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Comment 22 Jan 2020
I read the rest of that Bama blog and some believe we were better and should've beaten them if it wasn't for the refs. A soft shedule will eventually be their downfall. They wont continue to understand what its like to play a tough team. I mean if we converted we destroy them like Lsu. Lsu just exposed them and made it all count. I believe that if they continue to get the easy road and get destroyed this will be their downfall. Everybody knows we would've given Lsu the better game. But I understand that is not the reality of what happen. Bottom line we just need to worry about us and hopefully we see them again to be part of their downfall. Hopefully with this angry team we are fortunate enough to get in , we get in with a healty Justin Smith/team and Pac 12 refs.
Comment 16 Jan 2020
I feel you man. For years I came to this website and read the comments but never would send my own. I decided what the hell. Were all Buckeye fans and whether my comments are upvoted or downvoted I said my piece with people that have the same overall feeling about the team. I glad I did and this site has been awesome and a staple in my life for years. I used to hang out at another site but elevenwarriors is what that site used to be. And the fans here are realistic in my opinion.
Comment 12 Jan 2020

I'm a Niner fan but want to see the Browns contend. My old man was a Brown fan and like to see them back. I think the coach should have been  Ron Rivera. I think he would have been perfect for this roster and the Browns should have offered him a deal he couldn't refuse.  This team need a coach that can bring discipline.  I feel for you guys as fans and it's been time for them to be a AFC contender. I hope this guy can work and be a stable force for that team.

Comment 06 Jan 2020
Yep just as I said thanks for laying it out for us. We would have at least Three to four championships if we had coaching consistency on both side of the ball. Well we didn't get a chance to play Notre Dame Meyer's first year. 2015 was a bad replacement by Meyer. And the Haskins year defense talent was there but coaching staff didn't simplify the system for them. But overall talentwise never in my opinion been a problem. But Im proud of what the program has done these last ten hell 20 years. Its been a helluva ride even through the ups and downs. I think we got a Gem in Day and we'll look back at his time here as legendary too
Comment 06 Jan 2020
1-5 recruiting clases to me are close talentwise. So many things that separate classes and too much debate. Clemson didn't do it with top 3 classes. Depending on what list you look at we been higher. They're developing their players with a consistent coaching staff. That's the advantage Clemson has had over even Bama. Day can beat them both but he got to have guys be around for time. Guys like Hartline and hopefully Dennis. But we need a guy like Venables to be around for defense for a long time. If it is true we getting Combs back thats great but when Cincinnati comes calling will he bounce? Our problem is we had either a championship defense and not the consistency at offense or vise versa. Why because we lose a key memeber of the coaching staff which will happen I understand but we and Bama lose key members and Clemson don't. Offense I don't think we'll have to worry about with Day around but consistency on defense is the yearly worry for me. Example I know everyone knows this but if Texas Tom comes back we win back to back championships. With Jt Barret or 12 gage and Jt regressed untill Day came. Bad Coaching hires by Urban has cost us not talent in my opinion. I like that Day hires teachers first and foremost. I believe in Day though to make changes when changes are needed.
Comment 02 Jan 2020
In my opinion Wade is one of the best cornerbacks in America right behind Okudah. He could've played outside easily. Yeah he probably would've gotten the same spotlight as Okudah. He made a sacrifice for his brothers and Nfl teams will figure that out. He'll go to the combine and work his way into a top ten pick. He doesn't need to come back even though we all want him too. He was banged up some of the year and I just cant see him coming back to risk it. This team got a lot of challenges to overcome next year at corner though the talent is there. Reminds me when Apple, Bell , Powell and Grant all left. We replaced them with what I thought was a better secondary with Lattimore Hooker and company. The defense will be ok guys and gals. I know its alot of fear that this defense will return to a learning curve and suck again. I blame that performance on the coaching and Day will get a elite coach and will fire in heartbeat if he doesn't work. In other words I wish Wade the best and happy for him.
Comment 01 Jan 2020
I don't get the Day spreading himself thin comments. Coach Day has been and will alway be the primary QB coach on offense. He said this multiple times in interviews and so on. He and Wilson will always call the plays. Its the main reason Yurcich left. Corey Dennis has already had major major impact on our Qbs. This is a no brainer and I expected it. He is perfect for what Day want on the coaching staff in that position. As far recruiting go Day will also go after the guys he wants personally and Dennis recruiting will be a added effect. Dennis will continue to learn for a long time from the best in College football and continue to be an extension of Day. Day has hit hiring coaches out of the park and I trust him and that include replacing Hafley.
Comment 31 Dec 2019
I been saying this throughout the year and the last couple of weeks. Clemsux to me is a rival and the fact is we need to treat them like TTUN. True it doesn't have the long history that TTUN provides. But it does provide painful one in my eyes. We have never beaten them and have been embarrassed by them. Whether the Woody deal or the straight blow out we received. Their fans trashing our program like they been doing this for decades when they just now sniffing the recent success. Yeah they have bragging rights and from each game with them we play they sound like that other fan base. Except they actually beat us and the other fan base has warped egos of the past. Let the record show I have the same hate as I do for them as ScUm and as others have said I want them everytime we get in the playoff. Hell put their burnt chumps asses on the shedule NOW!!!!!!
Comment 29 Dec 2019
This loss hurts man and Im not going to lie............... Before and after the game I felt like I was going on the field and loss with this team. The fought their hearts out man and respect to our team. The crazy part man its just a game and why am I so emotionally invested. This will take awile to get over. After all that I'm hopeful for the future with Ryan Day.
Comment 26 Dec 2019

As far as Mark May goes........This further validates that this type of narrative and bullcrap that ESPN encourages.  How about give an professional opinion based on years of experience that's fair. I guess that's too much to ask for from the leading sports news outlet in the world.  Minds me of all the news outlets from CNN to Fox . They're all bad.......  I'll continue to watch FOX for sports at least I get to see a legendary Buckeye that will actually defend our team against dumb shenanigans like this.  Instead of becoming part of the narrative like just about every former Buckeye that goes on Espn.  I can listen to down right deserved criticism but blatant disrespect that undeserved is the problem.

Comment 23 Dec 2019
I think some people on here is frustrated with how it went down with the guy with a last name for a first name and a last name for a first name. You know that Jackson kid lol. I think alot of frustration is added with anything concerning Dabo. The way he was using negative recruiting tactics and Jackson went their on then facts that was dishonest. Although they later to be true but not because they actually knew the real facts about Urban retirement. I understand the frustration for the kid not doing his fact checks but in the end he's still a kid. With that said I want Chase Young to embarrass this kid and eat his lunch and there's nothing wrong with that. Its like punishing your kid for making the Wrong decisions. Whether you spank their ass or ground they still need to be punished and Jackson needs that for making the Wrong decision.
Comment 14 Dec 2019
I probably get downvoted but a guy that I believe has ties to Day and Meyer would be Charlie Strong. Charile has had job opportunities and would need to reinvent himself as a DC before he got a chance agiain. If you hire him it could be similar to Brent Venables at Clemsux. If course if he comes in and do the job as elite as Hafley did. I said Freeman in another post but you stand the chance of losing Freeman in some years and teaming Strong with Greg might be familiarity there.
Comment 14 Dec 2019
He could look at Freeman again if Washington also leave too for Linebacker/Assistant Dc. Then bring in another young Secondary coach that we never heard about. I trust Day but he definitely need to get guys that can stay awhile. It's the reason why Clemsux has consistently been dominant. Eventually transition will catch up and its pretty much what Bama dealing with now. Hell its hurt us too and probably cost is multiple championships because of the guys that just didn't fit in those elevated positions. ( See 2015 for reference.........) Freeman was offered the linebacker job (tell me if Im wrong). If he's offered Assistance DC he might come. He would eventually leave too but I definitely believe he'll stay for at least 2-5 years.
Comment 14 Dec 2019

Hey should've stayed and went for the USC job.  I personally think he could have gotten that job and been a perfect fit.  I'm not salty but I dont think its a great move when that USC job could open next year.   Its going to be hard recruiting there. Good luck to him though and I hope he proves us wrong for himself and his family,

Comment 13 Dec 2019
When he say that. I missed that one Zonabuck. You know I want them to keep at it all. Keep up with the shots they sending us. Day won't have to say to many words of motivation. They'll keep hearing about how the Bigten hasn't score etc. They just fueling a mad team. It started with the coaching list and took its path of flight with the DBU statements. This is what I wanted because this will create Violence, Victims and the most important Victories when the Buckeyes hit the field. Against any of the three teams.