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MEMBER SINCE   September 16, 2014

Retired U.S. Army Major. Ohio State alum. Southeastern Ohio native.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: '94 Michigan game and '02 National Championship
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnata
  • SOCCER TEAM: Burnley FC

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Comment 09 May 2020

At the Oct '93 game vs. Stillers when Metcalf returned two punts for TDs. The first round playoff win against the Pats on New Years Day in '95. Belichik had Saban and Ferentz on staff. Vinny Vinny Superbowl vs. Bledsoe. The last Browns p!ayoff win to date. Crazy to think the NFL played on NYD since its basically owned by CFB now. We tailgated beside some Pats fans. An older gent and his 30 something son. They drove in from Foxboro and wore no Pats gear (so as not to get in confrontations). Lastly, took my dad, who grew up in the 40-50s in old Cleveland to a Indians game their last season in Municipal in '93.

Comment 25 Mar 2020

I've had the ability to work from home for most of the last twenty years. As some others have said I prefer to keep work and home separate. I like social interaction, and find I'm more productive in the office than at home (too many distractions). I generally do a split between working from home a day or two and in the office the balance. The recent changes now have most of my companies 50K employees working from home and our VPN was not set up for that. Lots of issues accessing internal sites, etc. During an office day earlier this week I had to go to the local Home Depot during lunch and was amazed at how busy the store was (compared to a regular weekday lunch time) and how many people were walking around with carts full of home improvement projects. Couldn't help but think a lot of those people were probably first time work from home rookies....

Comment 20 Mar 2020

Frequent Vegas a lot and there are so many to list. Del Frisco's Double Eagle, Oscar's in the Plaza, Hugo's Cellar in the Four Queens, Top of Binion's, the Stack (as a few others mentioned) as well as Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak in the Mirage (get the Wagyu tartare to start), the Old Homestead in Caesar's, and  Mark Vetri's Vetri Cucina at the top of the Palms. All awesome steak experiences.

Comment 23 Feb 2020

Our office phones now have the web ex/teleconference number pre programmed for that reason (among others)........