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Cleveland born and bred, alum of St. Edward, then Indianensis Universitatis, then Cleveland State.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cardale Jones, Cardale Jones, the whole state of Ohio is counting on Cardale Jones
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Comment 5 hours ago
If Alabama has 6-7 (or more?) potential first rounders, a good number should sit. That said, who can say if their second string could beat Michigan or not?
Comment 5 hours ago
While I'm not as plugged in to youth culture as some, I believe his lady friend is what those of a hipper persuasion might call a "thot":
Comment 08 Dec 2019
I had a magicjack (and 1 yr of service) about 8 yrs ago. It delivered voicemails to my Yahoo email address. If I view my Yahoo mails (rare) and check the spam (rarer still), I'll still get voicemails once in awhile.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
I like the grad transfer route for guys that can contribute right away, like Jonah Jackson, over a guy like Antuan Jackson.