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Cleveland born and bred, alum of St. Edward, then Indianensis Universitatis, then Cleveland State.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cardale Jones, Cardale Jones, the whole state of Ohio is counting on Cardale Jones
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Comment 26 May 2019
Someone needs to bring up the Jackets cannon from Columbus and fire Dolan out into the lake. This team grosses $280,000,000 give or take a dollar or two every year, and he never stopped claiming poverty. Sell the team to someone that actually has money (Dan Gilbert) and eff off.
Comment 15 Mar 2019
Every time IMG makes news, I recycle my 'Prime Prep East' joke, but it should be pretty clear that too much money is to be made in taking the 'student' out of student athlete, even at the high school level. I'm quietly hoping Spire in Lake County goes belly up (looks like it may do just that) and am loudly wishing a high school owned by the world's largest SPORTS MARKETING AGENCY goes under too. While it is a little funny that tennis and golf parents are subsidizing poor yet talented football players by paying high five figure tuition bills, it galls me that we're pretending anyone cares about educating these kids.
Comment 12 Mar 2019
Seeing all these FA safeties hit the lottery make me kind of glad the Browns have Randall and ... Jabrill Peppers. He's not too bad! I'd love to see Dorsey throw a pile of money at Clowney