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Comment 27 Dec 2019
Agreed. I love having the two QBs in our class and I feel this will be a healthy competition for a few years to come. After watching films on both of these future QBs I have been more impressed with Jack. Not knocking either QB but mr. Miller was running for his life from poor o line play over and over. His ability to make throws on the move is truly impressive. Looking forward to seeing him destroy secondaries once he gets a good O line and time to use proper throwing mechanics.
Comment 13 Nov 2019
Maybe the whistleblower knew what the NCAA rules are and were trying to get him suspended for the remaining regular season. The amount Chase was loaned was never disclosed but was admitted to be in the 4 game suspension range. If the NCAA wanted to be absolute pricks they could have enforced the maximum 4 game suspension with exactly 4 games left to play. I personally find the timing more than suspicious, someone was absolutely trying thier best to derail our beloved Buckeye crazy train. The best part is the attempt failed miserably and now Chase is going to play like his dreads are on fire.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
Completely agree about the (419) TTUN fans, they are truly obnoxious. Living in Toledo for close to forty years I've had to endure my fair share of trash talking from that group of fans. I respect that team up north, they had our number for years but I can't lie it puts a smile on my face to see all the UM gear / car windows flags disappear from sight every year after THE GAME. For me I would rather walk the walk than talk the talk. Young Mr. Henry will learn to do the same. Damn good time to be a Buckeye fan but bad area to live in without hearing the annual this is our year we have (insert any decent TTUN players name back for another season).
Comment 25 Jun 2019
Exactly. UM has had some decent recruiting classes but what are these writers thinking. The defensive depth is not next man up deep. There are definitely no more Garys,Winovichs, and Bushs to fill in and replace without skipping a beat. Not to mention the absolute lack of a running back. Both Higdon and Evans are gone. I do think the passing game should in theory be better if Black and Peoples Jones stay healthy but if they have no running game and a weaker defensive line I don't see how the 2019 fighting harbaughs are better than last season.
Comment 06 Dec 2018
Glad to hear your condition has resolved. Urbans condition can be corrected as well. He can go a few ways to improve the arachnoid cyst. First route is exact same procedure in 2014 where the fluid is drained or next option is to have a shunt placed into his skull. This would require a small tube being placed in his skull that allowed the cyst fluid to drain into the intestinal tract. In theory, this would help alleviate the pain and pressure but neither option is 100% perfect and both could possibly fail again. As a fan base we will just have to look forward to having urban hopefully in a leadership position outside of being the head coach. I would love to see him teach a class and have the ability to positively impact student athletes once again. Glad you have overcome all your medical problems and hope the same for Urban. Go Bucks.
Comment 02 Nov 2018

Prayers sent your way. Fight like hell and show that AML that it chose the wrong Buckeye to pick on. Stay strong and take care, we will all be awaiting your return to 11W.

Comment 02 Nov 2018

Prayers sent your way. Fight like hell and show that AML that it chose the wrong Buckeye to pick on. Stay strong and take care, we will all be awaiting your return to 11W.

Comment 13 Aug 2018
Yeah the lovely Toledo Blade at its finest. Just 2 weeks ago they took a Toledo mans Twitter feed and ran with it without any fact checking. Man on Twitter said 16 year old unarmed boy shot by Toledo police. Truth comes out and it was a 25 year old armed suspect wanted for multiple felony armed robberies. Tragically a life was lost but not a unarmed 16 year old boy. The Toledo blade is being boycotted by TPD and had the city in a uproar, the Blade is a joke.
Comment 28 Jan 2018
St.Paris and Jeff Jordan are no joke. We went to a wrestling camp way back in high school called Jeff Jordan state champ camp. Needles to say I paid hundreds of dollars to get the living crap kicked out of me for a week. I Learned a lot but man that week was total hell. The family and school is definitely a wrestling powerhouse, glad to hear one more Jordan will be hitting the mats for the Buckeyes.
Comment 08 Jan 2018
Living in the Toledo area and growing up just a few miles away from Gants H.S. it is nice to see a northwest ohio guy ball out. Gant was great at St. John but he looked awesome all week at the A.A. game. The league he plays in is no slouch but when you actually get to see him play against some of the best highschool kids in the country and play quite well its a breath of fresh air. St. John's has been a bit down regarding football lately and alot of people around the area were saying he was way overrated. I now know that's a load of B.S. and can't wait to see him thrive at linebacker U. Oh and FYI Toledo is littered with UM fans. Gives you a little insight on who was saying he was overrated.
Comment 17 Sep 2017
Agreed, I also think that more talented teams will be more than able to sniff out and contain the wr screens but at the least yesterday was a step in the right direction. Our short and intermediate routes were open because the rpo was productive. I think this team being younger in the wr position needed a morale booster and look forward to having the offense improve weekly. I know Indiana is not a world beater but having them this season as game 1 was a definite problem for us. Our new starters had some confidence problems and it showed greatly against oklahoma. All im saying is the OU game was a perfect storm where our new starters questioned themselves from the week before. Yes army was an inferior opponent talent wise but when our new guys get comfortable and confident I think we will be that urban meyer team we have seen in the past.