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Comment 08 Sep 2020

"I drink because I’m lonesome and I’m lonesome ‘cause I drink"  

Chris Stapleton  "Whiskey And You"

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Why the flying F is this even a concern?  Do you get upset if I stand up in front of you while cheering too?  BTW.....I can rock the jersey, especially with a hoodie.  Carry on!

Comment 17 Sep 2018

If those photos are the evidence of his 2009 incident of being arrested and not charged........then it's clear as to why he was never charged.  Makes one wonder that CS's mom just may know what she's talking about.  I guess maybe some more light will be shed after the Sept court date between ZS and CS.  Maybe 11W released these for the betterment of OSU and Urban, or simply for us to gather our own opinion...who knows.  It's the timing and "no 11W intent" is what's baffling.

Comment 15 Aug 2018

Gotta agree with Tbdbitlbuck........ Dankhouse in Newark/Heath is the place for Hazy's.  I am there every week.....You won't be disappointed.

Comment 09 Aug 2018

I said on Aug 2nd:

”Maybe, just maybe.....she said that to make it look like Zach’s....when really it’s her motive, and to shed the light away from her.”

Looks like it’s leaning that way. 

Comment 02 Aug 2018

“Zach once told me,” said Courtney, “if he ever got fired and this all comes out: ‘I’ll take everyone at Ohio State down with me."

Maybe, just maybe.........she said that to make it look like this is Zach's deal......when really it's her motive, and to shed the light away from her?  

Comment 22 Feb 2016

Never forget........last Spring Break we took a trip to night after walking out of the Grand Ole Opry with about 4,000 other people......I yelled "O.H."...........and within a nano second......the echos of "I.O" rang across SEC country!!   Fan...freakin'...tastic.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Was just in Nashville two weeks ago.  While there we attended the Grand Ole Opry on a Tuesday night.  We saw the likes of Eric Pasley, Easton Corbin, Pam Tillis, and the Legend.....Charlie Daniels.  During a brief break, they mentioned a shout out to a group of students from London High School from Ohio.  I, being from Newark, thought that was cool.  So anyway, after the show was over, my family and I were walking back to the Opry Hotel to our room and I noticed few of those kids from London way off to the side of us.......about 50-75 yards away. (They all had on red tshirts, so it was quite obvious).  Anyway.......I told my clang........." watch this", and I yelled as loud as I could....."O.H."   Within two seconds, heads turned, fingers raised, and about 30 High school voices boomed........"I.O".   I waved in returned......and proceeded on my Nashville journey with a huge scarlet and grey smile on my face.........right in the middle of SEC land.   Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Why can't he just wear a "short" jersey, that doesn't need tucked?