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Buckeye football fan til I die. I love Cincinnati teams. Love the Bengals, Bearcats, and Reds. Also, I like the Cleveland Cavaliers. I like Bearcat basketball better than ohio state basketball. Sorry, just how I was raised.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: In person? Braxton Miller pass to Devin Smith to beat Wisconsin. Ever? Buckeyes national championship against The U.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Ever? Mike Doss. Now? Joey Bosa.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Ever? Eric Hicks. Now? I have to wait and see.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 29 Jan 2015

Yes, I do realize that. That is practically my point. I'm saying flipping players and committed players using an official to recruit for their teams are in the same boat, whether you or anyone else thinks it's classy or not. They are similar actions. That's recruiting nowadays. It's a business.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

I disagree. He's committed to Tennessee. Why not make the best of every opportunity to recruit for your program? At least he's loyal to Tennessee. Trying to flip a committed player is just as classless IMO. Auburn is taking a risk trying to flip a committed player. They got burned for it. 

EDIT: JoeBuckeye above nailed it. I was a little late, but same sentiment. 

Comment 28 Jan 2015
I love the double standards being thrown around in the Carlton Davis situation. All of you saying he is playing a game with Ohio State need to get a grip. It's fine if Ohio State flips a player from another school, but not when it's the other way around? Please. You all know how recruiting works. These are 18 year old kids trying to figure out their future. Things change, feelings change. No one and I mean absolutely no one in the 2015 class is committed to Ohio State until they sign their letters of intent. Would I love Carlton Davis to play for the Buckeyes? Absolutely. But I'm not going to feel betrayed because he suddenly feels more comfortable at another school. Ohio State will be fine as long as Urban Meyer is at the helm. I'd rather have players on the team who have 100% confidence in the fact they chose Ohio State rather than players that regret signing with them. So what I'm trying to get at is calm down everyone. Ohio State just won a national championship. The recruits will be there.
Comment 26 Jan 2015

Shawn Michaels. He was awesome. His finisher was great.

Others I love: Sandman from ECW, Stone Cold, Sting (how can anyone not love Sting?), and more recently Daniel Bryan.

Least Favorite: Randy Orton

Comment 26 Jan 2015

No. Michigan State is going to be a top 15 team as long as Dantonio is there. He will have his time to shine too. He will get that special class eventually and maybe even compete for a national title or two.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Completely agree on Urban vs. Tressel. I've liked him better since 2012. I like coaches that are aggressive. As much as I loved Tressel for what he did at Ohio State, I couldn't stand punting it from the 35-40 yard line on 4th and 1 when it was a crucial point in the game. That was really the only thing that bothered me about Tressel. He got better towards the end of his tenure in regards to being aggressive. I think he realized how advantageous it was to go for it on 4th and short. Sometimes you have to trust your guys to deliver. Look at what Urban did on 4th and short this year. They delivered practically every time. Hell, sometimes it was on OSU's side of the field. I dread the day Urban retires. But until then, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this ride.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

So, MSU is voted #8 after beating the #9 team and losing only to the #1 and #2 teams in the nation? Sound logic, Mr. Sharp.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

It's extremely different between Northern Ohio and Southwest Ohio. I don't know what it is but a large amount of people in Cincinnati hate Ohio State. Remember, Cincinnati is a heavily German, Catholic community. There are a large number of Notre Dame fans here. The people down here love their Bearcats and it is truly a tight knit community. Their love for Notre Dame and Cincinnati coupled with Ohio State being a burden in terms of recruiting and more recognition is a possibility for hatred. 

If I'm being honest, I actually like Bearcat basketball more than Ohio State basketball. I was just raised that way. Anyway, this isn't really news. The hatred has been there since I've been alive. 

Comment 07 Jan 2015

 their only argument when you get into a real debate with them was how could they go from #3 to #6

This is the beauty of the CFP Committee. It's almost an entirely blank slate the next week of rankings. Although it seemed previous rankings did come into play slightly, the committee just proved what they should be doing and that is they shouldn't give out any rankings until all of the games have been played. It's the only way to not have some bias for a team because they were ranked higher the previous week. The only downfall to this is the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately mentality. That would favor some teams and hurt others who otherwise would have a strong case. There is no perfect way to handle this, but down the road I would like to see one ranking at the end of the season to determine everything. At least give it a try.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Hilarious. They gave up 61 points and lost and want to be crowned champions? Hilarious. They have no one to blame but themselves. If they wanted the championship so bad, go 12-0 and don't blow a 21 point lead IN THE FOURTH QUARTER, I would not have complained one bit if TCU got in over Ohio State. Ohio State lost to VT. That would have been enough to keep them out just as Baylor's and TCU's losses (along with a co-championship, note to Big 12, get a conference championship) were enough to keep them out. 

I think TCU is extremely talented. They are definitely a top 3 team in my eyes. They have tremendous speed everywhere and they have a decent defense, sans the Baylor game. They also have a Heisman level QB in Boykin. What's not to like? But once again, it's their fault they didn't get into the playoffs. Maybe if they had played well at Kansas, they would be in. Who knows? You have to have that mentality of your team against the world. It worked out for Florida State. They didn't leave anything to chance. They went undefeated. If you go undefeated you are in, plain and simple. 

Comment 05 Jan 2015

Ok, I believe I'm thinking of Byron Marshall (#9) then. I remember him catching a screen in the third quarter or thereabouts. He had great acceleration and speed after the catch, at least in my eyes.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

That is a serious blow to them then. That's unfortunate. He is a talent.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

The talent and the speed were always there with Tressel. The main differences between Meyer and Tressel IMO is philosophy and attitude. Philosophy is obviously more sideline to sideline with Meyer as Tressel's was more endzone to endzone. East/West North/South offensive differences. Spread vs. Traditional. Also, Meyer is way more aggressive in playcalling than Tressel. I think he's already surpassed the number of times he went for it on fourth down than Tressel. I lean more towards the go for it on fourth down, so I'm with Meyer on this one. The attitude around Meyer teams are much more cocky and confident than Tressel teams IMO. Meyer teams just seem like they are more about winning the football game as compared to Tressel teams that leaned towards not losing (blowing) the game. 

Maybe I'm forgetting something about Tressel that someone can shed light on, or maybe I am mistaken in my views. This is how I remember the Tressel days. They always made me nervous. Although, more times than not he would pull out the victory. He did win a lot of bowls. He was a great coach and a great man that taught many young men how to be fully grown men. 

I am, however, happier with Urban. He just has the attitude I want in a coach. He will lay it all out on the table. His team might not make a fourth down conversion or might not capitalize on a trick play in the future, but he's willing to take the chance if it means it can turn the momentum of a game. That's why I also like Les Miles. In big games, you need to pull out all of the tricks to win. Tressel didn't have that quality and he didn't need to have it. He was very successful, but I prefer the other kind of coach if I'm hiring.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

If we are talking the whole year and it's based on their play in the game and the effect it has on the opponent's game planning, my list goes:

1. Bosa

2. Lee - Great tackler, has a nose for the ball and timely big time plays. Extremely fast.

3. Grant -Shutdown corner this year

4. Bennett

5. Bell - Makes touchdown saving tackles on a consistent basis.

6. Perry

7. Apple - This kid is going to be better than Grant in a year or two. I'm very excited for this kid's future.

8. Washington

9. Powell - One of the more polarizing players on this list. Makes great plays sometimes, but can frustrate me more than anyone. Still love him.

10. Miller - The pick 6 got bumped him up to this spot. Quietly has had a solid season for not expecting to start beyond game 2.

11. Grant - I may be underselling his contributions, but I guess I had higher expectations at the beginning of the season. He did have a huge tackle on a 3rd and 1 in the Bama game that pumped me up. He's had his moments.

Just to be clear, I'd take these starting 11 over any starting 11 in college football. All of them have made huge contributions in huge games. I think their chemistry together is their strongest attribute. They all play so well together and they are so much fun to watch. One of my favorite units since 2002 (others being 2002 and 2012). This is the unit that we will all remember as the unit that turned things around back in the direction of the Silver Bullets and I will be forever grateful for that.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

My take is they are pretty damn good. They have a very athletic front 4. I know they are missing their stud corner, but that safety that the announcers kept talking about was very good. I believe #4. I can't remember his name. Their one wide receiver is FAST (#5?). I was impressed. He can go step for step with Devin Smith if my memory serves me correctly. Obviously, Mariota is good. I think he was a tiny bit off on some of his throws, especially early on, but he is a special talent. The hardest part about game planning for this game is simulating Mariota's accuracy, decision making, and scramble ability. I'm not sure how Ohio State is going to simulate that in practices. Also, the pace is going to be hard to simulate, but should be a little easier than the previous task. 

FWIW, I was hesitant this year singing Oregon's praises (again) because in years past they would always disappoint me with a loss to someone late in the season (usually Stanford), but this time it looks like they are the real deal. 

This game is extremely interesting since both schools share similar philosophies and since Urban, Helfrich, and Kelly are so close. I'm looking forward to it. I respect the Ducks and what they do out west. I'm just glad the Buckeyes have Urban Meyer patrolling the sidelines for this one and hopefully many more.

Cheers to a great, and the inaugural, College Football Playoff National Championship!

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Simple, contain the Heisman winner. Same thing Bucks did with MGIII and Cooper.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

What I really want to know is What in the ever living hell does Urban say to this team before the games to get them so jacked up??? 

Comment 29 Dec 2014

It wouldn't be "an embarrassment" to lose the job to JT, who was a Heisman finalist and now owns the single season record for touchdowns responsible for in the B1G. Maybe disappointing, but certainly not embarrassing.

Comment 23 Dec 2014


Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Doors

Comment 22 Dec 2014

Because then you get sweet nicknames like Agent 0. Just ask Gilbert Arenas.