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Cleveland born and bred, alum of St. Edward, then Indianensis Universitatis, then Cleveland State.


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Comment 05 Feb 2019
Get the grad transfer from Rutgers and everything else is gravy, imo. Honest (and respectful) opinion regarding the IN kid leaning towards PSU: he's a mid 3* and in shouting distance of 400lbs. In fact, I believe he weighs as much as the heaviest current NFL lineman. Unless he's just a total freak, he's going to need to lose 50lbs while building strength. Have fun with that.
Comment 19 Dec 2018
Signed in for the first time in a looong time to upvote this. Good show, man!
Comment 31 Oct 2018
Exactly right. The guy is hands-down the best recruiter and best head coach in the game now, probably ever. He's not afraid of getting in a coach's face either, which I guarantee makes players respect him more- everyone's accountable.