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Cleveland born and bred, alum of St. Edward, then Indianensis Universitatis, then Cleveland State.


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Comment 18 Jul 2017
I went to Indiana U and don't care about OSU basketball. I do care about OSU football, however, because as a Clevelander, I grew up with it. I also like how they recruit from the city. I follow IU football a little, and can't believe how badly they botched the Wilson situation (including the hiring of a dull replacement). Also, I like Harbaugh, and I know he's going to be at Michigan for a long time. 'Meatchicken', scUM, and the like do nothing except make OSU fans look like backwoods yokels.
Comment 17 Jul 2017
So do in-state schools demand more $ to receive a beating, or is a team like UNLV important from a national recruiting perspective? I do think schools like Cincy, BG, and maybe Toledo should always be in consideration. Now that I think about it, how great would Buckeyes-Bearcats at Browns stadium be (once Fick gets his bearings)?
Comment 17 Jul 2017
That BG receiver smoked Arnette, good thing Hooker was there. The more I watch that, the more incredulous I am at that play. Aside from an amazing grab, Hooker split the WR and CB (Arnette) perfectly, and him successfully doing that is the only reason he even had a shot at the ball.
Comment 13 Jul 2017
Looking at that chart, Buckeyes'll be in 3rd by the end of the season and will pass Texas Tom next year. Been closing the winning % gap with our little brothers in Ann Arbor lately too
Comment 03 Jul 2017
Yeah, hope the Emerson kid heals up. That is still a horrible thing to have happen. I'm not sure I completely understand the purpose of these things. No one there is playing for an offer, and they'll all be playing against the best of the best soon enough. I'll bet injuries are somewhat rare, but what is gained? A chance to move up a few spots on some rankings website? I get the benefit of coaching, but they're all going to be getting that once they enroll anyway, so why risk blowing out a knee?
Comment 29 Jun 2017
Oh, I've read about them. How can anyone come across the name 'Equanimeous' and not be curious? Anyway, I made no character judgments about the kids, I just think they have unfortunate names. That said, they're not my kids, so I can imagine that's why I wasn't consulted.