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2011 graduate of THE Ohio State University (very proud of it). Also, post graduate of THE University of Cincinnati (kinda proud of it). Avid follower of all things Ohio State athletics.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2001-02 Buckeyes coming through on Jim Tressel's promise by beating TTUN 26-20.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 21 Apr 2020
Favorite NFL Draft moment in your life being a fan? If you were an NFL General Manager how would handle "Draft Day" Just how crazy is an Ohio State Pro Day with all those NFL personnel walking around the facility? I always hear of coaches texting and calling players, what are the recruiting rules and just how annoying is that process when you have spoken to the players going through the recruiting process? Colin, growing up in Richmond, VA (I was a former strength coach at U of R) did you ever want Richmond to have a pro football team? What are the major differences between NFL football writers and NCAA football writers? Thanks for the podcast, its been great looking forward to them on Wednesdays!
Comment 14 Apr 2020

1917 was more boring than I thought it would be, I mean it is WWI movie after all and that war just doesn't get much fanfare. The story is unique to the director which is cool and the heaviness at the end is worth the watch (just takes a little time to get there).

Comment 14 Apr 2020

Since I've been missing baseball like crazy I have been getting my fix by watching all the movies in that genre. Some classics that I have watched since Mar. 17th include The Natural, Field of Dreams, For Love of the Game, The Rookie, Mr. Baseball, Rookie of the Year, Little Big League, Major League, and I just finished Bull Durham.

Comment 14 Apr 2020

I think just starting the college football season with the conference schedule (Sept. 26th) would be great. We already have to suffer the doldrums of another Ohio school getting demolished, we could avoid the quack attack, and who cares about Buffalo (without a Khalil Mack type player no less). Also, by not starting the season until the end of Sept. you would theoretically have a ton of time to get a full training camp in.

Home games go down from 7 to 5 but I would think you wouldn't have to pay those schools that didn't come to the Shoe early in the year. I may be wrong about this because I'm not sure when those teams get the check from OSU. 

Comment 14 Apr 2020

1. Good Will Hunting (…"son of a b*tch, stole my line")

2. The Natural...the whole homerun sequence is pure magic.

3. Saving Private Ryan...just awesome and a fitting culmination.

Comment 22 Oct 2019
Been married just over a year so probably not the best person to look to for advice on marriage. BUT I would say that understanding what you each want in life (career, kids, religion, sports affiliation-obviously the most important, sex expectations, etc.) are paramount to a good start.
Comment 22 Oct 2019
I would love to see this result. I'm thinking more 35-0. I don't see Wisconsin's offense moving the ball with any kind of consistency.
Comment 14 Oct 2019
I'm glad someone brought up Dave Ramsey so soon. You're absolutely right; I don't agree with everything he says (no credit cards is a little ridiculous in this day and age) but his basic guidance has really set me and my family up for some financial stability.
Comment 14 Oct 2019
Drop sets are brutal! You're right about the trash can too ;) I'll let you know how it goes with the squats soon. Thanks for the message my friend.
Comment 14 Oct 2019
Just came across this thread, I am at 236 hoping to get down to below 200 for my 32nd birthday in July. Being a fat strength coach is awful, of course people respect my knowledge but being out of breath demonstrating movements is embarrassing. So, with a little help from my friends on 11W and my local support I will be working towards this goal and helping you guys anyway I can.
Comment 13 Oct 2019
That is a pretty big starting line, but then again this OSU team has been covering like crazy. This line may shift down though because of the funkiness a Friday night game provides. Still; you're right can't worry about this stuff one bit, JUST WIN BABY (ala Al Davis)
Comment 11 Oct 2019
Hope this league lasts longer than the AAF for guys like this. Also, the support staff in the AAF (strength coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, etc.) got screwed too of course, so it's cool to have something else for them as well.
Comment 11 Oct 2019
What a great f'ing question; without further ado my mascots would be: 1. Otto the Orange (Syracuse duh)- kids would think they are about to get some orange slices with their lunch instead Otto stream rolls them. 2. Purdue Pete- just so I could see his ass get kicked. And......... 3. Captain Cane (Tulsa)- because he looks like the kind of douche mascot that hates when kids try to take pictures with him.
Comment 11 Oct 2019
A great non sports podcast, although some of the guests are from the sports realm, is The Learning Leader Podcast from Ryan Hawk (AJ Hawk's brother).
Comment 11 Oct 2019
I respect the hell out of Coach Fitz as a DI head coach, and he will have his team ready to go; but I feel the talent level on this year's OSU team is just too much for these mid level or below B1G teams (which unfortunately looks like everyone except Wisky and PSU).