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Comment 13 Jan 2020

Good list and fun topic in off season.  My takes.

I'll take Justin Fields over Dwayne Haskins.  Haskins was a little better thrower, but Fields was a much better runner.  

Wyatt Davis over Andrew Norwell.  Davis was an all-American this year, and I have seen opinions from knowledgeable people that he is the best guard ever at OSU.

Comment 14 Feb 2019

Over on mgoboard, they think this analysis portends good things for their future:   Their hot takes include:

1.  Haskins is good, in a way that is likely not the produce of OSU coaching.

    a.  The ability to read the defense pre-snap and get the ball out quickly is not particularly likely to be replicated in the next OSU QB; Haskins is an outlier here.

    b.  Just replacing Haskins with Fields is likely a downgrade, before throwing in the costs of a offensive style transition.

2.  The gameplan to jam the mesh/crossing routes, use trap coverage and get pressure on Haskins had a chance.

    a.  Like most inexperienced QBs, Haskins loses mechanics and processing ability when dealing with a turbulent pocket.  When Haskins is under pressure at the top of his drop, he devotes his focus to that and not the receivers and the mechanics of the throw.

    b.  Haskins' pre-snap reads are exceptional for his experience level.  You have to be able to shift coverage and give him a look he's not expecting in a very tight window before the snap, or at least before the top of his drop.

Comment 31 Jul 2017

Can you comment on the state of Alabama and Michigan recruiting this year?  Neither seems to be doing all that great, particularly Alabama by its usual standards.

Comment 25 Jul 2017

I got bored of the first season, and quit watching before the last two episodes (even though I had read that they were the best).

Comment 15 May 2017

My read of the question is the type of food (as opposed to a business) that is unique to Ohio.  I think Skyline and Buckeyes fit that category the best.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

It is really very easy to figure out that JT gives us our best chance to win a National Championship this year.  Meyer thinks that he is.

I get that this is a message board, and it is fun to argue about who should be starting.  But some of the posters in this thread seem to think that they are better able to evaluate the talent than a guy who has won three national championships.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

The all-OSU FFL idea is interesting, which started me wondering how other college teams would match up against an all OSU team.  

Notables by team (though I surely missed some):

Alabama -- Cooper (WR), Henry (RB), Ingram (RB), Jones (WR), Lacy (RB)

Clemson -- Allen (TE), Cantanzaro (K)Hopkins (WR), Watkins (WR)

Georgia --  Green (WR), Gurley (RB), Stafford (QB), Walsh (K)

FSU -- Benjamin (WR), Feeman (RB), Janikowski (K), Winston (QB)

MSU -- Bell (RB), Cousins (QB), Langford (RB)

USC -- Palmer (QB), Agholor (WR), Cameron (TE)

I like the Alabama tea -- the RBs and WRs are damn good,  


Comment 11 Jul 2015

NB had pretty good inside info, which is why there were many paying subscribers there.  He broke the Meyer to OSU story months before it was elsewhere, for example.  But the articles here are much better.  As that board implodes, there will be an influx of posters here.  Some will add a lot to the board, while others will be subtraction by addition.