest are okay with me to...

Comment 13 May 2020
I been on the fence about this. Im essential so Im working. I don't know true statistics or what true or fiction at this point. But I do know this country is going to have to open and soon. People that don't have jobs or being able to take care of their family's will start to get desperate. Then you'll see crime go up. There's no way that this country can continue to operate this way without dire consequences then what we already have. Then they say it could come back in the fall stronger. Once we come out of quarantine we can't go back. I'm a person that is high risk too but understand that there's noway this can continue to operate this way. If it does this country could become chaotic. I hope and pray that I'm beyond wrong. My uncle who lives in Columbus told me they food bank lines is the longest he ever seen in his lifetime. He's in his mid 50s. Maybe I just need a drink and a chill pill. Stay safe from a Buckeye fan in Va.........
Comment 11 May 2020
Jameson Williams way to fast to be left off the field. If he got all together there is noway the leave him off the field. He's a home run treat every time he touch the ball. I think its Olave ,Williams and Wilson with Harris coming in. Not sure the Freshman get alot of playing time with what's going on with the virus. Nobody's going to stop that line up though and its absolutely scary. If I had to wager Fleming gets the first shot because he's an elite blocker.
Comment 06 May 2020
The problem with Miller's assessment and some of you is not taking in account that Fields hasn't been in the offense but Spring and Fall. Holding onto the ball could be alot of reasons including true familiarity with the offense. It was already said that it takes a couple of years to truly get the offense. I think his take is utter bullshit and its not because Fields a Buckeye. There is alot of reason for him to hold onto the ball other than that. IE overconfidence in himself and his ability to escape and overconfidence in his brothers upfront. Fields to have limited time in the offense he still put up Heisman numbers. Credit goes to the coaching staff but major credit to Fields and his work ethic.
Comment 21 Apr 2020

I refused to say the C word lol.... I now refer to them as someone said in this beloved Buckeye fan site as TTDS. Their fans are no different than TTUN fans except they actually gotten the better of our team.  And even still their fan base still have an obsession over anything Buckeye. I know we only have one rival but I dislike them as much as TTUN. This decommitment is Tony the TIger Greaaaaaaat and I don't care if he comes to the good guys or not. As long as it's not them.  Good day Good luck stay safe people............