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Cleveland born and bred, alum of St. Edward, then Indianensis Universitatis, then Cleveland State.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cardale Jones, Cardale Jones, the whole state of Ohio is counting on Cardale Jones
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 06 Mar 2020
Season ticket sales are strong, and single game tickets don't matter nearly as much as tv and season tickets. I hate to yell at you but SINGLE GAME TICKETS ARE NOT A MAIN DRIVER OF A CLUB'S REVENUE
Comment 06 Mar 2020
Tribe game ratings on STO are ridiculously high, and that matters more than single game tickets sales. I wouldn't doubt that the Yanks get more from YES than the Dolans get from STO, but the ad sales must be incredible.
Comment 06 Mar 2020
The TV deal dwarfs any revenue shortfalls from attendance (of which there aren't any because season ticket sales are always strong). Cleveland's Dolans are skinflints, and most fans see through their bullshit claims of poverty. They'll gross north of $250,000,000 this year, just like every other.
Comment 28 Feb 2020
"... He's a law student..." God, what a douche; can he be any more annoying? "...and loyal fan of University of Michigan athletics..." Yep, that did it.